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Profesy of St. Malachy: Connection between Petrus Romanus and Pope Francis I

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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 08:16 AM

Question:- From whither do you come?

Answer:- The Holy faith.

Q.:- Whom do you serve?

A.:- The Holy Father at Rome, the Pope, and the Roman Catholic Church Universal throughout the world.

Q.:- Who commands you?

A.:- The Successor of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Soldiers of Jesus Christ.

Q.:- Who received you?

A.:- A venerable man in white hair.

Q.:- How?

A.:- With a naked dagger, I kneeling upon the cross beneath the banners of the Pope and of our sacred order.

Q.:- Did you take an oath?

A.:- I did, to destroy heretics and their governments and rulers, and to spare neither age, sex nor condition. To be as a corpse without any opinion or will of my own, but to implicitly obey my Superiors in all things without hesitation of murmuring.

Q.:- Will you do that?

A.:- I will.

Q.:- How do you travel?

A.:- In the bark of Peter the fisherman.

Q.:- Whither do you travel?

A.:- To the four quarters of the globe.

Q.:- For what purpose?

A.:- To obey the orders of my general and Superiors and execute the will of the Pope and faithfully fulfill the conditions of my oaths.

Q.:- Go ye, then, into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Vice-regent on earth, let him be accursed and exterminated."

Not to mention the links between the Jesuits and trauma based mind control.

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 11:04 AM

Originally posted by shiropa

You're citing a heretical anti-Trinitarian web site. on the Godhead (spoiler alert -- they reject the Trinity.)

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by adjensen

Good catch.

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by indigothefish

When you discuss Pope Francis, it is important to remember the other Saint Francis.

That is Francis Xavier, the cofounder of the Jesuits, who went to India,Japan, and China as a missionary. He is responsible for bringing the Inquisition to Portuguese India to attempt to bring the St Thomas Christians into line with the Catholic Faith.

Though Bergoglio mentioned Assisi in the context of his choice, I'm sure that Jesuit history informed his choice.

posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 12:58 AM
Some people argue that the prophecies are themselves too vague and could work for nearly anything.

I personally find that rather absurd, as it's my belief Malachy intended to predict not who would inherit the papacy, but who would become "champion" in our own time.

St. Malachy's Modern Day Predictions

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