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List of sites like ATS in other languages

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 11:09 AM
We already have the thread for listing sites like ATS in here but I can't find a collection of sites in other languages.

finnish: - a finnish site covering wide range of topics on paranormal etc. - stars and space related news and articles in finnish.


the japanese 2ch anonymous board: ( overall map )

The "space" category
The occult category
ESP category
One of the earthquake categories
urgent natural disaster threads - the discussion on the fukushima nuclear accident is found here. The latest discussion (when this is posted) is on the thread called 【原発】原発情報3011【放射能】, which is 3011th thread on the topic. The threads closes after 1000 replies have been posted, so that's why they have created so many with the same name.

tips on 2ch:
couple first threads are "sticky" and global on all categories.
Clicking 表示スタイル切替 in the very bottom will sort the threads in 2ch boards line by line so it won't look so messy.

Knowing good websites in other languages can come useful for those studying languages. Reading a conspiracy website in target language allows one to mix their hobby and the study. The website list would also be a good tool for people interested to investigate the phenomena from local perspectives and to dig deeper to local sources when needed. With the help of translators such as , or others, the knowledge of the target language may not be required.

We have a lot of folks here from around the world. Probably some of them read some similar sites in their native or other languages. Or at least they'd be able to google some similar sites.

If you know some sites, please post, preferably those that are actively used! I'm especially interested in spanish websites. The number of internet users is rising in the Latin America, and knowing the ufo etc. hotspotness in various areas in Latin America, there must be some websites they go to. I couldn't find anything decent with my quick searches

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 11:40 AM

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