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my 2 cents on why things are the way they are

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posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 03:38 PM
This is my personal opinion on the different densities and how the authorities are
actively forcing us to consciously interact with higher dimensions of perception
(and personally experience some level of control over the supernatural / paranormal
realities in life) for whatever reason, maybe to break their (THEM) threshold and
cross into the 13th dimension which is way beyond incomprehensable, basically
eternal unrest for the soul, as at the end of eternity, the final judgement by god
could condemn us to somewhere infinitely worse than an eternity in the lake of fire. That is my take on what to expect should I reach them.

-1D to -100D Not incomprehendable but downright impossible but I feel it may become comprehensable upon reaching the 13th dimension of perception
0D this dimension is easily identified as absolutely everything that is not percievable,
sleep,semi-sleep like states as well as brain problems and death..
A very different set of simpler mathematical anomalities exists with this number for example
dividing something by 0 is prohibited by the laws of maths

1D-3D percievable as the basic 5 senses.
There are several mathematical anomalities associated
with all 3 numbers, the number 3 is the odd number out of all the other positive
numbers when processed with a certain special mathematical formula (that the name
of which is being squirreled away deep within the search engines, new scientist may
have an article about our 3D world being special based on the formula)

4D Backward flow of time is percieved as emotion, memory, cognition and intellect.
Forward flow of time is percieved as self awareness and certain emotions such as
boredom, passion, positivity and negativity, lovemaking, etc as well as trances
and tiredness.
This is the first `normal' mathematical number and also the first dimension where
conscious interaction is percieved as supernatural phenomenan
Forward interaction with time is experienced as premonition, compliance
is also compulsory under penalty of hardship with the self help tools being CBT,
most religions and certain alternative therapies and discipline
being given out to the masses through the fear of life-long misery & other negative perceptions (I believe this is a crude way for life to percieve the quantum implications of numbers -1 and less.

Backward interaction with time is experienced as medical miracles, retrograde PK and the
recovery from some illness. Participation is enforced by a number of methods integrated in the way things are run.

5D percieved as true randomness in the present moment and the infinite mathematical nature of PI,
coincidences, 11:11 and beating diseases with next to no chance of recovery. Interaction is
again encouraged by the temptation of 7-8 digit bank accounts (i.e. lottery), pollution
and many different flavors, rituals and styles of placebo treatments

6D Telepathy percieved by mothers and genetically identical twins, proper soulmates of any description,
near death experiences and accurate past life recalls are examples of what I believe to be the conscious interaction with the 6th dimension.
The author of the youtube joke video gangnam style have managed to clock a billion views. his
video is a perfect example of skilled 6D interactivity. Another example is the broke bloke earning
a 8 or 9 digit bank balance. People speaking foreign languages or complete character
change after a neuro-electrical incident is also an example.
Enforcement includes restricting certain basic human needs / rights / wishes to the elite,
the elite pretending to enslave the population and pushing people to feel some very motivational feelings to strive to be like the elite, celebrities, etc.
They may also get more intimately involved in someones life to push them through this dimension (6D) and beyond. Gangstalking may be employed to prevent the target from chickening out.
Mental health diseases & bad attitudes caused by various factors
are being aggravated by electrosmog, exotic and highly unnatural chemicals & stigma.
This will worsen the illness to the point of it becoming a source of torment compelling
the person to either accept the reality of heartache (and introspect, aka meditate) or taking conscious control of 6D reality to not be a statistic and recover
The increasing unfriendliness of the population also encourages the average person to reach
out and focus on the consciousness, experiences and hardships of those around them to remediate the impact of global social breakdown has on them, avoid hermitism and procreate with confidence. For me it is a fear of commuting distances
to find a handful of friends and having to do the ratrace to spend lots of time with them whilst simultaniously dealing with unpredictable neighbours. This is pushing me to become like a celebrity, been likable by 40% of the population though it has nothing to do with personal gain, rather a desire to not go through the grief of road trauma and living in fear.
having been hanging out with a member of these elite who is obsessed with me to the point of rejecting
everyone (which was at least several thousand hookups) as someone to love
to the point that he disappeared after 7 years apart (he freaked me out too much).
It is a shame that I havn't heard from him for the past few years but hey, that is life

Now he is part of an elite bloodline family as well as being friends with others who
also are part of other ruling families worth X amount of money
(they are watching and blocking
me from retrieving said companies financial profiles from yahoo)
Now hanging out with 2 people from 2 seperate elite families during a massage service
promotion disguised as something else seriously challenged me to connect to 6D and share
the reality experienced by these super rich men as I have a mild form of autism that
prevents me from being unable to find a partner or friend despite going through
hundreds of people. 2 hours later I was literally stalked by a cluster of ufos, the house
has only 1 tiny window facing the sky, when I walked to the toilet, I saw the ufo in that
window at that time, first time in my life I saw a proper ufo (they were many ghostly white orbs of light with blurry edges the size of the moon) and also the reason behind
the breakup.
This was back in 2004 whilst I was still seeing him. I have since moved on
and found a loving partner who I have been seeing for the past
2 years.

7D consciousness of the percieved reality of other terrestial species. Animal whispering is a good
demonstration of this and a culture of pet ownership encourages this

8-12D = totally, utterly incomprehensible but illusionists like David Copperfield is evidence it exists
also involuntary interference by extra terrestials in very personal areas of ones life can be worrying
edit on 6-3-2013 by susan113 because: I wanted to improve the overall presentation and layout of my theory

edit on 6-3-2013 by susan113 because: I wanted to improve the overall presentation and layout of my theory

edit on 6-3-2013 by susan113 because: I wanted to improve the overall presentation and layout of my theory

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 03:41 PM
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