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New 2012 Dates Due to Unforseen Time Differential Due to Earth's Changing Schumann Resonance

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posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 10:42 PM

Using the Earth's resonance is a natural carrier wave. It is also easy for submarines to hide communications in a low band frequency.

That is not how radio works, and the term 'carrier wave' doesn't fit the way you're trying to use it.

The Navy at one time used ELF in the 76Hz band, but now they've moved to VLF.

EM radiation is not affected. The Earth is the one moving to the higher dimension so it would change to drop the lower frequencies. People who wish to move with it to the higher dimension would have to do similar.

Again, this is new age/theosophy. The terms 'frequency' and 'dimension' do not correlate with they way that physics would use them. Dimensions do not equal frequencies. Frequencies of what, would be my next question.

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 01:03 PM

I try not to believe anything, because a belief is like a pacifier. At 47, I'm really getting too old for such things. But you make some very good points OP that I will take into consideration.

Finally someone sensible!

Belief is like a white cain. It's very useful when you are blind, and thus can't see. You have to have something to grope around with, but it might yield erroneous results, not being able to see it directly.

Many people seem to fall back on 'believing' things, instead of keeping the ball in the air so you can actually investigate it better from all kinds of angles.

It's difficult for me to understand (not the legalese meaning of the word though) why people, why ANYONE would actually choose to 'believe'.

Belief is like an 'ultimate conclusion', it completely stops you from seeking, searching, finding out, investigating, researching and sniffing out the truth about something. It also distinquishes the flame of wanting to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! You SETTLE for something, and that settlement becomes permanent.

You no longer have that topic/object/thing/whatever open for processing and ponderings, you have in essence petrified it, so that it's shape may never be changed by new information.

This is dangerous. But this is what TPTB wants us all to succumb into. How many movies, TV shows and songs use that word in a commanding or encouraging tone?

How much of 'belief' indoctrination must we go through before certain people will wake up to what they are being fed?

"You gotta believe!" is the very common message in all kinds of entertainment, and it's usually done when emotionally manipulative musical score is blaring in the background and something 'heartwarming' or 'touching' is happening onscreen.

Belief is for the blind, and for the fools. It's the end of seeking, it's the lazy way out. It's a mental crutch for the perfectly healthy!

It's easier to believe than to actually find out, or let things remain 'uncertain', until you find more about them. For decades, I wondered why people never seem to be able to "take things as possibilities", to leave them as 'uncertain', until they can find out more. They always wanted to IMMEDIATELY label them into neat, little categories, and if they couldn't, they would either DENY or BELIEVE them.

Is this intelligent process of an adult human being?

I don't think it is. I think it's the childish process of a dumbed-down, indoctrinated and brainwashed ape-demon-sheeple, that cannot think for themselves.

Belief is not necessary, EVER.

I once thought it was, but then I started questioning that thought - or "belief" that I had about 'belief'.

I found a plethora of other things that you can do, that are much more honest, much better, respectful, and not obstacles to processing and finding out the truth.

I can't list all of them at once - my mind is not very effective, and my memory has been weakening for a long time now, if I remember correctly.. (: ..

But here are some 'alternatives' to belief:

- trust
- faith
- finding out, researching, learning, investigating
- taking as a possibility (leaving as "uncertain" until you find out more, and then reassess the whole thing)
- using likelyhoods ("It's pretty likely that this is true", or "It's over 97% likely for this to be true")
- taking a neutral stance (until you find out more)
- processing (information/feelings/whatever)
- testing (even if just in your mind)
- logical thinking

Believing is just as stupid as denying (and it seems that ATS creators are well aware of these two things being almost like polar opposites - because if you don't BELIEVE ignorance, then you have to DENY it, right? Obviously the same school of thought as the 'believe' crowd, which makes one wonder about the motives and forces behind the whole ATS and it's slogans).

Both stop all processing of the thing in question. When you deny it, you deny the possibility of it, and you deny any further research into it. Case will be closed, even though it should logically remain open.

Belief does the same exact thing, just as blindly and stupidly, but it's like 'blind acceptance' without any basis.


As far as that page about Schumann Resonance goes, it has several really idiotic claims, like the claims of Al Bielek, a fantasy-storyteller who has been thoroughly debunked (I hate saying this, but they really investigated his claims), and who I suspected because of what he once said, until I found out him to be a fraud. These lies are presented as the truth in that web page, without any criticism. Also predictions about 2003 that never came true can be found there.

I do know that time has sped up, though.

I've changed my eating habits and have been living the hermit lifestyle for a while now. I live in an extremely quiet place.

This happened to me too, kind of automatically. Not a conscious choice. Charlimit approaches. 654321

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 01:14 PM
I am replying to my own post, because I (as usual) reached the charlimit (I HATE when that happens, why are there such limitations in 2013?? Just because the masses do not write much, doesn't mean that the ones that have fast fingers and good keyboards, wouldn't have a lot to say! If you absolutely MUST have a charlimit, why make it so oppressive? Why not make it LOOSE? (I am using this word correctly, which might be a sight for people who aren't used to it)

I mean, why not make it like 900 000 000 characters instead of a measly whatever it is, less than 5000 anyway? Groan).

Anyways, I wanted to reply a bit more to the individual who said that they have changed their eating habits and live in a really quiet place.

Well, certain changes like that happened to me as well, but it was not a conscious plan, I had pretty much become set in my ways (for reasons that I am not going into right now), but then suddenly I just started shifting into different type of foods - I'd say way more healthy, etc. And I started eating less of food - I could "automatically fast" for half a day easily, quite often, too. And there was no real reason for it - I just didn't happen to eat - I could have at any moment, but just didn't choose to.

Also, I must confess it was quite fun, too! I felt slightly more energetic, not having heavy food in the digestive system all the time, I felt safer, because it means that I couldn't starve to death or even to 'discomfort' very easily, so it wouldn't matter if I couldn't buy food for every day, I felt somehow like I didn't need all that food that I used to eat, and also, that it was just somehow fun.

About living in a quiet place - I just wanted to say that I really envy that guy. I live in a relatively noisy place - oh, not by any bigger standards, but let's just say that certain, unnecessary human-made, primitive apparatuses sometimes drive me mad with their constant, almost neverending sound waves that penetrate the walls and windows, or make them resonate.

And this is a place where there's a certain factory route nearby, which means that even in the middle of the night or very early in the morning (like 3-5 am), there's no quiet, because the trucks, buses and whatever other equipment there might be (tractors, I imagine, from the noise) rolling and roving all over the place, back and forth, cause such roaring sound blasting, that it has become impossible to just sit on the balcony and think about life, the Universe and all that in the mystical hours of the night.

So.. I WISH I could also live in a quiet place, but I am sure that the one who told us that, has other annoyances, which I am free of. And we all have our own karma, our own life plan, our own destiny, our own life rules that we must conform to, either willingly or unwillingly (one of these choices is more painful than the other), so I am not really complaining. I want to drink from the cup that Father gave me - but I just wanted to state it officially - I do ENVY that individual for that reason.

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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 08:35 AM
These look the same,

.....What's your point?

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