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Heaven-Earth; Nature-City anonlogy

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posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 06:05 AM
Imagine everyone lived in an artificial city. They knew absolutely nothing about "nature". Everything was electronic and metal.

One day, a person is sent to the "outside world" (nature) and they come back.

"Behold! I have come back from the divine nature and these are commandments that you MUST obey!"

"Thy shalt not void thy family with technology, thy shalt honor them and keep their company"

"Thy shalt go into the sunlight and breathe the fresh air each day at least for a little while"

"Thy shalt obey these commandments, because to not do so is sin, and sin is not healthy"...

"Thy shalt punish the wicked as nature balances what is evil with an opposite force, and eye for an eye"

Now sometime in the future another person goes out into nature and return...

"Nature is in control of this ALL even this city and you WILL experience its wrath for not obeying"

"Nature is a vengeful ruler, and the punishment for such sins is unhealthiness and death"

"The City's way is wrong, Nature will send Tornadoes and Hurricanes to punish the rebelling of what is Natural!" (Pollution, Radiance - causes such disturbances in nature)

Now, in the future a very kind person goes into nature and return...

"Nature is Peace/Balance, he who walks in Peace, walks in Nature, and Nature with him"

"Before the City, Nature IS... I am Nature I am the way the truth and the life..."

"It has been said that you should do an eye for an eye, but I say forgive as nature forgives evil by balancing it with what is good! From death Nature gives LIFE!"

Now, what do you think about this analogy? Just because there seems to be contradictions that doesn't mean that any are wrong... maybe they are ALL seeing it correctly, and maybe other religions are seeing it correctly too from the "people" (prophets/messengers) they sent out to Nature (Heaven/God)...

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posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 06:15 AM
I like the way you did the analogies it had a dramatic feel to it.

Life has alot of contradictions and people will see things and intrepret reality from their vantage point. If we collectively as a species moved back to nature we would see many institutions and ideas which are held togther by the artifical construct of the citylife disappear. There is an idea that as humans advance we will all end up living in cities and become completely distant from nature. mabey we havent seen the worse of this yet.

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