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Divine Synchronicity in My Life :Magic Thinking

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posted on May, 20 2013 @ 06:00 PM

Take a guess what Mormonism, the Beast oil spill, chevrons, Josh Powell, The Guardian minesweeper that ran aground, the Devona license plate, and the ship that sank off the Devon Coast in England had in common.

Well since no one took a guess at this.

I will start with Chevrons as it is the central point here. For years I have driven past Chevron gas and not noticed anything symbolic about their name. Then a movie comes out called "Stargate". It had chevrons on the device used to cross the universe. In the device is water. It is a water portal of some kind. Water portal to me equals the flood is what caused these rebellious spirits to be sent back across the Universe to God.

There are chevrons on police and military uniforms.

What is the connection? Sin causes military conflict and police work. Sin caused the flood. The flood is very likely where our oil for gas for Chevron oil company came from.

The same reason we have Chevron gas is the same reason why we have to go get bad guys with our military and police. Chevrons are shaped like a pyramid. Sin was what caused Israels enslavement to the Egyptians.

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