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British humour

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posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 01:20 PM

Originally posted by SilentE

Originally posted by Kody27
reply to post by cody599

The worst phucking god forsaken form of comedy on the planet, British comedy. these jokes are the worst man. jesus christ

Here's some to lighten your mood Kody27...
This will probably get me flamed!

*Chasing the American Dream does not count as exercise.

*How do you convince Americans to get involved in a war?
Tell them it's nearly finished.

*America: a country where people believe the moon landing is fake, but wrestling is real.

*So, X-rated websites have been given the approval to have the XXX domain name?
Surely this is going to confuse the Americans when they are shopping for clothes online.

*How does an American change a light bulb?
Holds it under the socket and expects the world to revolve around him

(All from sickipedia - The best freakin joke site in the WORLD!!)

Only having a laugh you guys

I welcome any jokes about us Brits. I love to laugh, even at my own expense.

edit on 8/3/2013 by SilentE because: (no reason given)

I am one of the most anti-american americans you will ever see. These jokes are actually hilarious to me, because they're all true. I hate my country. It's pathetic. There are 300 countries in the world, 32 of them are considered "developed" aka 1st World Countries. 31 out of 32 of them have some form of universal healthcare. Guess which one doesn't? That's right! The "best" country in the world, Amurika! Our standard of living isn't even half as good as any of the other developed countries.

posted on Jul, 1 2013 @ 05:58 AM
Don't hate your country.....Make it better!

If humour can help you in your quest, use it as you would any other weapon.....Make it a sword in your hand.

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