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Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama's Golf Trips

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posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 12:46 PM
Now who exactly is playing politics?
So it's not the treasonous, throw the country under the bus
because we dont like the president, Tea Party?
Oh no its the President, making them do their freaking job for a change.

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 01:04 PM
I think we also need to back charge all of George Bushs golf outings and Dick Cheneys hunting excursions.

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by solarstorm

Would Cheney's hunting trips fall under the health care act?? I hear they are kinda dangerous...

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 03:38 PM
I dont want to hear any sympathy about how he needs a break every now and then.
my days off and vacations are spent sitting around at home watching tv. because it is all i can afford.

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Bisman

For that matter...Why did Obama and his family recently take completely separate vacations at the same time (Michelle and the girls go to Aspen, the president going to Florida). Doesn't this make the taxpayers pay TWICE as much...just because Obama doesn't like to ski?

How do these vacation plans even remotely show compassion for taxpayers forced to foot the bill?

From the White House press gaggle aboard Air Force One: Earnest confirmed that FLOTUS and her daughters are on a "ski trip out West with family and friends", and won't be with POTUS in Florida this weekend. While the rest of his family will be skiing, Obama is expected to be hitting the links with golf pros and buddies in Florida.

Vice President Joe Biden and his family, according to the White House, will be in Colorado this weekend on vacation. Monday is president's day.

UPDATE: Here's the exchange aboard Air Force One:
Q There’s also a report that Mrs. Obama and her daughters are -- have a separate vacation plan for this weekend. Can you just confirm that?

MR. EARNEST: Those of you who have been covering the White House know that the First Lady and her two daughters, on a pretty annual basis around this time, will go on a ski trip out west with some family friends, and they’re doing that again this year.

Q The President doesn’t like skiing? (Laughter.)

MR. EARNEST: The President is looking forward to --

Q Colorado is a swing state. (Laughter.)

MR. EARNEST: The President is looking forward to a couple rounds of golf this weekend.
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posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 10:24 PM
You think million dollar golf trips are bad, just wait until 2016 trips to Kenya!

posted on Mar, 7 2013 @ 11:38 PM
That senile old congressman is just pissed because he can't show off to his constituents and play the big shot. He was whining on TV about it.

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 07:42 AM

Originally posted by IAMTAT

Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama's Golf Trips

The amendment states:

None of the funds made available by a division of this act may be used to transport the president to or from a golf course until public tours of the White House resume.

Gohmert cited an estimate by Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, that 341 federal employees could have avoided being furloughed had Obama not traveled to Florida for a three-day golf extravaganza.

“Perhaps, quitting furloughing all these federal employees, we’ll be able to get the Democrats and Republicans across America (and) people that don’t even hav
(visit the link for the full news article)

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Ummm....Actually...I hope he goes golfing every day...Keep him there on the green 24/7 Maybe instead of a few furloughs he could single handedly bring about that....less is more smaller government we keep hearing so much about....You could defund and fire all of the government leeches and I wouldn't mind. Matter of fact it would be a breath of fresh air. Send them all packing off to the real world and privatize every single aspect of government...No union pass go collect $200.00 for being a leech, free card...


posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 07:11 PM
All these kinds of little extras should have been the first to go. Regardless of political affiliation, you have to admit, the cost of these trips for the taxpayer is staggering. They are more than capable in paying for there own vacations. Do you know what 90% of people would do for a job that gives you paid time off AND pays your way the whole way?

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