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Early Onset Alzhiemers

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 10:15 AM
reply to post by bourbon2nite

Hey there Mr. B. I had a mini stroke in lasting effects too bad to deal with. Just a bit of tinnitus (ringing in the ears...which in no way effects my singing, playing or performing), and a tiny, tiny bit of vision issues.

Im still in Corp Security and my city's ERT Team as an EMT. So Im well, and older than you.

I just want to impress upon you that some damage to your brain from a stroke lasts forever. It just gets a bit easier to deal with it, but the damage to the brain is permanent.

As we age, its the old body that gets harder to deal with those issues youve been day-to-day dealing with. Seek out professional diagnosis for Alzheimer's...not a a conspiracy website.

PS Ive noticed some of those same issues these days, but not all the time. Stay well....

MS (City of Dearborn, MI ERT Team) Yeah...I live there

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 10:29 AM

Originally posted by intrptr
reply to post by ccseagull

Thanks so much for your input. My dad is currently beginning to show some symptoms like you are relating in you wonderful informative post. I want to try and convince him at some point to seek a specialists help. I will book mark this and may I U2U you for more info in the future?
thank you so much....



Hello intrptr - of course you can contact me. At any time. It's so scary for our loved ones to know they are experiencing difficulties. They know their days are coming to an end (naturally) and they already feel lost in this world of advanced technology, they have lost loved ones over and over that are their age and they can feel abandoned by their children who are having busy lives. And to know that something is wrong and will they function and not be embarrassed by what their body is doing and they have no control over. It really gave my dad such peace of mind to know that if the day comes where he can't function mentally that I will look after him. And I will - to know that someone is who isn't "there" in their mind any more and they are at the whim of society and the world - you can bet I will do whatever it takes to ensure he has full respect and dignity and he will not be alone or thrown to the wolves. Another idea is to contact a group or society that focuses on alzheimers as you really do learn so, so much about your rights and options so it an really give YOU peace of mind and to know things you wouldn't be aware of, and it gives you a place to vent, share and know you are not alone. Yes, contact me anytime you wish. I'm here for you

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by rickymouse
reply to post by ccseagull

The hard part is that your thyroid is removed. I'm not sure if tyramine containing food would work. Tyramine food is aged food, the chemicals that are precursers of adrenaline, neoadrenaline, dopamine, and saratonan. If the adrenal gland can process them than you can still get energy. If you lower your copper levels with a small dose of molybdenum it could help also so it helps to stop the breakdown of adrenaline. MAO inhibitors like black pepper or Turmeric can slow the breakdown of these chemicals. Increasing the adrenaline levels can cause hypertension though, this is something you need to watch. When something is removed, it makes it hard to figure out what to do I can only tell you what these things do, you have to adjust your diet a little and see how it makes you feel. Some of the chemicals in aged food, like carraggenan in Yogurts, suppress the immune system. Milk also can suppress energy by being a natural beta blocker. Do you have to take Thyroid replacement hormones?

I'll have to think about this one a little and do some research on thyroid removal. I think the thyroid needed to be removed if it was swollen for a long time. Mine was all swollen when I was taking meds for my epilepsy but it recovered after I quit. I'm still trying to recover more of my liver but it's hard. Taking milk thistle helped but it started jumping around and gave me a sore area in the back. My kidneys are doing better also, probably quit the meds just in time. I pee out all my salt though so I have to eat lots. Trying to fix that yet. Five years of meds sure screwed things up with the liver and kidneys and a section of my small intestine..
edit on 3-3-2013 by rickymouse because: (no reason given)

Rickymouse - wow, thank you!! You are so thoughtful and helpful. I really am appreciative. I have never heard of tyrmaine - in all these years of doing research. I can't wait to check this out. I have considered there is a connection with cortisol - I have anxiety and depression and again have never read of trying molybdenum and so this is another avenue to look into. Have just recently been reading about how bad milk is (full of hormones and chemicals, etc) and have switched to organic milk for my daughter. I used to be a big milk drinker. I take Synthroid and Cytomel and the levels are adjusted frequently. I had a multi nodular goiter and the nodules never did go down over all the years (and was reading how the doctors can miss thyroid cancer even with all their tests and my aunt had thyroid cancer so I figured I can't breath or swallow right anymore so had it removed). In the recovery room the anesthesiologist stopped by and said, "We just removed a huge lumpy mess," and he looked quite thrilled, ha ha. You have given me lots of interesting advice, wow.

Your epilepsy is now under control? I hope so. Yes I agree, for every med we take to help an issue in our body it affects or harms other areas of our body. Especially synthetic meds. And it's a scary world when doctors prescribe meds that they are handed out bonuses for just for the sake of a bonus instead of helping the patient. And how many patients are informed enough to fight for their rights, to know other options? I was taking milk thistle for gallbladder attacks (prior to gallbladder removal) and it worked wonders. Have you tried dandelion tea? The liver can heal itself from what I've been reading and there have to be other things you can try. I will look into this. So if you pee out all your salt this would mean something isn't quite working elsewhere. Are you on a low uric acid diet? Is there any recovery hope for your small intestine? I have been reading about the benefits of gelatin for healing the intestines/gut as well as the usual good bacteria like acephidophilis (sp?). Also have been reading about the GAP diet for intestinal issues, we aren't eating enough fermented food, like sauerkraut to provide beneficial bacteria.

I must run but this is so fascinating and I thank you for your input. Hugs!

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 12:36 PM
You have heard of Tyramine in different ways. It is caused by the breakdown of foods by fermentation or enzymes. Beer and booze have tyramines in them and this gives them their flavor. Soy Sauce, Kimche, Sour Kraut, cheese, yogurt, and cheeses unless it is neutralized. Jello even has tyramines as does any naturally aged food. Hydrolized soy protein, monosodium glutamate, and other flavor enhancers are tyromines. We need some in our diet and I prefer natural ones more than the concentrated chemicals they create. These tyromines do raise blood pressure many times if the adrenaline it creates can't be used because of overconsumption of them without proper burning of the energy they create. Concentrating chemicals and adding them to foods is not good, eating some of these natural chemicals in the right amounts keeps us happy.

I'm sure your thyroid needed to be pulled out. I know that the hormones you have are necessary. These hormones you are taking help to keep things going, they are not like the meds that caused my problems. The ones I was taking lowered energy to keep the epilepsy down and the liver tried to protect itself so it shut down it's detoxing of the body. The tests they did was to look for chemistry of a dying liver, it shut down and didn't die so the death chemicals weren't being released yet. It is damaged and because of this I can't produce quite as many enzymes now and am in need of some specialized diet and mineral/vitamins. Because my liver doesn't detox right now, it cannot get rid of excess good chemistry as well now, good things can also become troublesome. I have not been able to take supplements long term for many years because of this slow liver, same with long term meds. Studying of real nutrition instead of the crap that is taught to us is necessary to figure out what to do.

I can control my epilepsy very well, but it requires that I always monitor some things. My head noise from the temporal lobe epilepsy gets louder as I eat foods high in sugar and other energy producing foods. I have to try to keep this head nose down. My noise is in the area of the brain that translates the sounds, not in the ear itself. It can be used as a gauge to predict the near future of my Temporal lobe epilepsy. I sometimes get where colors get brighter, I know that this means I need to eat foods that dampen the extra energy that can cause a mild seizure. Cabbage in soup or a few asparagus work great. Potatoes contain sonamine, a chemical that can in small doses help control my epilepsy also. It is important to note that natural nervines of nitrogen and some special natural chemicals of Sulfur is what keeps things operating right. Nitrogen suppresses fire in the trees, it's compounds help us deal with overactive brain impulses. Calcium also dampens nerve issues but the problems created in the digestive system which causes imbalances and deficiencies of other minerals has a very negative effect most times.

The problem with pasteurized milk seems in the breaking of the delicate disulfide bonds of N-acteylcysteine, a growth chemical in milk which helps us repair cell problems. It falls apart at a low temperature. Homogenization is very bad, it makes chemicals of milk release in the wrong part of the intestines. I have a milk allergy, to the protein, but I can tolerate fresh milk better than commercial and can also tolerate organic store bought pasteurized better than commercial milk. The thing that bothers me the most is the homogenization, I can drink organic milk about once a week with little effects. I can still have the allergy to milk but it may not be there if I get milk from a different type of cow, there are A and B type cows named by the antigens in their milk.

We are kept in the dark here in the USA, the government will not recognize something unless their chemical scientists say it is real. Failing to look for the right things and saying only the nutrition they say is necessary is real leads to a lot of diseases in our people. Can't the government see that costs of healthcare are getting crazy, they can't keep denying this is happening. They have to listen to the research of the European health organizations even though it negatively effects the big corporations or there will be nobody left. These government officials are eating the toxins themselves, they are sick, they and their families are not immune. It is even in the organic foods but to a less extent. We have been led to believe a lie. Actually lots of lies. So many that it is hard to see the truth any more.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 12:58 PM
reply to post by ccseagull

I really wish that were true. My father is the most stubborn when it comes to taking direction. He has always been this way. If its not his decision, there is no alternative. Add potential onset of alzheimers on top of that and you can see how difficult it may become. I don't know that he has it yet, like you said there are many things that could appear similar. His mother was diagnosed with it. He put her in a home and she fought the attendants like a stubborn child until she died. I don't want to watch him go through that.

I have stepped back from helping him for the time being because he resists. He is very suspicious and secretive kind of person and will not allow others to even come in his home for fear they are trying to "take advantage" of him. He wants family members help to drive him around town for shopping and banking or whatever. Others are never welcome, only used. He drives away people who are concerned about him.

He lives alone and recently sold his car because he had an accident, Now he expects family to pick up the slack. My mother (they are divorced) is helping him now, but resents the fact he divorced her and cut her off, but now in his hour of need manipulates her to help him by playing "woe is me".

Its difficult for me to see through all the emotion and try to pinpoint any real diagnosis. I have to do that from a distance right now. My brother is well off and can afford to help but is "always busy".

I am afraid something might happen to him as he loses things (like keys and cell phone) and exists right now by shuffling from the bed to kitchen using a walker.

It would be a lot easier if he would trust a little more and appreciate the help a little more instead of driving everyone away. So I am stuck in that regard right now. Wanting to assist but being rebuffed as I try.

Your thoughtful replies to me have given me a little more strength and willingness to keep trying. Thanks for that.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

rickymouse - you are an unbelievable source of info. I was doing some research on healing the liver and making a file for you... but you are so way ahead of me and I can understand now that you can't even take supplements. If you need to eat a lot due to the salt in your urine being passed but your liver digests the food then it seems to me that you are in a struggle to help yourself, balance all factors and yet are severely limited.

I am very impressed with all your knowledge. It has obviously taken a lot of time and self effort to find out all you have. And to fight the invisible system that is interfering in everything that makes us a whole functioning well being. I used to chuckle at all these health food nutcases only seeing the surface reasons of why they wanted to change: to be healthy. But until you see the deep and yawning holes of reasons as to why they are making changes then it makes your head spin and you feel like you are a little bit of a stick floating and fighting against the whole ocean. Yes we must inform ourselves, never believe any government and do our own research and get back to basics. This is so overwhelming but starting simple we can start changing our own health and spread the word and fight, fight, fight against the opressors.

I don't know how you may (or the readers of this thread) may take this but this Friday I will be attending a faith healing service. I could give you a list of ten of my most vital health issues that make me feel like an overweight, crippled woman of 48 (in all areas of my body) and I am learning all I can about what is happening to our food and research, research so that I can be empowered and responsible for my own health. But I have been battling health issues for the last 30 years and I am sick and tired of always feeling pain, emotional distress and ongoing health issues that affect the quality of my life and thinkiing. I am a Christian. HOWEVER this can not hurt to try this angle. It can only help and it certainly won't hurt.

I would like to continue chatting with you. My mind is just buzzing with the details you have written about your issues. Health fascinates me.

I am glad that you have the buzzing in your mind so that you can tell when an epiliptec episode is about to happen. If we can listen to our body and watch for signs then we are so much more in control. I find it very interesting about the sugar (high energy) food effect. And about sulphur. I don't mean to imply I am excited about what you have told me at the expense of your health, I hope that isn't coming across that way. If anything I am very happy for you that you have figured out a way to listen to your body and this definitely makes me excited that you have gained control to some degree over what happens to you.

Well I have much more to read up on now, thank you for all of your insight. Did you find personally that the coconut oil helped you with your epilepsy? And are you doing a natural diet as much as possible? I've been contemplating the raw diet but am first focusing on eliminating all wheat from my world (which almost makes one a raw diet person, ha ha).

Take care rickymouse - it is a pleasure to chat with you.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by intrptr

Dear intrprtr. I think we have the same Dad!! Ha, ha. Seriously. My Dad is a wiley old coyote, as we call him. His whole purpose in life seems to be to try to outsmart, manipulate and play games with people he has in his life. He also doesn't like just anyone coming into his home, if he is feeling paranoid - namely health nurses that were attending to his diabetic condition, and amputation of half his foot when it was still healing. He had his driver's lic. taken away and I and my brother told him no more driving and my brother would spot my dad zipping about enjoying his freedom. My dad actually didn't want to abide by any rules and maintain his health and so ended up living in a carwash at a gas station. We begged him not to but he had the permission of the gas station. Can you imagine what it's like to tell old family friends and his acquaintences when they ask where your dad is now? "Oh he lives in a carwash." You can see the wheels turning in their heads thinking, "What kind of person are you that you can't have him live with you?" Anyway we do the best we can right? You can love and watch over your dad from a distance. It does not mean you love him any less. It just means sometimes distance is necessary to keep that strength within you and a peace between the two of you strong and alive. It may be time to have a talk with him to explain that maybe you need to be his power of attorney so that if something happens to him, ie: a stroke or heart attack or whatever: 1) does he wish to remain on life support if it came to that? 2) what kind of care would he like? 3) if he's religious what kind of faith would he like to be attended to him if someone were to come and visit, and/or a funeral service? 4) who will look after his money? The government will have first dibs at whatever he leaves in regards to finances. Having you be power of attorney does not entitle you to his money, you can explain that to him but perhaps he would want to put something in place where he has a favorite organization where he'd prefer his money to go to, or to go towards a service for him, or perhaps he wants it split up between you kids. But a lot of people don't know that if there is no will the gov. will get first dibs and that upsets a lot of people who have worked hard for their life and they don't want the big ol' gov. to get more than what they are entitled to.

So yes love him from a distance. I love my dad and will do whatever he needs if and when the time comes. For now I keep tabs on him from a distance. He lives close to my sister now and she tells me everything he is up to and what meds he is on (he moved out of province when he realized he'd lose his driver's lic). And let me tell you another trick: sometimes all it takes for a loved one to assume responsibility for themselves is to hear the words: You can live with us. That worked once for my dad before he decided to leave the place he was living late one night and went to the gas station. I tell you it's like one is dealing with a grown 74 year old in body but has the determined and stubborn mindset of a 3 year old, and unfortunately has learned from life how to manipulate the system and people and thinks that's their greatest achievement. We just have to remember that they aren't functioning wholly as meant and so laugh at the little stuff and step in when you know which battles you have to choose to fight.

Always here for you.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 03:52 PM
Keep it plain simple - go on a PLANT BASED DIET - huge benefits!

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by ccseagull

Faith healing services work for lots of people. So does meditation. Energy is needed to heal the body and energy can come from belief. If you think there is no way to get healed the body will give up. If you believe that medicine is the only way than without it you will not get better on your own from a simple illness. Even Jesus says in the bible that sometimes we need a surgeon, he can help with diseases of the soul.

I study food science. I still have a long way to go. Knowing when to eat foods is just as important as the foods you eat. There are a lot of related foods out there with similar chemistry and sometimes people eat too many in a certain class. My classification is different than the health industries. I classify foods by the plant defense system chemicals they possess and the one man adds to them to preserve them. These chemicals are created to stop overbrowsing of animals. Last I checked I am an animal. Some are there to make us pee so we give nitrogen to the plant. Some of these chemicals make good medicines but overuse is sometimes worse than never eating them. What is the reason the plant creates fruit, to spread it's seed after the seed is ready the fruit detoxifies it's chemistry. We pick our fruit before it is detoxed and our bodies have to work ten times as hard to process these chemicals. There is a lot wrong with our food in the Western diet.

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