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Why Socialism Is The Inevitable Social Structure, Anthropological Perspective

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posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 02:54 AM

Originally posted by iRoyalty
Socialism is the only way.. Look at the problems that our society face, we have mass unemployment, debt coming out of everyones ears and corrupt profit makers that choose their profits over the benefit of the human race. That is not a system that is improving us as a race of human beings! It is only benefitting a few..

Capitalism either needs a serious revamp or it needs to be scrapped all together.. There is too much room for corruption and waste. I'm sick of buying things that are designed to break so I need another one, I'm sick of politians selling laws to rich company owners and I'm sick of private banks getting into # and stealing our money to make it better... How can anyone support that system??

Finally, someone who looks around the world and doesn't see rainbows and unicorns.

Capitalism has some of you thinking that slaves can be the master one day. If you only slave harder and save your slave pennies.

Heres the big secret: YOU ARE POOR! Get over it. Stop squabbling over your pennies while the rich blow their nose with benjamins.

There aren't meant to be any slaves and masters. Cooperate. Socialism is the first step in a truly cooperative society because it values the community over the individual. We've seen what runaway selfishness can do. Time to rein it back in and share.

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 03:43 AM
Well, I think that an effective social grouping needs to acknowledge social conscience.

I think a part of all of us recognizes that our survival and reproduction is furthered through cooperation within a group, and studies show that.

We also have a part that instinctively knows self assertion within that group is ALSO beneficial to our reproduction and survival.

Pure socialism, and pure individualism both end up being destructive int he long run, because in each a part of humanity is repressed, and ends up building up to explosion and revolt eventually.

Balance might be key, as in so many things of this world, to happiness. But on a grand scale, the pendalum swings in societies, from one extreme to the other, according to the emotional energies beign repressed and released, and really, I am starting to think that only on the scale of an individual can you find balance.

No balanced society shall ever exist.

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