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Scare me with your personal scary stories!

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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 10:02 AM
ttt come on guys dont let this thread die , i know this GROUP has a ton of stories

posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 03:47 PM
In my youth, I used to spend a lot of time surfing/beach bum on the west coast of Mexico, Mazatalan and south. One day I encountered an old woman telling fortunes inside of a beach front cantina. I sat down to have her read the cards and to my surprise she greeted me with my name and proceeded to tell me the most intimate details of my life that only me or my parents knew. I had never seen this old woman in my life. The future she told me was quite dark and violent. Some of it has happened! It's what hasn't happened...yet........that scares me.
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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 04:14 PM
Ok, not so much a scary story, though at the time we were all pretty scared..

I was about 10 and in the scouts, out leader had mysteriously vanished,...never really asked any questions at that time, he just never came back so were left to run the scouts buy ourselves...well John O'Brian and Franky McQuade being the oldest at around 13 became our leaders..

Anyway, we started doing stupid stuff like chipping golf balls through the small windows leading to the electricity box room at the end of the old hall, and taking deep breaths and compressing each others chests until we fainted.
But most of the time we played cards...
whoever lost would pick a card from the pack and that card would determine the punishment or forfeit,,,ie...from ace to king
pull a ace and you ran the, you ran through a line of kids whilst punches and kicks were aimed at you.
pulled a 2 and you got the hide and chase, when you were caught you got kicked and punched, pulled a 3 it was some other punishment that ended up with a kicking..and so on..
The only one that didn't involve a kicking was the tickle where you were tied to a table and tickled..

to cut a long story short, our leader at the time "John O'Brian, 13. ran the gauntlet and someone smashed him in the nose causing it to bleed, so us younger ones were banished to the electricity room..(4'x4' square) for most of the evening until we confessed who done it..

There was myself, Peter Duffy, Joe (crappy pants) Cuttler, Sandy Mclaren and Tubby Cahill...all locked in there for hours...
Tubby being weak of bladder decided he couldn't hold it no longer peed on the electricity box, after about 10 minutes the fuse box or something started to smoke and fizz...we informed our illustrious leader, he let us out and decided in his infinite wisdom the electricity box needed a good hose down with a water filled fire extinquisher, one of those old cone shaped thingy's....bad idea....John disappeared in a blanket of sparks and flame..

The hall we were in was used to collect old news papers for pulping to get money for the church,,,we successfully managed to burn it to the ground...

We all stuck to our story that it started smoking by itself then caught fire...looking back it was a scary story.. that was the end of my scouting days..

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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 10:07 PM
[Part I]

All through the 1990’s and early 2000’s my ex-wife, son, and I took numerous trips down to the Caribbean. Living in the Pacific NW and enduring the dark damp cold winters, I don’t think an explanation as to why this became our default destination is necessary…

Anyway, when our son was 13 – this would have been 1997, we went down to Aruba for a couple of weeks.

Aruba is about as far south as one can go in the Caribbean. It’s not easy to get to from the NW US and is about as much flying as I care to do to go on vacation.

But once there, it is uniquely different from the other islands to the north and east. It is profoundly Dutch with a healthy dose of Latin American and African influences all mixed together. The food is awesome, the people are great, and the atmosphere is truly different from what one would expect in a Caribbean destination.

But from day one, even though I was fascinated by the cultural and environmental uniqueness of the place, I felt a certain sense of unease like something was not quite right. Still, I enjoyed each and every day out on the turquoise water, my son caught a bucket-full of fish, and my wife stuck her nose in a book and soaked up as much sun as she could.

One day we decided to go out and explore the island. It’s not very big – maybe 30 or 40 miles in circumference. One of the stops we had on our itinerary was caves that were one of the obligatory tourist stops on the island. We got there mid-morning as I recall, in a howling wind.

Anyway, my wife was not too thrilled about exploring bat-filled dark caves when she could be in the sun, so my son and I climbed down the rocky path to see what we could see. Caves. One big cave to our immediate right as we approached, several others along the shore-front in the distance.

We explored the first cave. Meh…

We kept going into smaller caves beyond. There were “cave drawings” on the wall, but who knows if they were from antiquity or not. My son, ever the intrepid explorer kept pushing on, across rockier ground, through tide pools and water-filled basins, until we found the entrance to a small cave that could only be accessed by wading through a couple feet of water and was impossible to see from the “tourist” cave 1,000 feet or so in the other direction.

Inside the cave I immediately noticed a smell of dead animals. I mean, really strong. The thought that it could be a dead human never crossed my mind, but in retrospect…

Anyway, my son eagerly pushed forward into the darkness, though it seemed like a mile, it was probably less that a 100 feet from the opening. The smell of death was almost overwhelming -- rotting meat maybe. I was one or two steps behind my son when he stopped and pointed at the wall.

“What is that?” he asked.

It was a table covered with wax, candle wax I would assume, maybe a foot thick in places. Around it were bones, feathers, torn up cloth, partially-burned pages from a book, and on the far end of the table a few items of clothing.

I knew immediately that this was some kind of voodoo or Santeria alter for the performing of sacrifice rituals. I remembered the specific sacraments from my anthropology classes years before.

Now, I’m an agnostic. I very seriously doubt there is any Supreme Being or God or Devil out there anywhere, not the way we’ve been told anyway. But something inside me that day said GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

And I did. I told my son it was time to go and watched him as he turned around and started back for the mouth of the cave. But something held me back.

When we’d first got to the “alter”, I had noticed some articles of clothing on the far end toward the back of the cave. Something compelled me to take a step or two back in that direction just to have another look. Again, it was very dark.

There were a few strips or chards of clothing material on the floor around the “alter”, but they were old and had obviously been there awhile. However, piled close together were what appeared to be a man’s white tee shirt and a woman’s two-piece bathing suit. Both looked like they’d been there a few days at most.

They were both also stained and splattered with blood. Not soaked in blood, but sprayed or splattered…

Right at that moment my son yelled, “Dad, there are people coming!”

And that was enough for me. I exited that cave with great dispatch, picking my son up on the way out and carrying him a good way back to the “tourist” cave. I never saw the “people” he was referring to…

That was about half-way through our stay in Aruba and for the rest of the time my sense of unease in that place, the way the locals recognized that I might have had a glimpse behind the curtain, the change in the way the resort staff went from treating us like long-lost relatives to bothersome tourists was more than palpable. Hindsight being 20/20, it was a mistake for me to mention this incident to a couple of the staff at the resort including the head of security.
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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 10:09 PM
[Part II]

When I got back to Seattle I did a little research to see if anyone had been reported missing in or around the time we were in Aruba. The closest thing I found was a young Danish couple who had gone missing on a diving trip out of Bonaire, a sister island to Aruba, a couple weeks before we arrived. In the 15 years or so since then, I have unfortunately lost the name of the couple and was never able to get any more info than a name and a place.

But when the Natalie Holloway disappearance became national news in 2005, I immediately sent off letters to the Aruba police and to the Holloway family detailing our discovery those years earlier. I was informed by the Aruba police that the “alter” cave was one of the first locations searched.

So they knew about it. They knew that if someone went missing on that island there were places to look first…

That cave is the most evil place I have ever been and my gut tells me that great evil has taken place there even recently.

I won’t ever be returning to Aruba, needless to say…

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 02:35 AM
I was living in sydney and the house we were living in was Possessed with Daemons AND evil spirits there was one night in particular It was a Saturday night I had a very bad Urge yes it was an urge to look out my back bedroom window that was facing the back yard what I saw freaked the hell out of me It was 1996 and I was 13 an the time next to the bushes I saw a weird glowing creature it hand these long tentacles for eyes and human legs but they were backwards it also had grey batlike wings and a tail it's snout had rows of HUGE CANINES about 12 times larger then a sharks tooth, they looked razor sharp I thought someone was playing a prank with me until it's tentacle eye moved it's torso was skinny looking I moved away from the window quickly when I moved back it was gone for weeks later there were AMBER colored lights in our back yard!.

scary sh*t huh!
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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by luciddream

Thank you for sharing your story, Luciddream. Why'd your friends disappear? Did they see the old ladies and go after them?

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by antar
reply to post by Beldy

I stayed in the guest house in the back yard bordering a National Forrest, was clean and clear no drugs or alcohol, yet each night as the sun went down I felt compelled to stay put, to never venture outside the little room.

There were strange sounds in the distance each night, a mix between animal and human. One night I had a window open for the breeze and awoke to the sound of footsteps and a distinct low guttural sound. Through the slight wind coming into the little cottage style house you could smell something so strong and offensive it almost made you want to vomit.

I jumped up and turned on the lights and could hear, even feel the foot stomping heading back up to the forest under my bare feet on the floor.

Which Forest is this? This gives me chills. I would like to read your other stories for sure.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 01:00 PM

Originally posted by Raxoxane

I had a cat that adored me,called him Spacey,after Kevin Spacey,aww he was a grand cat.One day i was in bed sick all day,half unconscious most of the time,one of those 1-day mystery ailments.My friend told me he "nursed" me all day long,he seemed to know something was wrong with me.
Then one day he just never came home.I was inconsolable,cried my eyes out for days,and even now,more than 10 years later,i still have a pic of him on my fridge.I hope he didnt suffer,i was so heartbroken.That may have been due to natural causes,his dissappearance,though-in that suburb there were lots of folks who hated cats.

The creepy part is my youngest daughter saw him once after that,on my bed with me-again a day when i was down sick with some bug,and i went to bed before the kids+hubby.So when she wanted to come say goodnight-she walked into my room,which was quite dark-and there was Spacey on the bed with me,but she said he had red glowing eyes.She swears to that,to this day.
So she skipped the goodnight
Im glad she told me though-i think Spacey wanted to comfort me or nurse me on another day when i was sick-I better stop here,thoughts of him can still make me weepy to this day!

Thank you for the SnF

Your story made me sad. I can't imagine one of my cats just never returning. They all stay inside though.

Although one day I went to work not realizing my ginger tabby, Curly, had somehow gotten outside into the back area. So I got home, 10 hours later and he was no where to be found inside the house. I of course started to panic and I threw on my jacket to prepare to start walking the streets looking for him. Well, before that I opened the door to the back area and there he was, just sitting there, waiting to come in.

I guess he had sat there all day. The back area is small, but it backs up to a small wooded area that is filled with raccoons, several bobcats and coyotes. I was so relieved to see him standing there.

Your daughter seeing Spacey sitting on your bed is a comforting thought. Though the red eyes is kind of creepy, at least to me. But yea, so sad that he wandered off and didn't return.

My beloved cat of 14 years died 4 years ago and I still cry over her. And sometimes I swear I feel her walking on me while I am in bed. She used to sleep with me. That feels comforting to me.

Thank you for your response.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Thank you so much for sharing all that Raxoxane.
All that is crazy! What other stuff happened at that house? I wouldn't be eating vegs out of that garden either.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by SinMaker
reply to post by Beldy

We left that house when I was 12. Thank God. It truly was creepy. There are more stories of that house. Such as the Ouija board. I found the game board in the very large coat closet and asked my mom what it was. I was about 5 or 6 years old. She said you ask it questions and it tells you the answers.

Well, I couldn't spell, but understood yes and no. I asked it questions any child would ask. The planchette would move to the appropriate answer after I made my questions.

Without touching the board.

That's one thing I never used. I mean, I used it as a kid thinking it was just a game. Nothing ever happened that I remember. But now, the stories that I've heard from people who have used it, I don't want to have anything to do with one. My ex-husband had a very old hand-carved one he found in his attic. It was definitely creepy looking but we never used it. Just too creepy looking. Should have burned that thing.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 01:17 PM
Did you ever learn of any background on that land you built your house on?

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by SBMcG

Whoa that is a supremely chilling story. It makes you wonder about other missing people. Other islands, places, what goes on and such. Reading these and the creepy forest stories thread, obviously there are strange people doing strange things in many places. I'm thoroughly chilled right now.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by Beldy

This was in the mid eighties in Taos Canyon. Taos New Mexico.

Edit to say:

I could have told this one starting with...

20 years ago to this very night, on a torrid and lonesome, deserted stretch of hwy...
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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by Beldy

Me too.That IS chilling.I can just imagine the evil vibes,and what a disturbing discovery..People go missing all the time,often on vacation-i hate the thought of what may have happened to the owners of the bloodspattered clothing.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by Beldy

Hi Beldy,you know there's an episode i'll always wonder about,that happened in that house-i wonder what would've happened if i came home alone that day.One of my friends invited me to sleep over,i was 13 then btw.It was school holidays,so i was pretty sure it would be ok+and so my friend and i walked from the part of town where she lived,it was quite a way,to my house.The moment we came through the front door,things got weird-my adoptive parents suddenly appeared in the hallway, from the kitchen-and just stood there,like zombies,staring at us with this weird look on their faces,not saying a word.I was surprised my father was home,he seldome came home,being the farm manager of his employer's farm, far away,and this was a weekday.My friend and i greeted them-no reply.It looked like they were angry with me,almost,or maybe in hindsight,as if they were afraid of me,idk,Such a strange look on their faces-yet they gave the impression of being VACANT,somehow-the wheel's still spinning but the hamster's gone,you know? And they were'nt budging from where they were-they were effectively blocking us from entering the house,save a few meters of hallway.But they were completely zombie-like,freaking us out-my friend and i looked at each other+i could see she was puzzled+afraid.I asked if it was ok if i slept over at her house-and nothing-no reaction-except those weird half-angry,half-afraid stares.My friend+i looked at each other again-and she whispered urgently "Lets GO!" And we did,we ran out that house+all the way to hers.She was almost in tears by the time we got to her house,and i was very upset+also somewhat embarassed.She tried to tell her mom what happened,and i confirmed,but her mom just laughed and said it was our imagination,though she did allow me to sleep over.The next day when i (very warily) went home,the weird thing was,my mother just brightly+breezily said "Oh hi there" and smiled,JUST AS IF I HAD ASKED FOR PERMISSION TO SLEEP OUT,AND GOT IT.Not ONE WORD about their stunningly weird behavior of the previous night,no scolding or slap upside the head for just running off like that.Not a word-and to me,that was Just as creepy+perplexing.They never touched a drug in their LIVES,my dad didnt drink much,and when he did have a beer or 2,it just made him funny(haha funny not weird)and my mother propably had 2 small glasses of sherry in a Year-she disliked the taste of anything alcoholic.That was one of the most disturbing episodes from my childhood****There was also an occasion,i was very young,but i remember it well-i woke up one morning,and they were both in my room,staring at me.My mom said to my dad:"He's angry with us,thats why he didnt warn us!" She sounded very worried,well rather,dismayed.I can't even imagine what That was about-i dont think i Want to know.Will write more tomorrow.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by Nuke2013
Here is a scary story for you....

It starts 24 years ago and just ended 1 year ago.....Married to my ex wife !!! Need I say more ? lmao !

OH GODS! how will i sleep tonight?

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 07:23 PM
Our house was very old, the paint was long gone, the wrap-around porch was missing boards and the roof above the porch was caving in. It was an ugly house in a very old neighborhood. I was about 13 and my brother 11 the night of a very ferocious storm. The wind was banging and rattling every part of our house and I feared that we might have a tornado.
I was in my room just north of his in the upstairs part of the house when I heard him start to scream, he was yelling that there was something in his room. I quickly ran to his room and sat on his bed with him. As soon as I sat down we saw a shadow person flying out the 2nd story window, he was wearing a top hat and a cape that whirled as he went. At that moment the entire window shattered glass outward onto the porch roof, making a larger-than-life crashing sound and the wind roared in.
My brother and I still talk about it to this day, we were lucky to have each other as witnesses.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by Beldy

@ Beldy and Raxoxane (and everyone else)…

That incident still invades my dreams from time to time. It was very disturbing.

As a follow-up to what you were saying about people disappearing on vacation, Rox, at the time, I made friends with a guy named “Bill” who was a Brit and staying at the same resort. He worked for an oil company in Venezuela and was on “holiday” as our UK friends say. He was probably in his mid-50’s and seemed like someone you would do well to take seriously.

Anyway, after the cave incident we were out on an afternoon snorkeling tour -- just him, me, and my son (and the resort staffer driving the boat) and I told him about the cave incident. He stared at me with a totally flat affect throughout the recollection of the cave as my son filled in the details I missed. By the time we’d arrived at our destination we’d finished telling him what we knew and went about the much more pleasant business of snorkeling over a reef in about 60’ of water.

On the way back to the resort, I broached the subject again with Bill. He shook his head at me and pointed at the driver. “Bunker Bar”, was his only response…

So, we got back, I popped in for a quick shower and to tell the wife that I was off to meet Bill for a drink and would be back before dinner.

When I got to the little beach-side bar, Bill was already well on his way to Margaritaville or whatever it was he was drinking so I ordered a beer and joined him.

He proceeded to tell me things he knew about human trafficking in the southern Caribbean that made my jaw drop. Without going into the specifics, it seemed that as long as it would not catch the attention of the media in the US or UK, pretty much anything was considered fair game in those parts. Aruba had casinos (I won $1,100 playing poker right before I left, btw) that were basically money-laundering tools for all the illicit drug (and worse) activity tied to Columbia and Venezuela.

He also told me that voodoo and Santeria were practiced on a far larger scale in the southern Caribbean than the outside world knew. I won’t elaborate because it’s not relevant, but he seemed to have personal experience with a co-worker who was victimized by this practice.

For the record, I have no doubt that Joran van der Sloot killed Natalie Holloway. I do not think it was connected to the cave or to the human trafficking described by Bill in any way.

But what sticks with me to this day is that the Aruba police knew about the cave. They told me straight out after I wrote them that they had searched there within the first days after Ms. Holloway had gone missing.

Really? Then seal it off. Close it down. Put an end to it.

Finally, I want to make a correction and a clarification:

I did NOT contact the Holloway family in 2005, I contacted the sheriff in Alabama who was working the case on their behalf.

Also, the bones I saw around the alter in the cave were most likely (in my experience as a cook) chicken or small animal bones. I did not mean to imply they were human bones. Further, the blood I saw on the shirt and swim suit was not necessarily human either. There was no way to tell.

posted on Mar, 10 2013 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by TwoMoons

Top hat and cape-that sounds like Baron Samedi
a Voodoo deity.He's supposed to love women and children.
In the 2nd house we moved into,on the same block as the one that was so oppressive and haunted,also belonging to the company my dad worked for-i had my only experience with a shadow-person.Ive mentioned it in other threads before,but i'll repeat it here.
I woke up wondering what had awakened me- to find a whirlwind/dustdevil/mini-tornado type thing in the corner of my room.It looked like there was a short person inside-but as i was squinting to see better,and wondering if it was my mom(she was quite short) a tall thin(but not freakishly thin) pitchblack shadow appeared by my bedside,right next to me.To this day i cannot believe it did'nt terrify me.
The weirdest of all to me,is that i just lay back down and stared up at it,and it stared down at me,for what must have been a few minutes-then i started feeling too sleepy and tired to keep my eyes open-i turned my back to it while it was still standing there,and fell asleep again.
I remember it like yesterday-i was squinting up at it-trying to make out features or an emotion/intent-but only velvety pitchblack moving shadows within the outline of this shadow person.I always think it may have been my recently deceased dad-but i cannot be sure.
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