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WAR: Hotel Explosion In Tikrit Kills 17

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posted on Nov, 1 2004 @ 07:05 AM
A hotel in Tikrit, Iraq, was the victim of an explosion, reportedly meant for the military base. At least 17 people have died, and 8 injured when 2 mortars hit the hotel. Tikrit is the birthplace of Saddam Hussein.
SEVENTEEN Iraqis were killed and eight wounded when two mortars slammed into a hostel used by workers at a local factory in the northern town of Tikrit, officials said today.

The shells yesterday had been intended for a nearby US base, but missed their target, police colonel Ibrahim Jaburi said.

It was the second time the hostel had been hit by mistake, he said.

"The number of killed has risen to 17 and the number of wounded remains at eight," said Hamad Hamud, the governor of Salahuddin province, where Tikrit is located.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The mortars were reportedly meant for a nearby US base. It is also reported that this is the second time that a hotel was mistakenly attacked. 2 Iraqi policemen are among those who died. Funerals are to take place today for victims of the attack.

** On a personal note, Wuvlove and my brother, Staff Sergeant Matthew Kuster, is stationed in Tikrit. Please pray he and his brothers are safe.

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