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Voters claim abuse, Observer uncovered widespread allegations of electoral abuse

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posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 03:10 PM
It just gets worse by the day or so it seems from over here, fortunately it will be over soon,
maybe itís all hyper-boil to go along with the defective ES&S voting machines,
machines preload with thousands of votes for Bush.

Voters claim abuse of electoral rolls
Students say they were conned into registering twice

Greg Palast in New York
Sunday October 31, 2004

An Observer investigation in the United States has uncovered widespread allegations of electoral abuse, many of them going uninvestigated despite complaints of what would appear to be criminal attempts to manipulate voter lists.

The allegations, which come just two days before Americans go to the polls in one of the most tightly contested elections in a generation, threaten to plunge Tuesday's count into a legal minefield and overshadow even the elections of 2000.

The claims come as both Republicans and Democrats put in place up to 2,000 lawyers across the country to challenge attempts to manipulate the vote in swing states.

Although allegations of misconduct have been leveled at both parties recently, the majority of complaints that have been identified in The Observer' s investigation involved claims against local Republicans.

The claims, made by the BBC's News night, follow alleged attempts by Republicans to illegally suppress the votes in key states. Republican spokesmen deny these allegations.

[Watch the BBC broadcast at ]

One of the more serious claims is that no action has been taken in a complex fraud, where more than 4,000 Florida students were allegedly conned into signing a form which could lead them to be doubly registered and void their votes. The Florida Law Enforcement Department has told the complainants that it is too busy to investigate.

In Colorado too, Democrats are complaining about an attempt to remove up to 6,000 convicted felons from the electoral roll, at the behest of the state's Republican secretary of state, Donetta Davidson, despite a US federal law that prohibits eliminating a voter's rights within 90 days of an election to give time for the voter to protest.

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 03:58 PM
Hmmm, whatever happens I think for America's sakes it's long time for a root and branch overhaul of the US voting system and genuine efforts be made to inject credibility back into the system.

This surely cannot go on. Frankly I am stunned that after the last fiasco that the matter is still so open to question now.....and I think people wanting to 'box this off' and ignore it as just a belly-ache of either left or right are missing the point somewhat.

It does nothing for any of us if the country claiming leadership of the democratic world has a democracy of it's own riddled with such glaring flaws and a massive row every 4yrs over the in's and out's of the voting proceedures nation-wide.

I think it's probable - and highly desirable, for all - that the US will have to have some kind of open investigations to examine what works and what doesn't and to formulate a national standard all can readily agree and adhere to.

Surely it can't be that hard. Can it?

(I as an outsider feel entitled to comment as I believe this is of global importance)

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 04:39 PM
I also found this movie that shows how many problems there are with this system of electronic voting. I highly recommend you watch it.

I made a thread about it here so discuss it there if you want.

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