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The United States, a single nation, born with the hopes and dreams of an entire world.

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 06:36 PM
This is but an epiphany I came to some years ago:

I always though the U.S to be a miniaturized version of the world. Why? Because we have people from just about every ethnicity, nation, religion, race, language, culture in general from every corner of this Earth, in the biggest melting pot of people of different backgrounds that exists anywhere in the world. We have a system and a society of tolerance(for the most part) for one another.

The U.S. is not perfect by far, and most if not all is the direct fault of the Government that gives a bad international impression of what Americans are like(which presents a false view), and the indirect fault of the people(us) for not taking matters into our own hands like we're supposed to, to fix our government and the U.S.'s world view.

The United States has a lot of potential, it has the potential to become a world leading nation,(search up what been a leader really means, cause if you say we already are then you have no sense of the word or never led a unit) an example for others to follow, a force to bring prosperity to other nations and help them built up, ONE...AT..A...TIME...and i said the U.S. is a miniaturized version of the world for a second reason, the potential peak of the U.S., not the reality it is at the moment, is what the world as a whole could be and should be.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------
[this part is optional to read as it might give you nightmares...viewer discretion is advised

Now, as we all know there are certain obstacles in the way for the U.S to reach its full potential, and we are living right now in very unstable times:

There's the rising tension in the Middle East, as almost every government out there has something against the Israeli government , despite the fact that yes Israel has have been attacked wrongfully before, the Israeli government is no less guilty by using the western powers as a shield on its left hand while attacking with its illegal claiming/occupation of foreign land on its right.
Meanwhile, North Korean government
escalates the level of their bluffs, for they are just that, bluffs, but that doesn't mean that the ones in the receiving(Japan, U.S., South Korea,..) end of said bluffs won't take it too strongly and may actually act aggressively(ex: U.S., Russia, and maybe just maybe China but i doubt it) in response. I'm still pondering over their reasons, why escalate tensions, is it to feed their ego, or do they really want a conflict, what could they hope to gain, would any nation take their side if a conflict ensued, despite having 11million strong in military personnel
, do they have the means to use their strength of numbers in full force(ex: transport ships to invade far off lands and the support vessels to protect them) these are questions i hope you decide to discuss amongst yourselves as I'm interested in your opinions.
Moreover, we have Russia and the United States, and I'm not just referring to the conflict in Syria and how both sides seem to be aiming at who gets control of the situation, declaring who will have future influence in that sector, nor am I referring to the increase of the anti-missile defenses in Europe by the U.S facilitating NATO control and expansion against Russia, and not even how Russia recently flew two Russian Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles that went around the U.S territory of Guam before been intercepted( in what looked like a drill from my view for future conflicts)...what I'd like to refer to is the future, the possibility of a war.
Lastly, a 'little" closer to home, here, in the U.S. our government has been diminishing our rights over the past years, ever since but not excluded to, the attack of 9/11, our rights have been crushed by the hand of perversity and injustice, and that same hand has reached out claiming it will help and bring us safety if we relinquish our freedoms. Now, the most important right of all, our right to bear arms is at stake, and this is when water has finally begun to truly boil. We literally have militia groups all around the nation, that have been forming up but since the Bush administration but now more than ever since recent events, we have coincidental mass shootings when talk of gun control had escalated, which only caused it to escalate even more and give the green light to our government to pass gun control laws using recent events as an excuse. We have military members and police officers training civilians, we have no official reason, but in the back of our minds we know why, they see a war blooming over the horizon, a war right on our backyards, and its against the last people we thought we ever had to fight, and the last people we even want to fight, but due to the circumstances, it seems we must..our own government.

This is were it all concludes, we have major powers worldwide with tensions escalating, on part, some of this powers agree on actions to be taken with others, like how all the members sates of the United Nations agreed on sanctions against North Korea; but at the same time we have those same nations arguing over certain conflicts taking place in the world, and even escalating the tensions even more after "tactical drills" if you will as if they were prepping for war. The thing all this events i posted have in common, and more that I'm probably ignorant of and have no clue were even happening, is that it only takes one of those nations to act aggressively to trigger a war, and thus a chain reaction that would lead to another large scale war, maybe it would be deemed fit of been called a world war, maybe not, either way, it'll be bad, cause almost every single one of those nations have nuclear capabilities.

The possible outcomes:

1.Iran strikes Israel, a)U.S backs up Israel but other nations that feel threatened and had already tensions with Israel join Iran, European nations may help the U.S slightly while Russia might step into the fray. b)U.S thinks is risky, Israel is left outnumbered, it responds with a nuclear strike,,not sure who may act next.
2. N.Korea assaults S.Korea, U.S/S.K responds Russia intervenes against N.K, they basically gank on it, but China is left with 2 choices, put a halt to future U.S landmass of an aircraft carrier right next to it and yet another democratic government or surprisingly not act at all.
So far number one could get horrible, number 2, meh, not so terrible. but..number 3...
3. Tensions between the people and the U.S. government have reached a peak, enforcement of gun laws have resulted in aggressive reaction of citizens, martial law is imposed=Last draw, a civil war breaks out, N.Korea uses the opportunity to strike S.K, Russia halts N.K's bezerker rush but eventually uses the opportunity of civil war & trikes with ICBMs on U.S. Federal controlled cities after they seemed to be at a stalemate with the revels and weak enough to strike, obviously the U.S federal gov. is still capable to strike back, but in the end the situation helps out U.S. rebels, meanwhile at some point, probably when the U.S civil war started, Israel get's attacked since it no longer will get the support it needs, meanwhile China has 4 choices, attack S.K, N.K, U.S in general or U.S. federal only, by the end, rebels win
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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 06:46 PM
(continued) casualty numbers are dramatic in the first and definitely the second scenarios, maybe around 1 billion people could easily go down, between China, Korea, Russia and U.S. and the Middle East

btw this is my first thread ever, so i'd like to know how i did, and can somebody tell me how i change the category of the thread, like it was automatically at offtopic: rant, and i wanted to place it in fragile earth or conspiracy theory, or maybe a different type of offtopic, etc.
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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by StrawHatBrian

A Mod will have to answer the question about getting the forum changed on this one (or you could send a message)- but, for future reference, the "New thread" button starts a new thread in the forum where you are at the time.
So if you want to start a thread in "Fragile Earth", say, get into that forum first.
Clicking on one of the threads labelled as from that forum is a quick way to do it.

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by DISRAELI

thanks for the tip

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