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Remember when earthquakes weren't so common in the Central U.S.?

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posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 01:45 AM
Honest question:

Maybe i'm reading the OP wrong...if so apologies.

Is it really so surprising to everyone that this planet has an agenda of its own, and that agenda could care less about where we chose to live?

It seems like arrogant human ego to assume that we: A. Have any real control over this planet. B. Could destroy this planet ( oh we can wreck the hell out of it sure, but i'm positive it will keep spinning) and C. Constantly expect this place to bend to our will.

Earthquakes happen...we don't decide when, where or if....we just get to respond to them and blame everything else when the world doesn't do what we want it to, as usual.

Accept it and move on...or dont.

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by Rezlooper

Hi Rezlooper, Have you heard about the latest concerns here in Louisiana? First of all, BP technicians/scientists are researching/investigating an ancient volcano that is located in the the Gulf Of Mexico, not all that far from New Orleans. They say they are concerned over seismic activity in the area. Another volcano has been identified in the Gulf near Texas. What I am wondering about is have BP Oil folks already been "fiddling" with said volcanoes? Have their drilling operations taken place in or around those volcanoes and possibly stirred up seismic activity? Of course, if that is the case, we probably woulnd't get straight talk relevant to it.

Today, hubby and I heard 2 loud "booms" and have n't been able to discern what they were. I hope they aren't related to those booms folks hear before an earthquake occurrs. I have lived in Louisiana for almost 30 years now and I do feel like earthquakes have been on the increase here. I feel like fracking does play a factor in some of these. Had lots of fracking near our prior home here and you could literally feel the ground vibrate constantly from all the drilling. Lots of beautiful land here is being ruined.

There are 2 sinkholes now in Louisiana and of course, Bayou Corne continues to grow. Erin Brochovich, (sp)? has visited the area and has gone on record saying that the area is dangerous, explosions could occur, that folks should leave the area and that Texas Brine should give residents financial aid to do so...that they should be held accountable. Governor Bobby Jindahl has finally visited the area as well. Folks in the area have been noticing an uptick in siesmic activity near Bayou Corne and out laying areas as well. Could this be related to the sinkholes and area fracking?

The problems here in Louisiana continue relevant to fracking issues, quakes, sinkholes and even Camp Minden. The mess at the Camp is still ongoing, with over 3 million pounds of explosive still to be delt with and the company involved fudging the process.

I'll try and find links relevant to some of what I have mentioned. I think one was and rumormillnews and other sites as well. Our local news had video of Erin but left out the part where she mentioned the danger of explosions. News was local. Will try and get back to you with more on all of this. Take care and Blessings to you Rez.

I do agree with you. I feel like Louisiana and more specifically, the New Madrid could be the sleeping giant that is finally waking up for whatever reasons...natural or otherwise. The volcano in the Gulf that is being scrutinized....can't help cause one to wonder, also. If problems occur from that....should the volcano stir, one can only worry/wonder where that could lead in regards to the New Madrid and its awakening.??

Some folks say it is silly to worry about earthquakes as they are out of our control anyhow. It is true to an extent...yet, it is exceedingly difficult to not be concerned somewhat. I have 4 generations of family in the area. Should the unthinkable happen, I can't imagine the horror, the loss not to just my family but to thousands of other folks as well. The thing that really bothers me is what if the activities of man/industry could possibly set off such events? I can't help but question the folly of fracking taking place in/around volcanoes. Is it wise to "poke the bear" so to speak, to possibly awaken the sleeping giant? Putting tons of water and pressure into shale/plates of rock.... is that wise? I have read somewhere that there are plans to do fracking into Yellowstone as well. I lived there recently also and that area is very seismically active as well. Seems unwise to tamper with such areas and not be able to be totally sure of the outcome/results. So much power in Mother Nature and to fiddle with same, one has to wonder if that is looking for trouble...seems like taking thoser kinds of chances are not prudent regardless. Thanx for listening.

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posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by shrevegal

I don't mean to be taking over your topic but I feel like there are legit concerns expressed that should be addressed and discussed. If there is even a chance that the activities of man could be the cause of problems then they should be looked at. What if an explosion did occur at Bayou Corne...would/could it set off the New Madrid? I understand an explosion there would be very huge and powerful! Or another explosion at Camp Minden. Both of these areas are problematic relevant to the New Madrid location. If there is any way those kinds of events could be prevented, shouldn't such be undertaken? Sure, Nature does these things on her own, but mankind can also contribute in such cases too I think. Perhaps drilling in those kinds of areas should be halted until more research and investigation can take place. Nature can cause earthquakes but I feel like, why should anyone possibly add to the chances of causing one to occur if they don't have too?

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 07:08 AM
Here is a website that I use that has a catalog of past and current earthquakes on the New Madrid. The website only goes back to 1974, but it can prove useful. New Madrid Catalog

I looked at every year for the past ten years and I am not seeing a real trend of there being more earthquakes. I don't have time right now to go back further, but perhaps the op would like to.

Here are the results for the past ten years:

2012 - 229 total earthquakes
8 over 2.5
3.9 largest

2011 - 155
3 over 2.5
3.6 largest

2010 - 162
7 over 2.5
3.7 largest

2009 - 176
8 over 2.5
3.4 largest

2008 - 201
10 over 2.5
2.8 largest

2007 - 231
6 over 2.5
2.9 largest

2006 - 204
6 over 2.5
3.6 largest

2005 - 243
11 over 2.5
4.2 largest

2004 - 183
7 over 2.5
3.5 largest

2003 - 198
12 over 2.5
4.0 largest

Yes, 2012 had more earthquakes than 2011 and 2010, but it didn't have the most of any year by any means. The trends seem to go up and down. The larger quake frequency and intensity also seems to go up and down. Obviously 10 years isn't an overall look, and we would have a better picture if we went back further.

So, with this, I would love to see some evidence that there is a marked increase in earthquakes the last few years.

If anyone is interested, here is a map of all earthquakes on the New Madrid for the last ten years.

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 07:47 PM
Residents in and around the Bayou Corne area have been reporting lots of siesmic activity in the area. Someone here at ATS had put up siesmic records for that local area to back up that claim once. One wonders if all siesmic activity gets reported all of the time. Regardless, folks in this area know what they are feeling. The ground in many areas of Louisiana vibrates...houses cracking/creeking more than usual. I feel like anything major that happens in Louisiana COULD affect the New Madrid...could stir things up or trigger things of a siesmic nature. A large explosion here could possibly set off a chain of events at the New that no one would want to see transpire.

The equipment the fracking companies use to detect methane in the ground/rock, can and does cause siesmic activity. This has been confirmed by a scientist that was on hand when a company inserted their ground equipment to detect methane in Oregon near the unstable fault line earthquake occurred as a result, somewhere within the 4 point range. He absolutely stated that the equipment used to detect methane can and does cause siesmic activity.

There is an excellent History Channel video about such. Also, has, right now, an article pertaining to earthquakes, methane, fracking, geoengineering and so much more...all interesting info that gives one pause for thought. The title of the topic thread there is: "Extinction Level Methane Releases Caused by Geo-engineering"...Chemtrails are mentioned as well. Many will malign the info, the source and such but it is definetely worth a listen and a chance. I hope it is not against rules to mention other sites and articles. If so, mods do accordingly and I will say a big "ooops".
Thanx all for listening.

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