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NWO : Heart Mind & Soul the Conflict Within

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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 05:27 PM
Need to start with a quick note to MOD's,
Dont move this thread to a different forum, i intentionally selected this forum after much concideration.
It Does NOT belong in the NWO forum as "My NWO" is not the same referenced in those threads.
It also does not belong in any other topic , I thank you in advance for respecting this request as well for the great amount of work and effort each of you put into keepin this site running right

This is also not a RANT, though it would probably get more attention as such....

My NWO : Heart Mind & Soul the Conflict Within
Hi all, i come to you with this thread in hopes that you will all understand the need our society has for a new system of governance, on a global scale.

From my years on this site, reading, joining and participating i have learned many things on my own and from you all, about myself and the world around us. Drawn in by a fantastic tale of a time traveler and his warnings for our future i quickly found a diverse universe of information and over the years i watched that universe expand to reach nearly every aspect life has to offer

My mindset in those early years when i was just a lurker was one that many of you would look down upon, i wanted a New World Order. Which is why i did not join for many years to come.
Over time, seeing the passion and determination of individuals here i began to change my thoughts on that.

Dont get me wrong, i have known since childhood exactly what people's reference of NWO was and all its implications, until around 2003 when "Shock and Awe" disgusted me so completely...
I began to give up those ideals and hoped that our systems of government could prevail and held out that hope...until recently.

Heart :
It confuses me, how i can feel the way i do sometimes, with such anger and frustration, towards people in general. I have worked so hard all my life to live up to certain values, to uphold certain ideals but as it stands now i am truly disgused by people.

In my heart i know people cant be as bad as i see them, i forgive them when i can, i try to be tolerant and understand thier perspectives, i want to give them respect without cause because that is how i want to be treated.

Mind :
Logic tells me, that according to what i beleive in, the ideals i trust in, the values i work hard to uphold that i shouldnt bear this ill will towards others as i do but it also tells me that i am just in having such feelings towards people who have no intent in upholding or respecting those ideals and values.

I know in my mind that i must hold on to what i beleive in, otherwise what is the point of believing.

Soul :
My soul yearns for something, some change, i can feel it gnawing away at me every day, it wants to be free and express itself but it cannot in this world, not because of government, not because of religion, or because of any thing in this world but because of the world itself.

That is the prison of this planet, Just as the body is the prison of the mind. The heart seems to act as a medium between the two, the mind and the soul. None ever being truly free until they leave this world, like a child longing for thier home.

But i AM here.
And i intend to make the best of it.

I am tired of seeing chaos and destruction in our society, i am tired seeing the things in life i hold so dear trampled upon, not by our governments but by ourselves, as humans. It MUST end, and there lay the source of my conflict. But i have come to a new understanding recently, one which guides me to believe that it can and should be achieved and for many reasons.

I do not believe in money's value over life, i do not believe that violence solves problems and i do beleive that power corrupts so i will say now that i seek none of those things, but rest assured they are a neccesity.

Without any of those things i would never have learned true value, or peace and tolerance, or humility.

I will never fight in a war against another human for any reason but i long for a war to cleanse this disgusting filth from this planet...then my heart may know peace
I will never take power over anyone but myself because i will not burden my mind with the responsibility for that life or thier actions,
So i welcome an NWO, let it come
Know that i will stand for what i beleive in, and if in that process i must die...then my soul will finally be free

The conflict is immense and everyday i yearn for this NWO more and more
Some will say "that is why they created these problems" but it was not they
Some will say "yes kill the scum of the earth so we can have peace" but they are the scum
Some will say "You are just a sheep" but we all long to be in the herd

There will never be a fix for this shared longing we all seem to have for a better world until humanity learns these same lessons as i am learning
Throughout history great men and women have tried to convey messages similar to how i feel and humanity continues to ignore the truth and while i am no great man, this message will be ignored by some just the same.

But my heart, mind and soul tell me that we should never give up what we hold dear, so i turn to you all...

I am not asking for your opinions, or your thoughts, i do not need to be swayed from my beliefs, i am asking for your support.

IT IS US that need to change, we are the problem...
gluttony, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, wrath...not one of us free from these things.

What i am asking from you is to recognize the folly of humanity and work, within yourselves to make a better world because no great leader can free you from yourselves, and once we have recognized these things within us then we can begin on the path to better world, for ourselves, for our children and thier children.

Once we begin to rid ourselves of what keeps us from being incomplete, then we can begin to make...
A New World Order


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