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1 of the LARGEST festivals in Europe.

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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 07:46 AM

Is anybody of ATS gonna go to this festival? Because i am
if any ATS'ers going we can meet up there yaknow.

Hello partypeople. The festival lovers among us may recognize the name. And if you don't here's a lil info:

The most international festival in Europe: 7 days of party with 1000 acts on 60 stages on an island in the heart of Budapest.
The biggest party of Europe takes place on an island in the Danube, right in the centre of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Every August thousands from all over Europe head to what has become the biggest summer event of the continent. Over 1000 bands and artists perform on 60 stages: pop, rock, metal, hiphop, dance, world music, theatre, performance arts and everything in between.
Why do tens of thousands of people from all over Europe head to the Sziget festival year after year?
The location of the festival in the heart of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. You can be in the city centre within 15 minutes! You can leave and enter the festival island as often as you like.
during the summer Hungary has the same climate as Spain. Forget about ponchos, bring some suncream instead! The wide variety of good food and beverage for cheap prices (a pint of beer will set you back £1,50- £2,00, a good meal is only £3-£3,5).
This is where East-Europeans party shoulder to shoulder with people from West-Europe. Only 25% of the visitors come from Hungary itself!
The ability to place your tent wherever you like, wether it’s next to your favourite stage or at the banks of the Danube river.
Whether you want to learn belly dancing, do some bungee-jumping, learn Hungarian, take a dip in the swimmingpool, watch a movie, sing karaoke or just play football, it’s all possible at Sziget. There’s so much going on that sometimes it’s hard not to forget there are bands playing too!
There are many, many musicians performing on the number of stages. There is always something going on somewhere on the island. Any kind of music, any kind of entertainment.
The fact it’s on an island and the sheer size of the island. There’s so much to see and do you can’t really see every part of the island in just one week.
The 21st edition of the Sziget festival will take place from August 5th ’till the August 12th. With a camping ticket you can stay on the grounds from August 5th 10.00 - 12.00 August 12th. The 5th of August is the so called Hungarian Day. The majority of the cafe’s and partytents are open and on the Mainstage a popular Hungarian act will be performing and also an international talent contest will take place on the island, the best thing about the first day though, is that everybody's still fresh and full of energy, the first day is always on of the best!. The actual festivities will commence as from August 8th with complete festival programme on all stages. There's a special focus on ’Meetingpoint Europe’. The days are far gone that Sziget used to be an exclusive Hungarian affair. The Hungarians still constitute the majority of the visitors, but there are also thousands of French, Dutch, German, Italian, Romanian, British visitors. And also hundreds of Belgian, Finnish, Austrian, Polish, Scandinavian, Spanish, Slovak and other Eastern European visitors have found their way to Budapest.

There you have it. I'm gonna be there this summer. It's gonna be my first time in Hungary. From what i've heard it's gonna be crazy.

Have a good day!


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