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Wishing Well

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posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 07:41 AM
The age old tradition of throwing money in a wishing well. What a great way to gain luck if the SHTF. Here is an article about the tradition.

Why did the people think this was lucky. Why did they throw silver and copper coins into the well as a tribute to god and mother earth. Sometimes it seems so strange. When a lot of money accumulates someone will take the money out and it seems like such a waste.

Giving thanks to the one who provides the water seems to be foolish at first to most but it is not. Copper and silver both kill bacteria and fungus. The Zinc in a coin won't hurt either, enriching the water to let us stay healthy. I can't see a cheaper way to continually purify the water, the breakdown of these coins is slow unless there is acidic water and even then it can help neutralize the PH of the water. Drinking too much can have negative effects though so the greedy will get sick, as will their offspring. Investing your change in a well can be worth it in the long run, helping keeping the water pure.

I grew up in mining areas where there was copper in the water from the ground and from mining operations. Many of us have problems with Wilson's disease from consuming too much copper. People just drank more beer or ate a lot of smoked fish and aged foods to treat the disease, there is still a sausage company in town. This is a home brewed treatment, not a cure. This change lowers the body temperature on many people and this lowers the enzymes we can create. Because of this I cannot eat everything others can. I also cannot take any meds long term that suppress liver functions, especially the P450 enzymes. I also have another problem from my ancestors eating a lot of wild game, the bbs you spit out sometimes get swallowed. This caused a similar heavy metal poisoning that is similar to Wilsons. It has similar effects on the diets of people to stay healthy if future generations.

So it is important to note that when eating a lot of wild game, watch for bbs in the rabbit or bird. Eating eggs soon after or with the meal will keep this lead from being absorbed. If the shtf it is beneficial to have chickens for eggs. Milk also contains an albumin that can help but overconsumption can lead to problems and I am also do not have enough studies up my sleeve to know how pasteurizing and homogenizing effect this property. I know that pasteurizing destroys the N-Acetyl Cystiene by breaking the sulfide bonds. This can destroy some of it's protective properties.

These two what they call diseases are not that bad, both can be taken care of by diet. They do not make a person inferior just because they cannot eat the same things others do. To raise the body temperature to produce the enzymes requires either a sauna at night or just going out and doing light exercise after eating. The muscle movement creates heat in the stomach/liver area and allows the enzymes to be formed. If anything, these people will outlive others if they eat right because the lower body temperature also lowers metabolism and slows growth of bacteria and fungus and can help stop telomeres from being broken off. Trouble is that people get carried away and presently the antimicrobials and chemicals the foods can be toxic to them. We are all in the same boat. I do not wish to make anyone fear what they eat, I just want to let people know that what is good for some to eat is not good for others. We choose our own poisons.

I get side tracked and go off topic on my own thread OP

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posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 08:19 AM
Thanks for all of the great information

Always enjoy reading your posts and threads
We can all benefit from each others knowledge, especially that from our own life experiences.

That's what I love the most about ATS. I am certain to learn something new every day.

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