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Earthquake Hazard Zones

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posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 09:00 AM
I've come across a youtube contributor that does a very nice job explaining many of the explosions that have happened into 2012 and most recently at the begining of 2013. There is also a tie in to the bird die off which is related to the noises or shifts in the fault.

At 7:37 he shows a pretty convincing map of the United States that show the concentrations of miniquakes/sonic boom sounds and it seems to make a good deal of sense as to explain the noises. I like the fact the he uses a boat load of geological maps that really give a good representation of what's going on from government websites and google maps...take a look...the video overall is 20:09.

Bottom line for those who do not wish to watch the video is that the majority of the sonic booms could be contributed to the moving of the earths crust so I suspect also energy could be generated which also may contribute to those flashes of lights seen along with the booms.

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posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 09:30 AM
He acted kind of surprised that most of the recent quakes were in zones where they are most likely to occur according to a USGS hazard map.

The three booms he also pinpointed on the map and the one bird die off which were always dozens if not hundreds of miles away from the eq events, are statistically irrelevant in my opinion.

I'm not convinced.

posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 09:38 AM
There is a problem..... There are extensive and very detailed reports from people ranging from Missouri to Ohio to Tennessee in 1810, 1811 and 1812. The oddness of animals and other factors prior to the triple whammy of huge quakes on the New Madrid was very much noticed and well documented. Nowhere in the stories I've read on the New Madrid quake series or the times leading up to it, have I seen reported of Booms in the sky which could remotely relate to what people are hearing now.

Likewise, I've asked family that lived though the Saugus, California quake in Feb, 1971 and no one heard them there, either. I was actually watching the game when the 1989 San Francisco quake hit (Loma Prieta Quake or just World Series Earthquake, as it's become known). There again, no big booms or other oddness heard then or before it hit.

I have put extensive time into researching the noises though. That started back in the summer of 2011 when it really started becoming major and continues as a side project of mine to this day. The reports are from all over the planet, and not focused or specific to any one area or even continent. Antarctica is the only continent I've not recorded reports from ...and look at the population distribution. That's probably the only reason it's not heard there, too. ........or if it's what I think it may be, in part, there is no reason to generate the noises on that icy wasteland.

Ultimately I think we're seeing and hearing evidence of man-made events. Digging part but also above us. That is the most 'Buck Rogers' part, so I'll leave it alone here.. but Nuclear Digging for fast and very extensive tunneling isn't theory. It was looked into extensively under the Atoms for Peace initiatives in the 50's while hunting up happy uses for nuclear energy. I believe the plans for digging were dusted off a few years back. Like moles, they've been hard at it since.

BTW... I'm kinda surprised it wasn't included on an OP with this title, but here is the USGS Quake Hazard survey map, world wide.

It's interesting to look at but more interesting to realize a good % of the noise reports come from 'white' areas, as well as the deepest red.

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