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Proof Smokers live longer than non smokers

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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 09:16 AM
Lets sum up this whole thread..... Smoke or don't smoke if you want, it's your choice! You're going to die either way, if you enjoy smoking, by all means keep doing it, it may cause you to die earlier or you can get hit by a truck tomorrow...

If you don't smoke that's fine, you'll die too same as the smokers will, you breath in smoke everyday too, the food you eat is filled with cancer causing agents so you are about just as likely to die the same death a smoker will.

Fact of the matter is, you're going to die and no amount of smoking or eating healthy is going to change that.... You can be a chain smoker until 110 or you can be veggie eating/exercising/non smoker and die before you're 30..... People are all different, your number is up when your number is up so there's no point in fighting about it

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 09:57 AM
I think organic tobacco, or grow your own organic, does lower all the risks associated with smoking, and it does fire off your good brain chemicals. I know someone who is depressed, and would not go and submit himself to the psychiatrists as a guinea pig, but instead, started smoking 5 smokes a day, and uses a nicotine puffer a bit, and he perked up enormously. So I wonder why they dumped so many toxins in tobacco, and made it toxic soup and demonize it. Makes me wonder indeed. Those chemicals also usually relate to being positive, being picked up, and to psi.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 10:14 AM
Tobacco does have a lot of good properties if used moderately. The chemicals used to make tobacco more profitable to the corporations and the stupid additives that the government is making the companies add to tobacco are causing a problem. To keep the tobacco fresh in the cigarettes chemicals are added so they don't get harsh, propylene glycol compounds are one of those compounds that can cause increased absorbtion. I'm trying to find some tobacco leaves from someone who grows them naturally down south. They don't need to be certified organic. Trouble is that the government regulates this and people can't sell stuff without a regulated business being involved. It is less risky to buy from a little company that grows it naturally than going through a big corporation who does things to increase profit. Some small farmers have good product and sell it to the big corporations but it gets processed with corrupted stuff full of chemicals.

Use of antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs is way up. Nicotine is a nervine and it helps to control overactive nerve impulses that overload the mind. Could eat some good aged meat also but for some reason they say that is no good for us when in fact it has chemistry similar to the antidepressants. The pharma companies want our money as do the doctors we need to gain these prescriptions. Cigarettes also contain b-carbinols that can help make us think better, the government doesn't really want us thinking. Smoking too many cigarettes makes us overthink things though, overthinking sometimes means we get nothing done. Moderation is the clue.

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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by opethPA


Nicotine is non carcinogenic, but studies DID show that it magnifies carcinogens. When cells were saturated in a nicotine solution the cell's natural life-cycle process was disrupted and the cells would not die. They believe this may increase the carcinogenic effect of the other chemicals in cigarette smoke.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 11:08 AM
With regards to your fact. Howcome it was only 2006? and the top 10? was that the extent of your "glorification of smoking" before it started working against your case?
Did "11" smoke? What happened in 2007?

The justifying type of smokers really irritate me. It's chemicals you are physically putting in your body. And on a forum that brings up the topic of fluoride quantities in various household items quite frequently, among other topics of genetically modified food, etc, i find this thread nothing but extreme hypocrisy.

Like one of the original comments said, modern cigarettes are nothing but crap. These icons you are using to justify the habit smoked cigarettes without all the chemicals you are using today.
It's like going to mcdonalds, eating salad, and saying mcdonalds is healthy.

Smoking is not healthy, perhaps you should work on looking at the problem, rather than running from it, which is all you people seem to do. Fact.
Sure, quitting smoking does put stress on some people's bodies, but you can't honestly say that smoking is better for you, especially when you use an unsubstantiated fact as evidence
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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 11:18 AM
me 57y,40 cigaretts a day since 18,normal weight 82kg,h: 181cm,everyday gym,switch the girls,drink coffe and cobra,bloodpressure 80/110,no stress,no work,relax in the pool,have a 4years old kid,a lot of income, hobby i-net&gym my kid,live under palms allways warm,eat only steaks an salat,never see a doctor except dentist,my body looks 30 ,i feel 25,my experience is 100. hope you all get it!!

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by loooping8

Good on you. I will smoke now, because smoking is directly responsible for giving you all those things.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by xxdaniel21

you see you don't get it! Its the combination of all the things

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by loooping8

That do what? have you even seen what it's like not to smoke? you know, as comparison? Or did you just involuntarily take up smoking when younger, and haven't done anything else since?
A christian who was born into religion is obviously not going to denounce his faith 50 years later, right?

Meanwhile, i'll live my life the same as i do everyday, and then when someone dies of smoking, i am going to make a thread on ATS, blasting smokers, like OP has done for non smokers.

This thread is idiotic. Every time i see a "hormones in food" or a "GM food" thread, i will link this thread as a harsh reminder to the real stupidity out there.
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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 11:52 AM
I think smoking is dangerous to your health. Atleast if youre smoking the "mainstream ciggys"... With tar / nicotine / Carbon Monoxide... I could belive that natural organic tobacco without all the additives could be healthy.
Mby i should switch brand to a tobacco only product!. Just hard to find out there lol.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by MysterX

Originally posted by superman2012

You should try vaping nicotine eliquid mate...smoke free for over 2 years using move i ever made.

I have one in my hand right now... 18mg strawberry out of a Riva 1100

Using my 24 mg peppermint on a 5 volt direct to wall passthrough. I also use the Volcano VV set at 5v. Started with the Riva. Good products all around. Over 2 years smoke free. I'm positive this thing saved my life after smoking for 22 years.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 12:51 PM

Consultants told me I must stop smoking and I could drink as much as I want, I told them they had it back to front.
I still smoke and they never even comment on it now because any report any study i can quote it and tell them the exact findings, they dont even know what Im talking about

This probably tells us all we need to know.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 02:58 PM

Originally posted by JohnPhoenix

Originally posted by MysterX

Originally posted by superman2012

You should try vaping nicotine eliquid mate...smoke free for over 2 years using move i ever made.

I have one in my hand right now... 18mg strawberry out of a Riva 1100

Using my 24 mg peppermint on a 5 volt direct to wall passthrough. I also use the Volcano VV set at 5v. Started with the Riva. Good products all around. Over 2 years smoke free. I'm positive this thing saved my life after smoking for 22 years.

I have had 3 Rivas and for the money they are really good! I might get an upgrade in the near future, would you recommend a good fruity fuel,Just a bit bored with my choices, never hurts to have someone else’s idea of nice..

Love your Avatar , just watched D9 again tonight.
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posted on Mar, 10 2013 @ 05:20 AM
reply to post by xxdaniel21

yes better we fix on immortality but i can't found a really good topic of that

so in the end we will all die,i don't like that all

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posted on Mar, 10 2013 @ 09:26 PM

Originally posted by pavmas

Originally posted by kennylee
I smoked for 40 years. I have been smoke free now for almost 8 months. Smoking will kill you. I watched a friend of mine slowly die over 10 years as he hacked his lungs out. He finally quit smoking a couple of weeks before he died but it was too little too late.

And you know smoking caused this how.

Because top doctors determined that the smoking caused him to get COPD and told him his lungs were shot from a lifetime of smoking. I watched him as he smoked and hacked. This is how I know this. Grow up, just because you think cigarettes dont hurt you doesnt make it true.

posted on Mar, 11 2013 @ 01:30 AM

Originally posted by rigel4
I have one in my hand right now... 18mg strawberry out of a Riva 1100

Try spearmint Or Menthol I would suggest Choc-mint or Bourbon and rum flavor works great!

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 01:36 PM

Nicotine, if anything, probably modestly decreases the risk of developing diabetes. It increases Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) activity in fat cells, allowing more fat to pass in and out of the cell... rather than just sit there inside it (this effect, or the removal of it, is why smokers gain weight when they quit).


posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 12:36 PM
Dangers of Smoking
There are many dangers of smoking to the body, to the immediate family, to the society, to the environment and to the economy. More than 700 chemical additives are found in cigarettes. Some of them are classified as toxic and are not allowed in food.

Once lit, a cigarette reaches a temperature of nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This high heat helps release thousands of chemical compounds, including poisons like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, at least 43 carcinogens, and numerous mutagens. All of these are drawn into the body when a smoker inhales.

Dangers Of Smoking With Nicotine
One of the main dangers of smoking is due to Nicotine. Nicotine is found naturally in tobacco. It has no odor and no color. It is, however, both physically and psychologically addictive, and it causes those who use it to want to smoke one cigarette after another.

Nicotine enters the body as tiny droplets resting on particles of tar in cigarette smoke. Inhaled into the lungs, the drug passes quickly into the bloodstream, reaching the brain within about 10 seconds. In another 5 to 10 seconds the nicotine has spread to all parts of the body.

The nicotine raises both the heart rate and blood pressure. The smoker quickly feels more alert and relaxed. In less than 30 minutes, however, about half of the nicotine has left the bloodstream, and the smoker starts feeling less alert, more edgy.

So he or she reaches for another cigarette to get a new "hit" of nicotine. Over time, the smoker starts needing more cigarettes throughout the day to satisfy the craving.

Dangers Of Smoking With Tar
There are other dangers of smoking as well. The tar from tobacco smoke starts to accumulate on the bronchial tubes leading to the lungs. The hot smoke burns the tiny hairlike projections (called cilia) that trap harmful particles before they enter the lungs.

Carbon Monoxide
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One more of the dangers of smoking are Carbon monoxide. Smoking also increases the level of carbon monoxide in the lungs. This poisonous gas is quickly absorbed into the blood, reducing its capacity to carry oxygen.

As a result, the smoker has to exert more physical effort to attain a given task than does a nonsmoker. The heart in particular must work harder, particularly during rigorous exercise. Increased levels of carbon monoxide in the blood can impair vision, perception of time, and coordination.

Smoking is the one of the main cause of death every year. Smoking cause number of smoke related diseases such as lung cancer (Smoking and Lung Cancer), respiratory problems and heart ailments and these dangers of smoking are increasing yearly.

Certain breathing disabilities are also the dangers of smoking. It could also result in a decreased capability to enjoy physical capabilities because of the ailment or side effects like breathing problems. Smoking leads to reduction in life expectancy.

Over the years a smoker will be more likely to develop respiratory ailments, thickening of the arteries, blood clots, cancer of the lung, cervix, larynx, mouth, esophagus, bladder, pancreas, and kidney, and emphysema, as well as exhibit symptoms such as reduced stamina, poor athletic performance, wheezing, coughing, dizziness, and nausea.

In time, a smoker suffers increased resistance to the flow of air into the lungs and reduced lung capacity. Besides these serious problems, prolonged tobacco use leads to stained teeth and fingers and bad breath. Even a smoker's clothes and living quarters tend to smell of tobacco.

Smoking Is A Costly Affair
Smoking is a costly affair. An ordinary smoker invites enormous cost to maintain this unhealthy lifestyle and the costs do not affect exclusively to him. The most apparent cost of smoking is the daily, weekly and monthly expenditure of an ordinary smoker.

The average cost of pack of Cigarettes is $4.00. Imagine a smoker burning a pack per day, $4.00 per day. Annually the money spent on smoking would be around $1500. This money could have spent on some thing good like a decent out-of-town vacation.

Medical Expenditure
Medical expenditures will also have to be addressed as most, if not all, smoke related diseases require treatment, services and medication. Health care services do not always come free.

At the same time, due to illness the smoker has to refrain from work and forced to retire to the hospital be. This leads to reduce in income level and there after, instead of bringing in more money to the household, the money had to be taken out.

Secondhand Smoking
Another one of the dangers of the smoking is that smoking not only diminishes the health of the smokers but also diminishes the health of the non smokers around him through secondhand smoking

Facial Charm
Bad breath brought about by smoking would require gum or mints to overcome the odor. The smoker may also opt for breath fresheners, which are even more expensive. Cigarette components stain the teeth.

Having yellow teeth means extra charge from the dentist aside from the usual cleaning. Smokers were also found to have darkened gums. Smoking could also effect the wrinkling of the skin earlier than the usual.

Other Dangers Of Smoking
Smoking gives a higher risk of starting a fire. Many fires had been discovered to originate from a cigarette left lit. It also leads to air pollution due to the constant release of carbon monoxide in the proximate vicinity.

Presently, the insurance companies are charging more premium for smokers. Smokers who die early do not get to enjoy the fruits of their pensions. This means less social security benefits.

Cigarette smoking also affects the overall aesthetics of the person. Smoking also leads to breakups with their loved ones. Smoke makes clothes dirty and the resulting in increase in money spent on dry cleaning. The smoke can also result in bad smell in the skin and hair (Bad Breath and Smoking).

Smoking also has emotional costs. The dependence to smoking when one gets addicted can be very restricting. There is also the pressure to quit smoking as the smoker realizes the harmful effects to himself and to his or her family.

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