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My Thoughts on How Reincarnation "Works"

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posted on Mar, 11 2013 @ 08:55 AM
I imagine our "existence source" as a giant pool. Call it God, or heaven, or whatever you want.

I imagine that we are like a single cup of water dipped from this infinite pool.

While on earth in our mortal form, I think we stay connected to this pool, much as a pond in the middle of Kansas is invisibly connected to the Atlantic Ocean, through raindrops and the infinitesimally small bits of moisture in the air around us at all times.

I feel that this is why prayer seems to work. We can charge that connection to our source, and the more people working at once to forge that connection the better. I have seen too many amazing, if not "miraculous" occurrences to simply dismiss them as coincidence.

At the conclusion of our life, I imagine that we are returned to the pool.

Then comes reincarnation...but not what people think. Another life is needed; another cup needs to be dipped from the pool. It is impossible to ever dip the exact same cup of water from this infinite pool. So each cup dipped out contains fragments from thousands, millions, billions of lives that have been returned to the pool.

This new life is unique, but in essence is the reincarnated life of fragments of perhaps every life that came "before" it. I put "before" in quotes, because I think it's easy to recognize that the entire concept of time muddies the waters, and is in fact cause for further discussion.

Returning to our source is a homecoming of sorts, but not to a home where our unique persona has ever really been. When we were dipped out and formed into a life or soul, that was the first time "we" were all together in one form. Now we bring our life experiences back to the source.

This is part of why I think we are likely to see whatever we want to see when we first die or transition. I think we create a reality to comfortably help us transition back to the source.

In one way, we are always in "heaven". Other pieces of who we are remain behind while we experience life on earth. We as individuals, though, had only a fleeting glimpse of "heaven" in that moment that we were scooped up.

Ultimately, we are all one and all connected, but we are each unique at the same time.

I would love to hear the thoughts of others on this. Whether it is simply opinion, or you somehow possess some special knowledge, I am all ears.

posted on Mar, 11 2013 @ 06:16 PM
Reincarnation is explained in detail by the teachings of Silver Birch, the spirit communications of Leslie Flint and the pre-birth planning research of Robert Schwartz.

Among hundreds of other non-conflicting reports.

No guessing is necessary.

posted on Mar, 15 2013 @ 06:15 AM
reply to post by notquitesure

I like the way you put it

I like to picture the process of reincarnation in form of an apple tree, where the trunk is the collective of all souls, all energy steadily flowing, and the branches of the tree seperate certain more individual interests, like lets say some souls or energies are more interested in science, others in art etc, and the tinier the branch becomes, the more individual the intention of the soul is without ever losing connection to the whole and in the end there is a bud and that is our human self which becomes a blossom and a fruit and then dies (falling to the ground being absorbed by the tree's roots and reuniting with the whole of it) just to - one year later - grow a new bud and blossom and fruit. Not the perfect way to describe it maybe, but I like it.

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