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Law vs Justice

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posted on Mar, 17 2013 @ 01:31 PM
Law VS justice.

What is the purpose of law? Organization, compartmentalization of society for its continued existence?

No. We had that as small groups which managed themselves and were auto efficient.

The purpose of "law" since the dawn of time is justice. It has nothing to do with rules in so much as they are the structure of consequence. If you do A then you will have B done to you.

Balance is the aim. That is the spirit of law. Justice. When all you have is rules with no purpose besides their self preservation you have something that can be unjust. THAT is not what we agreed to. As society, civilized men, we ask that justice be provided by our leaders. We ask for balance. When it is not given to us by them we do not stop searching for it. It is not a thirst or a hunger of want or anxiety. It is essential to survival. It is a mandatory need for our continued existence. Without it we have not balance, and like anything misshapen and uneven, we fall.

For the world of civilized men to fall is death. It is not that ego suffers, or that pride is hurt, or honor stained. It is death. When many men can not live in peace death is as plentiful as they.

Peace IS BALANCE. Justice is our concept of the peace of men. Justice is our balance.

Without it there is NO LAW. Even if there be many complex rules. Law is about justice.

If a wicked man is not stopped by the law then there is NO LAW. If just and good men are punished by rules then they are without law. Without justice.

That is the world we have made. A lawless world without justice.

We have many rules but NO JUSTICE. NO LAW.

we lack balance, we lack any real purpose to our joined venture together. We are as beasts in the wild and alone.

It truly is "Everyman for himself ". Why? Because we have lost sight of the spirit of our law. We see only rules and no true justice.

There is NO future like this though clever men can devise rules and restrictions upon us. There is no hope for a stone to float. These rules are not "law" and so they lack balance. Without justice they only weigh us down instead of keeping us afloat as a group. That is why we fall ever deeper into the pit of despair and desolation.
Ask anyone what justice there is. Ask them if they truly feel as though the law is just. They will say it is simply the rules we must follow. Why? Because the strongest has more authority to use force than we do. Authority granted by unjust and equally useless rules.

There is no justice and that is why we KNOW that eventually it will all burn.

All prophesy, predictions, worries, all of it is all a product of actually WISHING it would all just burn. We desperately want it to end.

Like being at a party you are having a horrible time at compared to a joyous celebration you wish to never see end.

It is painful, uncomfortable and unnatural. That is what our world is to us. A horrible party. More like a trial in which you know you will be found guilty for it being all a sham.

Justice is the celebration of knowing you will always be found innocent and be set free. It is a celebration of the truth when asked it and allowed to answer. It is pure expression . That feeling of honesty that makes you proud profess your truth.

Those that hand us rules and call it law are liars and we all know it. Especially them. That is what makes this sickening to all.

We want to just let that stone sink as much as they but they fear drowning since they are tethered to it. We all feel tethered to that stone and so tread water desperately to keep it afloat.

If it were justice then it would keep us afloat. It would be like a raft saving you from the chaos of the ocean when exhausted of swimming.

Our law is drowning us and keeping us exhausted trying to prop it up and it is just not worth it.

We must let that stone sink so as to grab hold of true justice and not drown. True "law" is our life raft.

What is the first step? Defiance. Justice is in everyone of us. Like a starving man before its banquet, he need not ask permission to take a piece of bread to his mouth.

We are starving for justice and need not ask permission for our survival. Take a fistful of justice and bring it to you as though your life depended on it. Collectively it does. We will fall if we do not gain balance once again.

Feast on the banquet before you...within you. You know what justice is as verily as a cork knows how to float.

You know what is right and like that starving man you need not ask permission to eat. You need not carry the heavy lies of others like stones while drowning. Stop treading water while holding that weight over your head as you slowly drown.

Let go of that stone of false law. That heavy lie in the hands of the enforcer and the enforced.

Let it sink as is its nature and embrace your true nature. True law. Balance.


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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 02:38 PM
Law is spiritual in nature.

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