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Thalidomide...Black Ops Bioweapon ?

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posted on May, 9 2003 @ 03:05 PM
We all remember the horrid affair concerning the medicine Thalidomide. It was given to Women in the 50's & 60's as a relexant/sedative throughout the US, UK, and other nations...

When pregnant women took the drug, they gave birth to children that were horribly malformed due to the effects of the drug. These unfortunates were born without arms, legs, facial parts, and even vital organs in most cases....

The manufacturer pulled the drug off the market and made the necessary compensation. The world never forgot the sight of these hapless children who still managed to live their lives despite their defects....

Thalidomide (tha-lid-o-mide) was first marketed in Europe in the late 1950's. It was used as a sleeping pill and to treat morning sickness during pregnancy. At that time no one knew thalidomide caused birth defects.

Thalidomide is not approved for general sale in the United States. However, the Food and Drug Administration allows it to be used in studies (such as this one). These are studies of certain severe or life threatening diseases where there may be no other treatment.

The purpose of this study is to attempt to treat your condition and to gather information about the safety and the potential benefit of thalidomide.

While you are taking thalidomide, you will be told by your doctor of any new information that might cause you to change your mind about taking thalidomide.


Tragically, when thalidomide was used by pregnant women, it resulted in the birth of thousands of deformed babies. In 1961 scientists discovered that the medication stunted the growth of fetal arms and legs. In fact, taking only one dose of thalidomide early in pregnancy can severely affect the growth of fetal limbs (arms, legs, hands, feet). It also puts the fetus at risk of other injuries, including eye and ear defects and severe internal defects of the heart, genitals, kidneys, digestive tract (including lips and mouth), and nervous system.

Now, the shocking news....



WHY ?????????

There are rumours that the CIA who did work with several Pharmaceutical Firms like Merck (Germ/Bio Warfare) and helped experiment with '___' developed Thalidomide as a planned bio weapon to cause genetic damage to certain nations percieved as a threat to the security of the Western World.....

So then why test it out on Western Nations like the UK & the us ? Why not test it out on some Third World Backwater or an Iron Curtain Nation through its deep cover medical plants ?

Perhaps they needed up close and involved observation and could afford to do it to thousands of White Middle Class Women since they were trusting and the least suspicious of anything being given for their welfare....

Doing it in a Third World or Communist Nation was too difficult and restrictive....

Besides a genetically damaged nation would be unable to create trouble since its offspring were disabled and the healthy populace would have to spend its money and resources to take care of them. Sort of like a silent nuclear weapon without all that messy fall out and unusable territory....

To find out more about Thalidomide...Contact


Also it was found out that German Doctors who worked on the Third Reichs various Medical & Bio Warfare divisions were later employed with firms like Merck, Eli Lilly, and Johnson & Johnson....

How many were involved with the development of Thalidomide ?

Chilling....Isn't it ?

posted on May, 14 2003 @ 09:15 AM
tread gently here, cyber-chums: this could be a painful topic for some.

posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 02:41 PM
You might want to look into Dowl Corning as well since that is who our lawsuit is against for the birth defects to my brother from this drug. And if it was banned in 1961, then why were military dependend mothers being issued this drug in the 70's??
Our lawsuit is locked in apeals and has been since 1979, they are playing the waiting game, till death does away with the evidence.

posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 04:18 PM
1: Your rumors mean nothing.
2: It does not matter of scientists who worked for the third reich were or were not later employed at a US pharmaceutical company. A scientist is a scientist and it is better they work for us than someone else. They have to have jobs, too.
3: You provide no proof that pregnant women are being given Thalomid.

I take a couple of drugs that prevent me from giving blood. If a pregnant women got my blood, her male fetus could come out as a hermaphrodite to put it bluntly. Another drug I take would mess up the developing teeth of a baby of any gender. Does that mean the drugs are bad? No. It means I am a man and not going to have a baby.

I know a girl who takes Accutane. She also takes birth control to prevent from getting pregnant because her baby would be severely deformed. Does that mean Accutane is bad? Nope.

Thalomid has legitimate medical uses when used by a woman in need who is also on birth control. You provide no proof of anything, only rumors and unsubstantiated claims.

The horrible teratogenic effects of Thalomid could have been prevented with proper clinical trials before the release of the drug. Doctors gave the drug to pregnant women because it was an effective drug for things like insomnia and morning sickness. They did not realize the teratogenic effects. It was a horrible accident. The drug is still useful in certain situations.
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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 04:32 PM
my mother was prescribed that drug during my pregnancy, now look at the monster they created

Its all their fault


P.S. it wasn't just caused by being dropped on my head

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