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How far have we've come or haven't / how to proceed?

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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 11:56 AM
How far have we come as a world? I want to forget about nationalities, creeds, colors, religion, shills, terrorists, rebels, nukes, dictators posing as leaders of the free world, taxation without representation, everything that is wrong and corrupt and just take a peek at the world as a whole and individually where I believe the basis of change starts.

Welcome to the world, what a beautiful concept is it not? Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. (At least this is constant) In Chicago we experience all four seasons, sometimes all four in 1 hour (there is a 5th season if you believe construction to be a season but that’s neither here nor there)

It’s very beautiful when you take the first 4 lines of my OP out. So where does change begin? Maybe a civil war or revolution in a world that most likely has never even seen a minute of peace and tranquility. So the road to peace is laden with a bloody path to follow. How depressing to say the least. How many people actually believe in the possibility of peace and how many before you or I have actually tried to accomplish this with little to no results?

We can debate whether peace exists but I’m sure the end of that debate leads to individual peace (peace of mind and tranquility)

The world is a scary place to say the least and as a world, how far have we come?

Personally, we are no further than where we started and no form of technology has done anything except create an even bigger divide.

So why believe in anything of the above stated? Do they even really exist if not in the form of MSM hyping everything up to seem worse than it is? No they really exist, though overly amped up to achieve some person(s) goal(s) and desire(s). If you take the MSM, Govt(s), Politician(s), SCOTUS, POTUS, NATO, The UN, everyone that has been feeding not only American citizens but the entire world this information what are we left with?

Human(s), you, me, Tom, Harry, Susie, Sally nothing more nothing less. Oh to be Human, what a great adventure this is for all to enjoy. As we come from all streams of life, we all have our own opinions, thoughts and way(s) of life.

Let’s not talk about brainwashing it’s not part of this post. Let’s also not state that Humans are the parasites on the Earth just because people who state this are damning their own existence. Actually let’s not post anything of negative nature because with those thought(s) spoken or typed, we feed the beast that has controlled most of our perceptions since the day we were born.

Individually, Human(s) are non-destructive as we seek to preserve ourselves to extend life through our progenies. Collectively however, when we gather the situation changes, for better or worse. We can state different situations for each but again it’s neither here nor there. So where is the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold to follow? Is this nothing except fairy tale to say the least? Delusions of grandeur through wives tales that state the impossible and help mold the minds of youths to believe in the unattainable or something more? Something else?

Individually, what are you and I and everyone else doing to stand up as a world not as a Nation(s), Race(s), Religion(s), Democrat, but collectively, together all of us as the Human race. Is this a possibility or another fallacy and delusion? Could something this major be devised and executed for all walks of life to stand up and say that we won’t do this anymore? And by “this” I mean the hate, the anger, the controlling, the lies everything that is entailed by “this”. Or collectively would we fall short? If the Human race stood in the integrity love that is in our heart(s) could we then accomplish the fairy tale ending we all have dreamt and romanticized about?

I believe so, but there in lies the problem. How do you get everyone to stand up and do what I just stated? It would take more than you and I. This is everyone (the good, the bad, the ugly) and would the world’s humans be met with resistance in the form of civil disobedience and more bloodshed? Would the Military that is from our own families and lineage stand strong with us to face this abominable force that is before us? I believe they would. But I’m just one belief in a sea of belief(s) nothing more, nothing less. Do we raise our voices collectively as one world united or waste the rest of our lives with these feelings trapped inside aging and fragile bodies? Must we leave our lineage with the problems of generations past? I believe otherwise, it may sound naïve; some may say what I posted sound valiant, other will say delusional.

I leave you with these words. Equip yourselves with the tools for success. Embody yourself with the virtues and morale’s that help create a better human and ending. Shed the negative as a snake would shed it’s own skin. Stand in your light and your integrity for the right. If you cannot do these things, I would suspect the above stated is indeed a wives tale if not a foolish attempt at the impossible.

To sum up how I have been feeling I leave you with this video… (Crosses fingers I hope this works) And a link just in case I imbedded the video wrong~

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by sulaw

Wow, not even a single response, I can't star myself, so thanks to whoever the 1 person was who took time to read my post. I guess it's not really interesting, shucks I seriously get more responses when I use a negative demenor.... That's depressin... So I'm going to write this up as not ever remotely possible.

Mods~ Feel free to delete this thread as not even a mouse fart was heard.

Here''s to a world of chaos ~

Cheers ~


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