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Policewoman driver kills biker whilst on mobile and gets let off.

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:07 PM

Firstly my thoughts are with the family and friends of this biker.

I'm a biker myself and whenever I hear of another fatal accident it sends shivers down my spine.

In this case the accident was caused when a woman driving a car pulled out in front of the biker and collided with him.

It turns out she was an off duty police woman, and it also turns out she was speaking on her mobile phone at the time, a fact she initially denied but was shown to be correct when her phone log was checked and then she magically remembered.

Tptb have decided not to prosecute the woman meaning she will get off scot free.

You can't help feeling that being a police officer might have something to do with that pathetic decision.

A facebook page has been setup to garner support for a more just outcome to this tragedy.

It was only a few months ago the country was stopped to pay tribute to 2 police women killed whilst on duty, and yet when they kill innocent people they just laugh in our faces.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:15 PM
Officers are not held to the same standards as the public. I believe the reason is to attract a certain personalty to the police forces.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by bigyin

Explanation: S&F!

Many of my friends and family members are bikers and that is my upfront disclosure ok.

I read the article and a couple of points made stood out ...

Details of the case were submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service by Dorset Police but Miss Carpenter was not prosecuted because the CPS said there was “insufficient evidence”.

Miss Carpenter has since resigned from the force.

Mr Medland said he was also in the process of setting up an e-petition calling for action from the Government.

And he said he and David’s family were keen to emphasise their support for Dorset Police.

“Our frustration is with the CPS who won’t prosecute unless they have a 100 per cent chance of winning – even if prosecuting is the right thing to do,” he added.

Personal Disclosure: I am very distraught over such a revelation and I have no further comments to make right now.

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by bigyin "You can't help feeling that being a police officer might have something to do with that pathetic decision."

not something, but everything to do with it.

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:36 PM
There's no justice Just us.

If you're in the big blue gang you get away with everything. They never go after their own.

Scum, the lot of them.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by bigyin

As a fellow biker it brings home how vulnerable we are to people driving who are oblivious to what is around them. RIP.

Years ago I was on a small bike (Honda Rebel 250) with my gf on the back. It was late and was doing 65mph which was the max with 2 people on the little Rebel.
The road was deserted and a single headlight came up behind us and sat literally a foot behind my back tyre.
I thought it could be one of my mates being an assh*le, and being unable to go any faster I behan to gently slow down.
The idiot behind persisted with endangering our lives and I pulled onto the hard shoulder slowing right down

As the fool passed by and shot off I was really pissed off to see it was a cop bike.
He was obviously trying to force me to break the speed limit to bump his quota. My little old bike wasn't able though

Still he put all our lives in danger.

As a biker I'm no fan of the police and I'm not surprised by this sad story. RIP

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:45 PM
Dunno if I'm breaking any rules with this but this is a picture of the woman when she turned up at an inquest hearing into the incident.

She really looks worried and sorry about whats happened eh ?

picture taken from aforementioned fb page

eta: Is that a biker jacket she's wearing ? ffs she's taking the pi55
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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by bigyin

it's not what i'd call a concerned or respectful expression, especially mindful of the fact that a death has occurred.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:58 PM
A saying we have in the UK is, I will or would swing for someone who did me wrong.
If that copper killed my wife or any member of my family, God help them if I ever saw them. I would gladly do time for it. That was no accident, that was murder, pure and simple.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by bigyin

Makes me sick mate... And do you know what else? She has resigned from THAT force, but that doesn't mean she isn't still a pig, she could well of joined up with another branch of the pigs! Seriously that is what they do, I read an article not too long ago about it. I will try to find it.

But the jist was that over a certain period, maybe 2 years or something can't remember, a ton of pigs had been up for serious reprimand, only 1 had been prosecuted! The rest were allowed to resign with NO blemish on their record... So they move area and join up with another "force"... Ha, force, the words/spells they use make me chuckle now...

Conversely I was "caught" with a whole gram of plant matter on my person and I got "fined" (please read kidnapped, locked in a cage, searched, mugged) 80 pounds I think it was and I have a CRIMINAL record that will last for 100 years! Let me say that again... 100 years! Yup, seems fair to me...

Not that I care about my "record" with these terrorists anyway but still....

EDIT: Found a similar article to the one I read HERE

Lawyer Jocelyn Cockburn, who handles cases involving complaints against police, said there were risks in letting officers avoid sanctions by leaving. "If they are allowed to leave the police without any stain on their character then there is the chance they will go and work in another force, and that does happen," she said.

Oh it's a marvelous old game ain't it govna!

They are nothing more than mafia thugs yet STILL people support them and praise them! That to me is even worse! These people should be outcast from society! I certainly wouldn't give one the time of day!
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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 04:11 PM
It's not just the fact that I'm a Scooterist that I sympathise with the family of the deceased, it's because this is just plain wrong no matter which way anyone try's to spin it.

The CPS, judiciary and police forces have something of an incestuous relationship and at times seem lacking in any moral substance with the sole intent of self-preservation and a belief that they are somehow above the very same Law they have sworn to serve and enforce etc.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 04:42 PM
It's always sickening reading stories such as this, I hope she gets what's coming to her. That photo really made my blood boil too, if I was in that situation I wouldn't be able to smile knowing that I've taken a life due to my own ignorance and trying to contemplate the amount of pain I'm putting that family through.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 05:22 PM
I feel for his friends and family. sad story.

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 05:44 PM

Originally posted by Infi8nity
Officers are not held to the same standards as the public. I believe the reason is to attract a certain personalty to the police forces.

This type of story is becoming so commonplace, it appears to be the norm. These blue-line gang-bangers frequently steal, beat, torture, kill, file false reports and then they walk scott-free.

It appears they are being held to the same standards as our politicians, Wall Streeters and Central Banksters -- too big to fail, to big to prosecute.

We get the "government" and police we allow. Had enough yet?

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by bigyin

When I was a kid I was at my friends house and his parents always had marriage problems. One night when I spent the night I heard the quarreling and at one point the man said "what are you going to do?? call the cops?? I am the police and they won't do anything to me"

He was right. Her life was hell she had no one to turn to

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 09:25 PM
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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 09:45 PM
We get so many idiot cops driving with the phone in their hands here, too.

People ALWAYS try and excuse their behaviour with poor excuses like "they MAY be responding to a job" (May). But be that as it may, they crap onto us about the dangers of actually holding a phone, and that we must use a hands free kit as they are *clearly* safer.

Yet, they are excused from actually holding them, because we all know how well police officers can handle a motor vehicle.
Just look at the amount of collateral damage our police officers, in PERTH AUSTRALIA have caused.
(Page 40 for simple graph on outcome)
*Note this is very old, but it has only gotten worse over the years - just recently we've seen a few bystanders killed in car chases

My point is, that just because they are police officers, doesn't make them expert drivers, and does NOT exempt them from traffic regulations and laws that stop people in cars losing concentration! NOBODY can negotiate an accident with only one hand on the wheel!

I ride as well, and if you take one hand off the bar to do something, and you get speed wobble, or a car pulls out, do you honestly think you can control it? Simply no.

She is an idiot, and i hope she #ing rots in prison for the death of that poor biker. (everybody assumes we're permanently irresponsible). And what's with that jacket? If i was family of the biker, she would not be able to walk into that court

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by bigyin

Who says the Gestapo are not still around? Every day, I see the PD speeding on the highways and city street. Not on a call mind you, just speeding. Here where I live they never check their patrol vehicles. Almost always at night, you will see them in front of you with no tag lights on but, pulling over someone for an equipment violation, which they should be ticketed for. I have known somee very good PD officers, but nowadays, the majority think they are God! Easy job espescially if your a bully or have a supreme being ego, always having to be right. My prayers are for the biker, and his family.. Maybe, just maybe, one dark night justice will come. Stepping off my soapbox.

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 12:13 AM
First of all, my condolences to the family of the victim.

I have a question, and If a read the article correctly where it says that the phone was on the driver's lap, which, I think, implies that the driver wasn't holding the phone as, I assume, the phone was on speaker mode: Is it legal to drive and talk on your phone as long as you are using a headset , Bluetooth via car or headset? and if it's, what's the difference between talking on the phone while doing the above and placing it somewhere on your body (not physically holding it with your hands) while on speaker mode?

If what I mentioned above is legal, the key to incriminating the driver wouldn't be the use of the phone but, any traffic laws, if any, that were being broken by the driver.

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by thegrayone

This is what it says on the gov uk site

When you can use a phone in your vehicle

If you’re the driver, you can only use your phone in a vehicle if you:need to call 999 or 112 in an emergency and it’s unsafe or impractical to stopare safely parked

Using hands-free devices when driving

You can use hands-free phones, sat navs and 2-way radios when you’re driving or riding. But if the police think you’re distracted and not in control of your vehicle you could still get stopped and penalised.

The fact that she first denied using her phone at all then only changed her testimony when the mobile records were called up says it all as far as I'm concerned.

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