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The Roots, Guises like an Ancient Sumerian God, and Footprint…from Curiosity Sol 67, 72.

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posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by pinobot
People don't see even if it's right in front of them.
Arken, there is no amount of evidence that will prove anything to these people.
Between the blind and the shills we must do our own thing.

Do your own thing? Ok...

Why is it when I suggest that folks look at things in 3D (to confirm), I don't get any answers back? Or even when we talk about how there is no ecosystem there? Or how when Arken points out "a living creature", but it's in the same spot days later in other images?

I am just a regular person. I don't work for NASA or anyone, actually (I'm unemployed right now).

What you fail to understand is some of us used to be right where Arken is, but we have educated ourselves on the matter. I dare you to look at the first threads I have created and my first posts. I was worse than Arken, actually. Then I got educated.

And so I'm a shill because I look at things in 3D and don't double check facts and skip fundamentals? I mean, this kind of thinking is not good. Am I wrong? Please tell me if I am out of my mind.

If you want to believe something despite proof saying otherwise, that's your prerogative. But don't call us "shills" or "blind". We work hard as hell on these mosaics and panoramas to bring them to you - NASA is months late with theirs. And we don't get paid for our work nor do we ask for money. It's for fun, and it's because we want to literally see "the big picture" (mosaic) because NASA drags their feet when it comes to releasing panoramas and mosaics. At least that's why I started. I wasn't seeing stitched images, so my impatience got the best of me and I taught myself how to stitch images. I am just like you folks - a normal person.

This is a hobby to me, as it is to WildeSpace, ArMap, and countless others.

I'll be damned if I get called names and "disinfo" when I'm simply trying to show you what I have learned.

And I still fail to see how a single 2D image pointed out by someone who grasps at straws is "PROOF" to you. Do you just not want anyone to rain on your parade? If THAT'S the case, then I'll shut up.

But if you want to LEARN, try listening to others that have been eating and breathing raw Curiosity images for over 6 months STRAIGHT.

Or you can continue to think that I get paid for posting what I post. Believe what you want, but don't get angry when you find out that some of us were indeed just trying to help.

Just because I don't agree with Arken doesn't mean I work for the Man. I mean, really?

posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 05:06 PM
i've seen ArMap moderate many of these threads with the fairest of minds and an extremely balanced approach. i think his reaction here is actually a very good barometer of the quality of this particular thread.

ie: rocks

this one is the worst yet, sorry Arken

ETA: (re:pinobot) obviously, this makes me a filthy shill
and i should be ignored, allowing others to get on with their collective delusion re-inforcement - please carry on

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posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 05:16 PM

Originally posted by pac221211
whatever is sticking out of that rock isnt a natural formation. good find

Oh come on look at these on earth.

Doesn't look natural but they are.....

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