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Builders of Stonehenge Came from Afar

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posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 04:22 AM
reply to post by MichaelCollins096

Some very interesting points you have brought up.

It is unfortunate that we are unable to "peel" back layers of history over the whole of the UK. (Or anywhere.) There may be all sorts of corroborating or contrary data covered up by subsequent building etc which would change our ideas.

What is apparent is that Salisbury Plain was a rather special place. The number of burials/tombs/structures seems more than any other place in the UK. Yet is that so? Somewhere, under a large housing estate lies what? I believe that, when Heathrow airport was extended/built, partial evidence of another curcus (A curcus is one feature of the plain) was found, maybe there was a circle there also?

If there were other circles, be they earth, wood or stone, would we know of there existence except by chance? Is it possible that they were the centres of local collectives? (Mini houses of parliament as it were?) By hauling stone from far afield proved how important the leader was?

Have we for a long time been deluded in the size of the population? I remember being told that, in archeology as in many disciplines, a theory can be floated and is correct until it is proved wrong. The mystery of Stonehenge is a bit of a money spinner!

One aside I thought of, whilst writing this, is how can we, with all our sophistication and development really understand what early man saw when he looked at the myriad of tiny lights above his head on a cold winters night, clutching his wood stave for protection and same form of fur to keep warm and saw one move?

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