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Kerry connected to the new deal agenda like fdr, clinton, et all??

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posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 10:09 AM
What's up with this?

The new deal:

Of FDR, Rexford Tugwell wrote: "He had a good Harvard education when Fabianism was developing, and he probably knew quite well the works of H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Socialists)."

Well-connected socialists early this century were familiar with the political winds and helped influence the direction they were beginning to blow.

John Dewey, the father of humanism, wrote in Individualism, Old and New (1929):

"We are in for some kind of socialism, call it by whatever name we please, and no matter what it will be called when it is realized....There is still enough vitality in the older individualism to offer a very serious handicap to any party or program which calls itself by the name Socialism....The older individualism is still sufficiently ingrained to obtain allegiance in confused sentiment and in vocal utterance."

It was clear to Mr. Dewey that if socialism was to come about, it would have to bear a different title. Later, in 1929, came the stock market crash which brought about the intended condition of despair in this country and the subsequent election of Roosevelt and the "New Deal".

"New Deal" was the new title chosen for the socialist agenda.

Curtis Dall, FDR's son-in-law, doubted that FDR was the originator of this vast "recovery" effort. In his book, FDR: My Exploited Father-in-Law (1967) he stated, "For a long time I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the USA. But he didn't. Most of his thoughts, his political 'ammunition,' as it were, was carefully manufactured for him in advance by the CFR-One World Money Group."

The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) One-World Money Group was the "power behind the throne", so to speak, and Fabianism was the religion or social doctrine of that inner circle of power with world domination and control its consummate objective. FDR was not only acquainted with the works of Fabian socialist, H.G. Wells, as Rexford Tugwell wrote, but he was on friendly terms with him.

Wells, himself, spoke somewhat of the conspiracy taking place to rule the world. In his book, Experiment in Autobiography (1934) he commented, "The organization of this that I call the Open Conspiracy, the evocation of a greater sounder fellow to the Communist essay, an adequately implemented Liberal Socialism, which will ultimately supply teaching, coercive and directive public services to the whole world, is the immediate task." He went on to say when the consummate objective would be reached. "It's coming is likely to happen very quickly....Sometimes I feel that generations of propaganda and education may have to precede it....Plans for political synthesis seem to grow bolder and more extensive."

By this time some members of FDR's own party were becoming quite uncomfortable with the direction he was taking the nation. Alfred Smith, former presidential candidate and mayor of New York City, delivered a speech in Washington, D.C.,entitled, "Betrayal of the Democratic Party." He had supported FDR in 1932, but in this speech of January 25, 1936, he stated:

"Just get the platform of the Democratic Party, and get the platform of the Socialist Party, and lay them down on your dining room table, side by side, and get a heavy lead pencil and scratch out the word 'Democrat', and scratch out the word 'Socialist,' and let the two platforms lay there. Then study the record of the present administration up to date. After you have done that, make your mind up to pick up the platform that more nearly squares with the record, and you will put your hand on the Socialist platform."


posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 10:19 AM
THE SOLDIER'S TRAINING MANUAL,... issued by the War Department, Novermber 30, 1928, set forth the exact and truthful definition of a democracy and republic - this manual was ordered destroyed by F.D. Roosevelt.


1. A government of masses.
2. Authority derived though mass meeting or any form of dirrect expression.
3. Results in mobocary.
4. Attiude toward property is communistic-negating property rights.
5. Attiude toward law is that the will of majority shall regulate, whether it be based upond deliberation or government by passion, prejudice, and impules, with out restraint or regard to consequences.
6. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.


1. Authority is derived through the election by the people of public officals best fitted to represent them.
2. Attitude toward propery is respect for laws and individual rights, and a sensible economic procedure.
3. Attitude toward law is administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequencces.
4. A greater number of Citizens and extent of territory may be brought by its compass.
5. Avoids the dangerous extreme of tyranny or mobocracy.
6. Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment, and progress.


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