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A glimpse of the US medical industry

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posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 02:45 PM

Certainly not pandemic in and of itself, but a patient received a donated organ from a deceased and a year later dies of rabies. Turns out the original deceased (donor) died of encephalitis-like symptoms which were not resolved. And there were other recipients of organs from the same donor.

I'd have a hard time with the idea of accepting a donated organ from somebody who died of a disease which was either bacterial or viral in the first place, and I'm not sure why the industry itself let this get by. Granted, the donation may have given the recipient a year to live that they wouldn't have otherwise had, but on the other hand they could have examined the donor's corpse after the fact to resolve what the disease was and perhaps address the issue in the recipients (which could have been done).

The reason this strikes me, is that in my own personal experience I had a non-life-threatening medical issue which was life-changing had it not been addressed, and there were essentially 4 ways to address it. I could have had surgery, steroid injections, physiotherapy, or ignore it and the docs could not seem to come up with the best solution. In my case, I researched the issue, looked at the MRI, and the solution was obvious. I made the choice and the results were impeccable. I'm just confused why highly skilled and highly paid professionals coudln't have made the decision or at least give their professional opinion as to what the best course would be (which they didn't).

My over-riding issue with this is BEWARE THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY. You almost have to be your own doctor these days.

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 10:22 AM
I agree with you that the medical system just cant get it right most of the time.
I have read DEAD DOCTORS DONT LIE- and it was amazing on how the medical profession dis regards natural treatment .
It was amazing to find simple cures for complex diseases.
One particular section that shocked me was the oxygen levels dropping in our world at an alarming rate!
In the 1900's oxygen levels were 39% and have dropped to 20% in 80;s-It was in the 50% range in the dinosaur days.
Given o2 levels have a dramatic effect on disease increasing as levels go down was shocking
Making my own graph, it seems we are f***ked-The o2 levels will run out in les then 20 years to unliveable levels.
its on page 255=go read

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