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A little bit on how you are being controlled

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posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 05:16 PM

we don't don't have mind-control beams or rays to just make people hear, do, or think what we want, no matter what some people here on ATS (even posting in this thread) seem to believe.
Sure, voice to skull tech was played around with, but, don't let your imagination (or paranoid delusions in some cases) run away with you. Using the same reasoning that "they must be more advanced by now" that's entirely abused as a false assumption on these conspiracy sites is like those assumptions about the "Atomic Age" where we'd have flying cars, and cities in space, and oh so much more.
Some things simply aint so.
reply to post by Druscilla

Hmmmm. Was wondering where you were going, really, with a thread that really has been done so often, already here. And then this.......I suppose everyone has their agendas, don't they? And the most interesting are those that hid theirs in the middle of a perceived truth that almost everyone will agree upon, even though that hasn't happened as much here with your responses. And then you go and stick something like the above in the middle of it.
Your own logic about turning, how did you put it, your closest friends, loved ones, even your children into walking billboards manipulating you to buy something or other---something like that--kind of argues against this thingie you stuck in the middle here. Rickeymouse's response to you seems to be he thinks you think the government is out to get you, and that's what's going on in this thread. I see more of a consumeristic manipulation.....and, of course, we've already had oxygen bars, haven't we? That is where we are, where everything, including you, is for sale.
I don't want to take your thread off track, because it was nicely written, though I think there could have been more sourced direct examples of how beyond mere facebook, which we all figured out a while ago. Me, I think your bent was really what you snuck in there in the middle. Yeah, it's all consumeristic, and we're all fairly manipulated, but only so far. Any of you around here that know otherwise are just paranoid and not logical.
Maybe you should do some research. Wonder why the military built so many different versions of fairaday cages...what in the world would they waste money on security to bivouac on battlefields for like that? Maybe they're even paranoid about all those satellites, too, huh?

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