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If bin Laden was dead, Would the U.S. admit it?

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posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 10:14 AM
Could this be why the President doesn’t care where he is hiding?

Also Ive never heard of but they do rase an interesting premise.

If bin Laden was dead, Would the U.S. admit it?

Pakistan President Musharraf says he died of Kidney Failure

Israeli Intelligence: he died and all new videos are faked

Somebody is trying to convince us that he is still alive

· November 2002: Lab confirms voice tapes are fake
· September 2002: More bin Laden videos, but voice only?
· March 2002: bin Laden sends an email from his AOL?
· May 2002: Old bin Laden tapes, sent as new tapes
· June 2002: Promises of new tapes, which the U.S. media may "choose" not to air.

AP Article, 4/26/02, by ROBERT BURNS
"We're hunting him down," he said. "We're tracking him down. He's hiding. We haven't heard hide nor hair of him for about, oh, since December, in terms of anything hard." Rumsfeld said...


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