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Completion of the First Survey of the Entire Human Genome

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posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 12:26 AM
Hey guys, I did a search and didn't see anyone post this.

I don't care lol.

I want people to know about this. Seems like this was missed by the public eye at least i think so.

Take a look.

For a few happy hours on the morning of June 26, 2000, Celera and the public consortium forgot their differences and revealed their results together.

This may have been posted around but if people missed it. check it out.

Hmmm i wonder how they got all this information. Maybe that's why we are seeing population control? Always the possibility that they are not intending to kill everyone.
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posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 12:21 PM
How did you miss ANY of this? Genome sequencing initiatives were THE big thing of the last twenty years! It is amazing though, and I am glad that you chose to , what is the word, bump the information.

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 11:32 AM
im 21 so i would of been pretty young. But i remember them talking about human genetics being unlocked when i was younger. Was unaware it was the entire genome. BUT it could only be the variations that exist right now. As mutations occure so to will new proteins by synthesis of current proteins and adding a new one that works.

I read the article
and i saw what date it was made and such. Its remarkable tho how many people do not know about this. If this became public knowledge. We would see many new biologist come forward and tackle the problems. There should be a greater population of people with knowledge of this stuff. If the tests and such are going on extensively as population control states. Would it not be wise to lower the tuition fee for schools like that? Even through a government funded program it. We would have more eyes looking at our GMO foods. And seeing with a keen eye the defects, purposely integrated in them. It won't just be 300-5000 scientists that come forward and question them, but the public. At this stage we could eliminate disease to the point where symptoms are non existent as well as threats of corruptible cells. New disease will break out and the population will tackle it fast. Soon a retrovirus like HIV will be tackled and used to cope with the rapid advancements humanity will be experiencing. We will see humanity quickly change. This is not something to be feared if looked at by the masses. Since its so bleak now. Its hard to spread the niches of researches

We need a nation of engineers, scientists, biologists, and craftsmen, miners. Using the most advanced tools possible to equip all of our people. The best thing we can do to achieve peace is to get educated. And show these to other people. The term crazy is kind of gone. We have ufos in the skys north korea is pushing ww3 we have a greater of the population consumed by materialism and we all come to ATS because we know this is all a charade. It really is, Truthfully the government is doing all the above for themselves only.

We need a nation of engineers, scientists, biologists, and craftsmen, miners.

Which is what they are and have been doing, for themselves. For quite some time. Drafting us because the greater population is unaware of what sciences exist and how they function. If they did. It would be much harder to lie to people.


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