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Are You Familiar with people Like Dolores Cannon, Dr Hwee-Yong Jang and Guy Needler

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 05:45 AM
Are You Familiar with people Like Dolores Cannon, Dr Hwee-Yong Jang and Guy Needler Who Talks about the Planet's Ascension to a Higher Dimension?

Their books have the similar theme of Earth making the ascension to the 5th dimension. They all talk about the people making the ascension by raising frequency and vibration.

They all claim to be bringing forth information from the Creator/Source/Orgin/God.

Do any of you believe in this and are followers to the information from such people?

If there is a way to quicken the ascension process I would like to participate in it, because I had visions in early 2000s where I was in beautiful bright luminous places similar to beautiful cities in Europe that is not of this world and dimension.

Ever since I had those beautiful dreams of such dreamy beautiful places, I have since desired to get to such places. And then I discovered the authors who talks about Earth's ascension to a higher dimension. So I could easily relate to them because maybe it could be a way for me to 'return' to the beautiful places I once experienced in my dreams.

I also had about 3 clear vivid dreams in early 200 where I met a grey alien in its ship, feline aliens talking to me, and a couple blond aliens saying they wanted to take me to their ship. I don't often have such dreams so the rarity and clarity of such dreams makes them feel like they are not dreams but communication from alien beings.

Guy Needler talks about triangulation or 100th Monkey Effect by joining groups to raise people's frequency that can quicken the ascension process. Do any of you have any clue in this such as how to raise frequency?

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 01:56 PM
I'm not familiar with these authors, but it's an interesting idea. I'm very skeptical of it though, especially because they claim to be bringing information to God... and they would have to specify what exactly is the 5th dimension, and what entails "ascending to the 5th dimension."

posted on Mar, 17 2013 @ 02:25 AM
reply to post by TimothyTang

I read the books Dolores Cannon wrote about people who - while they were past-life-regressing - met with Jesus, which I found very interesting, even though I am not religious. The books about a 5th dimension though ... I just flipped through them (and don't have any mentionworthy knowledge about). But for some reason I find it hard to believe that all of us suddenly will ascend (except for after wie die). For me it is more like people become more and more aware of the fact that the spirit world is in fact a real thing and is around us all the time. And people who are interested in that or feel drawn to it will have different experiences with that spiritual world than the one's who call it not true or just have no interest in it at all. People who are interested are more open minded towards it and thus spiritual experiences can happen easier to them than to others. It's like there is a curtain between the spiritual world (which may have many dimensions) and ours and when you lift the curtain you can kinda experience different things than when you don't. I think it is all about what the individual person wants and is able to allow into their life, even though the different dimensions would be there for everybody to access. Just my thoughts

About your beautiful dreams ... I think you experienced a glance at the spiritual world. It's hard to believe but I read so often that what we see with our eyes is not the actual truth, that there is so much more and all the time, like different vibrational frequencies and you are locked into one (the one you are used to and most humans agree upon as being "reality") and when you switch to another one you will see something completely different. "Switching" is easier at night in a dream because your conscious mind is asleep.

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