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White Smoke, Black Pope, Destroyer of the U.S.A.?

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posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 12:49 PM
Buon Giorno, my erstwhile, fellow ATS'ers,

Welcome to my first thread.

(Regardless of a total lack of any clear prophecy references to the final Pope being a Black Pope, this thread shall continue onwards, not least because the event-line possibilities are fascinating.
...Deliberately omitted, is any reference to the smoke currently pouring out of Argentina, obscuring the truth regarding Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his involvement with the Military Junta death squads. That fat fruit is for another intrepid and diligent ATS'er, off you go.)

But if (like me), you are wondering what on Earth those crazy Cardinals were up to, by NOT electing a Black man named Peter as the new Pope, then please read on...

Last Wednesday evening, sensing outrage and the same 'ripped-off' feeling as on 22nd of December 2012, I decided to find where this latest prophecy had come off the rails.
Seriously, after patiently waiting 900 years for a Black, 'Petrus Romanus', a White, 'Francus Romanus' was a thoroughly unacceptable outcome - even in these dark days where false prophecies abound.

Never mind, go grab a drink, get comfortable and let's start with an ominous reminder.

..back in the mid 1980's; a friend (we'll call him Mike) became obsessed with prophecies, with particular interest in those of Nostradamus and the one from Saint Malachy.
Due to Mikes 'passion', various predictions and half-truths entered my world of innocence, predominantly (depending on how you deciphered the writings of Nostradamus) that Hitler was really Hisler, there would be 2 Gulf Wars, and the last-ever Pope would definitely be, "The Black Pope" etc. etc....

Boy, did Mike forever go on about the Black Pope! Coming 'x' amount of Popes after the, 'two Popes within a year', (1978) and the rest.

Typically, upon scrutiny, God only knows what Nostradamus (or Mike) actually saw.

In the only English version I could find, Nostradamus saw a 'Young Red and' Black 'Pope' (the Pope being head of the 'Hierarchy' back in the day).

As you can see below,

Nostradamus C6:Q25

Par Mars contraire sera la monarchie,
Du grand pescheur en trouble ruyneux;
Ieune noir rouge prendra la hirarchie,
Les proditeurs iront iour bruyneux.

Through adverse Mars will the monarchy
Of the great fisherman be in ruinous trouble:
The young red black one will seize the hierarchy,
The traitors will act on a day of drizzle.

Sourced from...

With that translated as clear as mud, (and the Young and Red bit ignored) let us continue..

...Although it was never any kind of passion of mine, word did leak into my world of blissful ignorance, that aside from Mikes famous final Black Pope, for centuries, there has in truth almost ALWAYS been a Black Pope lurking in the shadows of the Vatican.
This man is better known as the Superior General of the Jesuits. By pure coincidence, the exact same, dubious group to whom the new Pope belongs. Damn those coincidences!

Please click this link..

We are talking about this man..

Before anyone gets too excited, as detailed in the link, only the Superior General holds title of Black Pope (not Francis), however, being a Military (not Religious) Order, the Superior General gives orders to ALL other Generals.

Pope FRANCIS of Buenos Aires INCLUDED.

So, from a military view-point, it could easily be seen that;

the Black Pope IS in fact, -for the first time in history- legitimately controlling the Vatican.


But who cares, right?


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posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 12:51 PM
once you get outted you go black.....

The next will be black bankers, i dont care what race a man is, if you are the next in line to a broken system they are broken just the same
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posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 12:52 PM
Fast forward to April 2012.

In April of last year, I listened to a radio show with Steve Quayle and Tom Horn, where they were plugging a book which focused upon Vatican-based shenanigans of the prophetic and conspiratory kind, with a fat lump of Extra-Terrestrial disclosure thrown into the mix. They made David Icke seem thoroughly normal and sane by comparison.

Having previously visited the Vatican (and found it to be saturated with an oppressive evil), I normally switch off all things Christian, although it did arouse my interest when these two men stated (no, prophecised) with a stone-cold certainty, that Pope Benedict XVI would resign within the next year.

This Pope..

Quite a prediction, considering the previous Papal resignation was some 600 years prior.

The reason, allegedly, was that Benedict XVI had to make way for the last and final Pope, whom (according to the 900 year old Papal prophecy of Saint Malachy O'Mogair) regardless of real name, or racial origin, would be the long prophecised, 'Petrus Romanus' ('Peter the Roman') and he is working for the Anti Christ, who he will unveil as our new saviour in the near future.

This next vid is NOT for everyone, but for those who have time, if you can tolerate listening to extremely religious men prattling on about incredible future(?) events, then it would be well worth following up Quayle and Horn, the full 3 hour radio show I listened to, can be found below. Without knowing their story, this thread may well seem crazy.

If my memory serves me, according to SQ and TH (back in 2012), this new Pope is the one who is to break it to the Christian World that an Extra Terrestrial Race of Beings were actually our creators, not the old and worn-out, ONE God and his Son, story.
Furthermore these creator beings are coming back to Earth, in flesh and blood and very soon!

If true, this would then explain why, in 2008, a Vatican official, during an interview titled, "the Alien is my Brother ," made the following statement;

Vatican City, May 13, 2008 / 01:59 pm (CNA).- The Director of the Vatican's Observatory, Fr. José Gabriel Funes, said in an interview with the Vatican daily, L'Osservatore Romano, that believing in the possible existence of extraterrestrial life is not opposed to Catholic doctrine.


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posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 12:53 PM
I honestly didn't start this thread in order to discuss whether or not Pope Francis I is going to pull the curtain and introduce a gang of Demons along with the Anti-Christ, posing as Extra Terrestrials, but 'allegedly', that is exactly what he shall be doing.

.....How exciting!

So what is the problem with a Jesuit Pope introducing super-human, creator-beings for us to blindly worship?

The problem is, that (allegedly) Petrus Romanus, is in fact a loyal servant, not of God, but of the demonic entity otherwise known as Lucifer, and this is where we start to see that perhaps we didn't get ripped-off, as on 21st Dec 2012.

It appears that we truly, may just have our very own, dear Luciferian, New World Religion, New World Order, Pope.
.....And he may well just be evil to his very core....

Mike, I take it all back!

Heres a quote or two to consider, from a fascinating interview found here...

Rick Martin: Where does Satan fit into this picture, and what is the ultimate goal of the Jesuits, the so-called Society of Jesus?

Eric Phelps: The Jesuit General, and the other high Jesuit Generals, they are sorcerers. They are Luciferians, and they worship what they would call Lucifer. They do not believe in Satan. They believe in Lucifer.

and as mentioned, Pope Francis I, is also subordinate to the actual, real-life, "BLACK POPE" who is none other than Adolfo Nicolás, current Superior General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits, to you and I).


Phelps: The Jesuit General is the absolute, complete, and total dictator and autocrat of the Order. When he speaks, his provincials move. The provincials are his major subordinates. There are around 83 provincials right now.

Check the full interview for a blast of Jesuit crimes, including the likes of Guy Fawkes' being part of a Jesuit plot and much more..

Martin: Regarding the assassination of President Kennedy, you say that the assassination was ordered by the Jesuit General, executed by Pope Paul VI, and carried out by the "American Pope", Francis Cardinal Spellman — who, in turn, used the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, and Mafia Dons, including the FBI and CIA, to carry out the order from Rome.

Here's a short vid explaining more about Jesuits.

Martin: So what is the ULTIMATE goal of the Jesuits? Phelps: Their ultimate goal is the rule of the world, with the Pope of their making, from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. That’s their ultimate goal.

But perhaps their first goal is the U.S.?

According to whistleblower, Leo Zagami, certainly could be..

It appears that we truly may just have our very own, Luciferian, New World Religion, New World Order, Pope. Zagami recently went public with a new web site, trying to warn America and the rest of the world about how the Vatican-led Illuminati has America targeted for destruction. He also wants to protect his home country of Sicily, warning people that the Vatican "is the real Mafia."



posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 12:53 PM
So, to recap.....

All of this surfaced whilst trying to find out what the difference was, between a Jesuit and an Alien-handler. I still don't know, but did come across a mountain of quotes, such as;

1) "It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated MOST of the wars of Europe."

-Marquis de LaFayette (1757-1834; French statesman and General. He served in the American Continental Army under the command of General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.)

2)"[The Jesuits] are the deadly enemies of civil and religious liberty."

-R. W. Thompson (Ex-Secretary, American Navy)

3)"The War [the American Civil War] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits."

-Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States)

4)“I have learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order. …So far, there has been nothing more imposing on earth than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. A good part of that organization I have transported direct to my own [Nazi] party. …The Catholic Church must be held up as an example. …I will tell you a secret. I am founding an order [the Nazi SS]. …In Himmler [head of the SS] I see our Ignatius de Loyola [the founder of the Jesuit Order].”

– Adolph Hitler

5)"The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…"

- Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; Emperor of France

6)“The organization of the [Roman Catholic] Hierarchy is a complete military despotism, of which the Pope is the apparent head; but of which, the Black Pope [The Superior General of the Jesuits], is the real head. The Black Pope is the head of the order of the Jesuits, and is called a General [the Superior General]. He not only has command of his own order, but also directs and controls the general policy of the [Roman Catholic] Church. He [the Black Pope] is the power behind the throne, and is the real potential head of the Hierarchy. The whole machine is under the strictest rules of military discipline. The whole thought and will of this machine, to plan, propose and execute, is found in its head. There is no independence of thought, or of action, in its subordinate parts. Implicit and unquestioning obedience to the orders of superiors in authority, is the sworn duty of the priesthood of every grade…”

-Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris


I could go on... we never even mentioned the 'White Pope and Black Pope dying on the same evening' prophecy, but I think you get the point.

These forums are swamped with zealots of every creed. Hard line Christians, Muslims, Zionists, Luciferians, Satanists, Athiests, Alphabet angents and Jews amongst them. So many little gangs with delusions of grandeur. From where I am sitting today, it would appear that the Jesuits have just robbed the lot.

Still, the question remains, "have the Vatican chosen this particular Pope in the hope of finally destroying the USA and bringing in the New World Order, with Lucifer being unveiled in person in Rome?"

What say ye ATS'ers? Is that enough Doom-Porn for you?

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 01:45 PM
Congrats on your first thread.

This is a lot on information to take in, and it will take a while. Back later after I watch the vids and read the links.

Star and flag

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by occrest

The truth is stranger than fiction. How many people are going to wake up before it's too late?

Thanks for all of your work. I hope people take some time to do some of their own research - historical research, not just "wacky" conspiracy websites.

Also, francis is the son of Italian immigrants to argentina, so he is "roman". "Francis" is not taken from Francis of Assisi, but francis xaviar (spelling?) who was co-founder of the jesuits along with ignatius.

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by Happy1

Ever wonder why the Swiss gaurd the vatican? Does it have something to do with spirituality, or vast amounts of money and loot, most of which has been stolen over the centuries.

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 02:20 PM

All anyone can do is tend to their own soul/spirit. "IF" there is a dark and demonic force at work...all you can do is do your best. If it all turns to sh!t...oh well...

Fear is the little mind killer. Do not yield to fear.

Sometimes I think that if there is such a thing as reincarnation it is because we die with fear in our hearts and we have to come back and do it again. Die with dignity...die with not be afraid when that pale rider comes calling. If you have fear, then you have done something wrong and you must come back and do it over again...let go of is only death.
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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by Jeremiah65

The lies, murders, stealing of the vatican and the jesuits under the pretense of "shepherding god's people and administering his word" is sooo obvious - and the sheep that are sooo blindly following these lies are so mislead - that I will do my darndest to speak out the truth.

Then I feel I can die in dignity and have God judge me.

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 03:06 AM
Love the thread!

Truly, most excellent and enlightening. I shall now proceed to watch all the clips and check out the links.

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 05:06 AM
How much time have you spent on this nonsense, and why?

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 05:14 AM
reply to post by AuntieChrist

I have been posting similar information throughout other threads only for politically correct people to call it Anti-Catholicism or some ridiculous label.. The truth is the Vatican are not saints, they aren't even representatives of the one creator, they put themselves beside him whilst committing acts that contradict their very own teachings. These people are evil and I understand the sheep are just following whilst being good Christians but when it comes down to it, these people are going to be deceived and they are not going to believe what hits them.

The only way to find truth is to break away from the normal rubbish which is poured upon us everyday, whether its the media, politicians or any other source. They are all the same entity and work together when it comes down to the thick of things. The black pope sounds like a sick, twisted a/hole who needs to be crucified upside down like the very Saint the organisation takes after.. This network of people - Religious, Political, Economic, Military are evil..

When I talk about these people I don't mean the likes of my next door neighbour praying beside their bed every night or the guy from the next town enrolling in the armed forces.. These people are simply the pawns and the quicker they understand whats going on, the quicker we can deal with this problem and start shedding a bit more light around the globe. I've had enough, I took myself off the grid a long time ago.. I am not influenced by anyones bs except my own.. People need to start taking their minds back and stop following these idiots.

The reality is this - Religion is here whether you believe it or not. People will push to fulfill prophecy whether you believe it or not. People will kill in the name of god whether you blame Iran, Nth Korea or not. If you think religion is bs, then good luck because when it catches up with all of us, you people are not going to be ready for it. This ride isn't going to last forever (Western freedom if thats what you call it), even Germany were at this stage in there time 70 years ago and look what happened to them.

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 05:42 AM

White Smoke, Black Pope, Destroyer of the U.S.A.?,


Seriously ... the Vatican can't even get Catholics to do what it wants.
And yet all this 'power' is supposedly held by them ... enough power
to take over and destroy the world??? No.
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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

White Smoke, Black Pope, Destroyer of the U.S.A.?,


Seriously ... the Vatican can't even get Catholics to do what it wants.
And yet all this 'power' is supposedly held by them ... enough power
to take over and destroy the world??? No.
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I don't know about you but when I hear about Jesuits in control of the Vatican and a Black Pope in the background named Adolf controlling that organisation, I can't help but hold a little bit of suspicion.
Who ever is controlling this ship is either playing a sick game or they are in the process of moving an agenda along

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 08:23 AM

Still, the question remains, "have the Vatican chosen this particular Pope in the hope of finally destroying the USA and bringing in the New World Order, with Lucifer being unveiled in person in Rome?"

They are most definitely fulfilling false prophets and true prophets, and the question comes down to discerning between the two. There is one major fallacy that concerns Christians: false public interpretations of Biblical prophecy. Whilst most are awaitiing one "Antichrist" to stand up, we are not understanding that most of us are antichrist. Instead of dealing with ourselves to kill off the old man and his "I will", and with fear and trembling working out our salvation by ensuring that he has truly died, we are instead wallowing in it. We cannot see that the most popular Christian authors are labelling any Christian who rejects their "second anointing of the spirit" and "miracles" as - Antichrists and demon possessed. We cannot see how this is the same as the RCC defining Christians who reject the RCC and it's "divine miracles" as heretics.

JORGE - "farmer, earth worker"
MARIO - "bitter, rebellious"
BERGOGLIO - "mountain, oil"
A farmer/earth worker of bitter mountain oil
A  bitter farmer/earth worker of oil

His name says what he will do. His name verifies that the unholy spirit, the false annointing oil, today popularly sold as "awakening the kundalini, 3rd eye enlightenment" is his mission. Oil anoints, and depending upon which it is -Holy or unholy - determines whom we obey and believe, the Truth or the lie. Our Creatir declares that the disobedient and wicked will be given bitter water to drink, and that it is He that allows the delusion. We were all warned.

The last Popes message was that it was time to go climb a mountain to meditate. Eastern mind altering meditation is the main source of awakening what occultists deem the "3rd eye". What they neglect to tell the masses is that it actually shuts the spiritual "eye" to the true light of Heaven, in which there is no darkness nor can there be. What they instead get is the false light of darkness created to govern the night.

Keeping hold of popular false interpretations of Biblical prophecy interferes with our ability to hear and see. It focuses on this "final Antichrist" and "man of sin" to come, and blinds us to the reality that this false anointing of the unholy spirit has consumed hundreds of millions already as they embrace the 'contemplative prayer" as always upheld by Catholic mystics and eastern yoga and meditation which produces the very same effects - rejection of the true Jesus Christ and the belief that they are "gods". Christians who keep looking for a man of sin to come and sit in some Jerusalem rebuilt temple declaring himself to be god are entirely missing that millions are already sitting in the temple of God, which is the body, boldly declaring that they are - god. The man of sin has arisen in their midst, yet we remain blinded because of the doctrines of men override what God has written.

"Lucifer" was Adam. Man. The one who exalted his will above that of His Creator's will. It is therefore no coincidence that the occult and every Christian church that it has destroyed now believe and preach that science and esoteric knowledge will combine to revert us back to "primordial man", their "Adam Kadmon", their "godman" and their bold blasphemous belief that Adam was "God".

Adam was never God. He was a son of God that fell and took all of us with him. The only way out is to destroy your Adamic nature through faith in Jesus Christ, bring transformed into his likeness and image. The occult seek another gate - man and his technological and scientific ability to genetically alter mankind. This is the final battle - man versus His Creator. Believe the one who said He is the Truth, the Way and the Life. Otherwise, you will believe man who upholds the lie, the broad road and death.

Horn and his cronies are false prophets and it is their role to spin the delusion. Believe man or believe Our Creator.

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 10:45 AM

Originally posted by Nevertheless
How much time have you spent on this nonsense, and why?

You didn't even 'start' to read the thread did you?

in the very first line after the intro I wrote,

sensing outrage and the same 'ripped-off' feeling as on 22nd of December 2012, I decided to find where this latest prophecy had come off the rails.

Which leaves me to ask you, "why?"

If my signature is correct, then you must be a ... Jesuit!

So, just for those who wish a summary of the thread,

Many years ago, a friend twisted my head regarding the final Pope and the subsequent fall of Rome - I never lost sleep over it.
Last year, I heard 2 men factually stating that the Pope would resign - and then he did.
This led me to reconsider what else these 2 men had stated (after all, they had just successfully predicted a once-in-600-years event).

The what else, being no less than this new Pope being a Luciferian cog in the machine, to create a ONE WORLD religion and that he was to introduce to the world, Demonic beings (in the flesh) posing as creators/saviours/Gods.
With the arrival of a Jesuit Pope, I had a quick search to find out more about Jesuits and uncovered 'reams' of info connecting the Jesuits to countless nefarious murders, plots and Wars since their creation.

Furthermore, it is claimed that they are the true controllers of the Vatican, the Jews, various other groups and bodies and also the Zionists, which as we know would make them the true master of those great 'acting' bastions, Hollywood and Capitol Hill,

But you would know all this, if you had bothered to follow the links before interjecting with your negativity. You would have seen how 'allegedly' the Jesuits wish nothing less than the total destruction of the U.S.A. as part of their plan to implement a New World with themselves at the helm.

Perhaps naively, I imagined that some people may find that of interest.

Clearly it's all nonsense.

Silly me!

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by AuntieChrist

So many different things could be linked up its not funny. Nut whether they have any significance in another question.

The Flag of Argentina is interesting.. If you take extra notice you will find that the Sun on the flag is very similar to the Jesuit Sun on their logo. A face in the Middle - Son of God? Who knows..

The next is the obvious. North America - South America. South representing the devil.. Southern Hemisphere? But they probably mean nothing... One thing that might come into the equation is Washingtons resemblence to Rome.. You should take a look at the History of Washigton, some strange bs to say the least.

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 02:46 PM
Thanks to this thread and many others I have read today like it, I am TOTALLY googling the hell out of prophecies now.

Thanks ATS for opening up my eyes to another awesome facet of this site!

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 02:50 PM
reply to post by AuntieChrist

Love the way you blend sarcasm and self deprecating humor with researched data, taking people along with you on one path and yet telling them that they are 'free' to draw their own interpretations......a rare sign of intelligence on ATS nowadays.

You also are aware of the belief ecosystem that shapes ATS today....thoughts, perceptions and focus, and present accordingly. Hats off to you my friend for a very intelligent and intriguing post!

And you threw a bone to the diligent ATSer didnt you? To go on the scent of his relations with the military junta obviously referring to involvement in the kidnapping by the Argentine Navy in May 1976 of the two Jesuit priests, Orlando Yorio and Franz Jalics. Yorio accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over to the death squads by declining to tell the regime that he endorsed their work.

The young red black one will seize the hierarchy,
The traitors will act on a day of drizzle.

The Pope or the black pope behind him might be considered young by papal standards and socialist/communist inclinations may be indicated. It definitely was drizzling in the evening that the white smoke came out......

Very, very intriguing.....need to look into this a little more deeply than the tone of your OP would suggest.....

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