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The "Unofficial" March 2013 ATS Anthology.

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posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 08:38 PM
There's no contest here, just good writing.

The point is to collect the best stories we can over the course of a month, tailored to a theme, and create a monthly collection.

This thread will run to the end of March, and on April 1st, I'll start a new thread, a new theme, and we'll have another collection. The staff and I have been interacting, and with their consent, I'm starting this thread, which they'll be watching, in order to determine the feasibility of a real contest. I say let's have fun, and write stories, all related to the theme I'll be presenting.

Honestly, we don't really need a contest to challenge us, we just need a theme, and we will write stories. This theme is limited to a time frame, and that is what spurs the creative ideas. Get your thoughts out, enter them, and read what other members input. The flow, well, it just happens when you have a bunch of talented writers in the same room.

This month's theme?

"Reaching for the Stars."

ATS is a conspiracy website, so UFOs and Aliens are a part of what we read. Do you have an encounter experience? Will humankind ever leave this rock? What are the difficulties involved to achieve interstellar travel? Will Aliens attack us? What is life in space like?

This Anthology incorporates the best stories provided by members, and also allows us a perhaps distinctive perception of our own place in the universe.

Without further ado, enjoy reading.

The working thread is HERE.


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