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Jet shoes experiment circa 1967 NASA (eww naked feet)

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 09:57 PM

Jet shoes experiment circa 1967 NASA (youtube vid)
uploaded Feb 5th, 2013

fair [color=gold] WARNING: There are naked feet in this video.
And no music (oh the humanity) no music or sound.

Part 1
The test pilot is suspended from a harness sideways to zero out the effects of gravity and test the shoes in a point to point transition.

Part 2
30 degree angle test to see how the thrust will relate to the wearers center of gravity.

Part 3
A wind tunnel balance used to measure x,y,z, pitch, yaw, and rotation.

Part 4
Wearing shoes while inside a pressurized suit. Test pilot mounted sideways to neutralize the effect of gravity.

Part 5
Air-Bearing Simulator of General Dyamics to check attitude control. The test pilot keeps his arms crossed to minimize the effect of his own body on the variables.

Part 6
Space Operations Simulator: Denver, Colorado.

Runtime of the whole silent video is 9:58

Post Script: The budget for NASA in 1967 was 5,425 million at 3.45% of the federal budget.
This would be 29,696 million in 2007 inflation adjusted dollars

Mike Grouchy
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