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Illuminati researcher Mark Dice presents thoughts on new Pope

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posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 12:32 AM
As a person who extensively researchers the illuminati and secret societies, Mark Dice is no stranger to understanding the goings on behind the scenes of the major power structures in the world. Mark has put together this short 10 min video that cuts through the enigma around the pope and present some history of the Jesuits as they actually are. The best way to describe this would be a sober view of the religion and what they are in comparison to other Christianity

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 01:09 AM
reply to post by JesuitGarlic

All organized religions are a sham, any religion that attempts to dictate how you should pursue and act in accordance to a specified and pre-established mostly rigid dogma (or one that you have no power to influence or publicly question or oppose from inside) is simply a power structure that serves to exert control similar to nay other political or social structure that works in the same mold.

As for the video it clearly states some valid points but also has a obvious agenda and fails to get any credibility due to the broad strokes it pains the Catholic Church.

All larger religion organizations today are an atavism to previous structures or power build upon shamanic roots to validate leadership as Good ordained. The Catholic sect was a master plan from Rome to assure control over the populace and consolidate (even by force) any other religious sects. To a point it may have had a positive influence in providing religious normalization but soon devolved into a force to justify evil doings from the pursuit of the Cathars, the vilification of the Jews, practices of cultural and information control (inquisition, witch hunting, etc) and an armed force to fight the very similar but decentralized Islamic organization, there is not much good that has came out of it after the Renascence.

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posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by Panic2k11

I agree completely with what you write. The difference is the wealth and the power the roman catholic church has stolen over the centuries - they are organized, and they are powerful. This is the first jesuit pope - I believe they will be instrumental (as they ARE the illuminati) in securing a "world religion" along with the world gov't, world currency, and the world's demise.

People who think these people aren't powerful, haven't done their homework. They run the educational system in america, and all over the world. Do some real research - don't read wikipedia, or their homepages - do some historical research into the jesuits.

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 04:26 AM
reply to post by Happy1

While they have indeed "stolen" something (beliefs, faith and material riches) they did perform a function that at some point served also a "good" purpose

Humans are social animals religion is simply one form of controlling minds and to a degree imbuing the populace (especially in medieval times) with a sense of morality did more good (to the species, not much to the particular individuals) that would otherwise be possible without the usurpation of power over minds. Clearly the visible message of the Church was not and still is not evil (it can't or people wouldn't fallow or join any "bad" religion). Most of the wrongs is done by intentional evil individuals or by the slow adaptation of the message. The "doctrine" has been modified many times and always reflects aspirations and concerns of a majority of the population.

All organized institutions serve ultimately the purposes of the interest groups that control them, even when they are not powerful, all try to acquire power to influence outsiders into towards their goals.

I do not believe in the illuminati concept as people on ATS tend to use or categorize it, and to a degree have some knowledge of the Jesuit sect (note that the Jesuits had many enemies in the Church itself, due to their vows of poverty, to me a good thing if we look to the profiteering of the Church). I also oppose categorizing all members of a group the same as the institution (as the video does and most people customarily do, there are always tones of gray nothing is readily black or white.

securing a "world religion" along with the world gov't, world currency, and the world's demise.

The demise depends only on the implementations...

I see the process of normalization a good thing, a world religion would solve many problems of humanity but I think only a idiot believes that this an goal that can be completed, it worked at first in Rome and in most of Europe because people had no time to think and no structured education a world religion can only be imposed in
a state of absolutism (Like in Spain and Portugal and most of South America under the totalitarian regimes that worked hand in hand with the Chuch), but we also have to give credit to some priests that actively participated in opposing the oppression (normally referred as red priests and labeled as communists). So one world religion is a pipe dream that will not happen certainly in the next 300 years unless some religious dogma obtains indisputable proof.

A world government is simply the only way forward, it can't be avoided and we have always been moving toward that. I see it as a positive thing if done correctly and in a distributed manner, not a central way as they are attempting to create, that will always lead to trouble and ultimately fail.

A world currency is also a good thing but it goes hand in hand with the political system, currency is a necessary evil, having a single currency will reduce unfair competition and the lesson learned from the EU is that it requires a single world taxation policy, that leads united fair economic planning. This is the thing if done quickly that will get us out of this rock or doom us and future generations to a world of pain.

They run the educational system in america, and all over the world.

Education is indoctrination, this is why state and institutions try to control the educational "system" as to shape minds toward their purposes. Part of the erosion of the nuclear family is linked to this issue, reducing the family cohesion and stability increases the power of the state over children but creates damaged individuals. One reason for the interest of the state in education is to form a national identity, a shared culture, uniformity...

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 06:29 AM
Jesus taught some very simple truths, care to attack His teachings directly rather than just rant.

Yes the Catholic church is wealthy and the Pope a man who has to much power but that does not embody Christs teachings.
Any man who places his authority over Christs teachings has been corrupted

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 08:11 AM
The hand of the Jesuits has been working behind the scenes for a long time.
It was a Jesuit who wrote Mein Kampf for der Fuhrer.....
Jesuits have been in the shadows of many many paradime changing events in history...incuding the Illuminattis founding.
They have been advisors to leaders for centuries......
I beleve we really DO have the Black pope in charge now......hes there to preside on the destruction of Catholicism (not a bad thing) and its replacement with the one world religion( not a good thing)
Hes there to facilitate the NWO>

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