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posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 02:32 PM
I am a avid, video game geek, when I am not with my gal, or monkeying with stuff to fix, work, cars etc, I am playing video game, I have been playing since I was a kid, old games like old ssi, role playing c64 games, to simulations, to the first fps's doom, wolfenstein etc. I have been playing video games a long time, I compare most games nowadays to the good ones of long ago, the feelings it leaves, challenge etc.

So onto the review..

I played the first and 2nd GOW games, and did not really like the puzzles that much, and by the time I got to playing them remastered the dated graphics really turned me off, so I will not compare this game to those but I will say the puzzles so far 6 or so hours into the game are not as frustrating...

The game is a prequel that means the setting is before the First three games started, its about a damned hero, who is out to avenge his family etc. You really do not need to know the story, but its good to know, to help understand the theme and setting.. Allot of arcane Greek mythology is embedded into the game.. Ok onto the review..

I will compare this to the other ps3 exclusive game of GOW and that was the 3rd one..

The graphics are just as good, yet I would say there are spots in the game that is not as polished, the beginning starts out allot like the 3rd, shoved into a video game ride, chasing a vindicator or your torturer, some crazy one armed chic, the battle system is different then the 3rd game, at first I did not think I would like it, but its pretty fluid and nice, I have gotten at least 2 100 hit combo's. The game is fun there are some parts that are hard as hell, you will die, but it should not be a big surprise when you do, learning curves etc. Allot of challenging portions and some difficult but no stupidly hard puzzles thou where you want to quit or throw your controller.. Its a decent beautiful game, some of the finishing moves in this game are a bit over the top in gore, but after dying a few times and you beat the bad guy, you want to see him pay. Any Mom's out there I am in no way suggesting this game for your child, as the cover says there is nudity, and extreme violence in this game, it is to say the least a MAN's game, even thou my wife played them all and will play Ascension..

Couple of things technically bad, the sound music pauses at times for no reasons, some of the platforming is to easy and feels like a blind person could do it. Compared to the 3rd, I would say its a point less on a scale of 1-10, in the 3rd their was more depth, if you play this game you will know what I mean, but all in all its a solid game, worth the 60 bucs you spend on it, get good feelings of achievement after you solve the puzzles, some things I have done in this game are technological achievements I have not experienced in video games ever, so the fun factor is there...

an 8 outta 10

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