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Some more near cures for HIV

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 10:12 PM
There was a baby that was "functionally cured" of HIV. From what I remember, they disable the virus so it's no longer in effect. I'm personally not sure how long the virus will remain dormant(nor how they do it). Perhaps someone can tell me, or I can just look it up. But anyways, we have more near cures of HIV.

The 14 patients in the study are functionally cured, meaning they are not completely rid of the virus—although they have no symptoms, very low levels of HIV can still be detected in their blood.

Even though the virus is still inside of them, it's not doing anything. I think this is great. From what I remember, we couldn't do anything about HIV. Now we can. However, the article also states this:

But bear in mind that the 14 adults who were functionally cured were part of a larger study of 70 people who had gone off of their antiretroviral drugs. The majority of the group relapsed when their treatment stopped. The key now is to find out what makes the 14 adults different.



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