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Bit of an odd conversation with a high ranked (ex) British military person

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posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by Beartracker16

Re read the opening post and you are correct, it does not mention that he was under the influence of alcohol. My bad, sorry. Though some one before me mentioned that he was drunk or under the influence, don't want to mention any names :-).

We need to be aware that this gent was a two star Major GENERAL (not a Major) of the British army. Given his age now he would most likely have held that rank when he was in his late fortys, early fifties. Thats only twenty pr so years ago! Along with that rank he was also most likely handed a knighthood. And he would most likely have been based behind a desk in Whitehall.

This chap, without a doubt would have been privy to state secrets, who knows, he might even have had a tour with MI6! What I'm trying to say is that he was very senior, there are only two ranks above Major General and that is Lieutenant General and General. In the British Army the most senior rank of Field Marshal is an honorary rank as such, the current Field Marshal of the british army is the duke of Edinburgh!

So what we could have here is a Knight of the realm, who would have without doubt known state secrets. He held that rank of Major General in the late eighties, early nineties under Margret Thatcher, whom he may have had dealings with. And he says the Pope resigned to make way for a younger pope because of what's coming in 2014, and what ever is coming is the reason behind the American government trying to disarm its population. ????

If this chap is who he says he is I would pay close attention to what he is saying, he probably doesn't know for sure what is going on, but he most likely has a very good idea!!

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by woogleuk

That makes me think of economic collapse and societal breakdown to be honest.

However, i am always highly suspicious of "man in a pub" talk!
Thanks for sharing though.

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 10:49 AM
There are some mighty strange things go on in the upper echelons of British military/ political circles, and I have had some curious experiences of similar occasions, where elderly distinguished gentlemen make a point of nodding towards the conspiracy angle after I've hinted at a few of the things that I've experienced, or 'philosophical conclusions' that I've reached on reflection re: the general state of the world/ the UK machinations of power.

I was born on an RAF base, and there are several strange things associated with my family's military connections, masonry/ other hush-hush groups connected to the PTB. I've been told in no uncertain terms on a number of occasions that I am correct in my analysis of certain things pertaining to the oddities of my life circumstance, that I'm being continually monitored by wealthy & powerful people, and that there is quite literally something monumental just up ahead, in Time.

I would certainly want to try and get a bit more information from this chap, and I refute absolutely that an older man with a couple of drinks inside him is no sort of a witness, in light of his former rank & obvious insight into the state of the world presently. Nobody else think it's otherwise a strange thing that a man of seventy is openly concerned about such things as the disarmament of citizens in America, the resignation of a Pope, and the impending 'arrival' (implied by the choice of words) of 'something' majestic/confusing/terrible in 2014..? NB - in these contexts, the choice of words should never be underestimated, btw - he could have said 'what will happen in 2014, but he actually said, 'what is coming in 2014'...

Take such rumours seriously, to a point (include them in the overall analysis of current global events) because sometimes a conscientious man will use simple verbal comments as a means of easing his conscience, when he otherwise has no chance of giving out information that might help people, due to OP-Security concerns or commitments. These security/ secrecy contracts are binding, for life, and you could be up on a charge of treason - even aged 70 - if you were found to be overtly passing on state secrets relating to your former occupation as a senior military official.

'Pub talk' offers the plausible deniability defence: 'I made a simple comment about something else and it was misconstrued because we'd all had a few drinks..'

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 12:25 PM

Originally posted by woogleuk
He said that that the reason the pope was retiring was so they could bring in a younger, stronger pope to deal with what was coming next year (2014), whatever this was, was also responsible for the American government trying to disarm its citizens.

That was it, pretty much the whole conversation, and as you all know, I am one of the sceptics round here...but there was something about this conversation that made me think....

Sorry for being so vague, but that really was the whole conversation.

I'm wondering how that was the "whole" conversation?

If some guy claimed what he did, I guarantee I would have followed up with a question or 50 until he had given me more than some vague, kind-of-ominous comment. Especially at a bar, with the ability to further ply him with liquor, and all...

Do see if you can follow up on this, OP. I'm rather interested. Sure, it could just be some old guy speculating. But if he really is connected, maybe he still has some insider sources, and has reason to know "something" is coming. Either way, it should be interesting to ascertain which it is (bullpoo speculation, or based on something more solid....)

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 04:53 PM
i told you guys whats coming, And i am just as worried as that old chap there. Be a skeptic if you want. My great grandmother was a touch therapist and she excelled at it to such a degree, I don't know how to describe it. She often volenteered at the local hospital taking away the pain from chemo pacients. On a couple occasions she help a couple people see a full recovery. But she could tell me what i did that day, Or when i would pick on my brothers and a couple times me and my bro got a scrap and i made his nose bleed. And the next day my mom brought us up to visit her. And when she looked at me she looked CHOKED she was very old at the time 91 years old. She touched my back with just the tips of her fingers and i could feel this intense jolt rushing sensation go through my body. I felt different after that and have since. She died when she was 103 years old.

Anyways, I have not lived a normal life far from it. I have seen counselors and a therapist once or twice and all i got was advice on motivation of seeing projects through. So i am sane. Just very knowledge able and have an open mind. So i consume information. I confuse people often but i don't mean to, when you know a lot of stuff you sometimes forget people don't know things a step behind you to get to what step you are talking about.

Anyways. I don't really dream, I did when i was very young. But eventually it just stopped. I would be laying in bed and trying to sleep but i couldn't. There were other things keeping me up, but sleep is important and i had to just bare through it. Without any answers without asking. Because everyone else does not know. To live the life of a mystic or a shaman and tell others of the experiences you have. People just think your a nut. Like every other one that goes and and on about one thing. Iv had to lucid dream to actually dream because it became the only way i could fall asleep. I would have to weave a dream. And then let myself get lost in it.

But. Its the vivid dreams that i have, that just form without my intention that are the clearest of them all. These are the dreams that i have that are significant to things in my life. Before i had my alien experience i had a very vivid dream. I was inside a home i have never been to. The interior was painted white with a door that had 4 small windows. The light was on and i was standing on a tial floor with a welcome mat. I opened the door and looked outside. I saw a street that went horizontally and behind it was a forest. It was snowing lightly. There was a street light directly across from me. And under it, a big metal cage. It was pitch black inside. I watched as the snow landed ontop of the cage blanketing it in a thin layer of snow. The cage door opens. And out walks a majestic white wolf with pircing blue eyes. It was silent outside. my vision pans in on its eyes which were a lightning blue, Then i see its snout curl up into a sneer. Bare its teeth and growl at me.Then i was pulled back to my body and i saw it start to run from the end of the street towards me. It was fast. But still slow. It took it about 5 seconds to reach me well bolting it, Then lunged at my face and i woke up in a cold sweat. I looked at my clock and it was morning. I was very confused because i had went to bed at 10 and woken up at 9 and that was the only dream i had. Was very strange. Coincidentally, some time later that year i saw that alien under a street light. So i thought that was very very strange.

I have had other dreams as well that were significant, When im in a relationship with someone. There was a couple times i was really close to that someone and i had vivid dreams of them being choked at me and the relationship ending there. Which it did and i was not the cause and effect. On 4 seperate occasions i had invasion dreams. All of them were different but all had one thing in common. They were here to take us not kill us. I had a few dreams of seeing mother ships in the skies emmiting purple light taking people. On another seperate dream I saw giant silver tone ships just hovering over cities. I believe that was the dream of first contact. But during that time. There were asteroid warnings. Im speculating in the dream they were there to pretend to be helping us.

Then the last dream i had was when the full on invasion happens. When there was an announcment on TV that a state of emergency has been announced and people should lock their doors and windows. I went outside and was walking down my street. It was cold and windy. It was late at night yet i could hear people talking on my street. I looked up and the clouded looked strange, they were glowing a blue slightly with white. Then i saw the clouds vortext in a spot over towards downtown. and this tower just comes diving down and then lands. The tower was glowing a blue color but had some other crazy lights on it. Spot lights as well. Then i heard people screaming and the emergency syran sound in downtown.

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 04:58 PM
then the tower lite up and i saw a bunch of pods fly off, a couple hundred at least. There was some psychic signal emmiting from the tower. Saying that the world was in danger, there will be a cataklysm. If you don't come with us you will die. And people were flipping out crying and screaming. It was very odd. because.... i became aware it was a dream at that moment. But the voice i heard from the tower was so vivid and real.

I just had to ask. Will i be taken? Will i be saved? No you will not. We are taking the children.

And that really really upset me. Then i saw all the pods fly back to the ship. And fly away. Then there was some massive explosion and i woke up. Similarly. I have a friend who had the same tower dream. He was just on the other side of town and detailed it pretty much the same. I don't know guys. But this is what it looked like.

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 05:07 PM
Regarding the tidbit of him being younger, I think it means he's looking to go after the younger crowd who has different views than the older bunch.

I put this in with the fact that we're heading far over the cliff.... of everything... and we must take extreme measures to go back on a sustainable path.

I think we're all going to be asked to drastically change the way we live, and what our focus is, in order to keep civilization afloat. I think it will be as if a new religion, or chapter of the catholic church.

That is, if this guy is legit and knows something is up.

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 05:15 PM
but the state of the world has always been like this... it has never stopped. People are always talking about how bad things are getting but things are bad worse than bad.

So how is that something he doesn't know?

its obviously something monumental.

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by CrypticSouthpaw

I must diagree. In the past when things got bad within your local environment, you moved away. In the 70's when things got really bad, we still had resources to exploit around the world, and environmental regulations to clean up our local habitats.

Now there's nowhere left to leave to. We're on every continent. The easy cheap resources are being depleted. We're destabilizing the global ecosystem. 100-200 species die out every single day..which is at least 1,000x the background rate.

This is a novel event in human history. Our current path is entirely unsustainable. We're collectively committing suicide.

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 05:43 PM
I still see a lot of trees outside. And plenty of places to go to. Isn't there a bunch of forclosed ghost towns? You mean china and india is running out of room. And people have been hobbling on that little rock called britain for a while. Maybe you are referring to signapor? Or do you just mean lush forest life with clean drinking water. Its not really a problem. They were going to irrigate the desert. well lybia tried anyways before nato bombed it because they didn't like the idea of lybia selling cheap food to feed 3rd world countries.

So all these problems are imaginary. I find that pollution is the only really bad one that will be hard to reverse. Everything else is a social issue.

For instance, its a social issue that we are not using our available resource to tackle all those easy problems you listed. That's not the priority tho, Once it actually becomes a problem you will see technology come out that has been hidden. Such as terraforming technology which can create oasis's or dry them up. Technology such as nanobots to fix all those enviromental problems. The nanobots already exist we have seen the toys Obama has shown us. So really. All of which you just named are just distractions. They are not the actual problem. You will find that if millions of people chant the same thing its usually false. Christianity, Dawinism, peoples inflated egos on TV and the millions of people that try to be like them. Those are just simple answers to make people shut up.

The truth is it wouldn't be all that hard for them to gather a bunch of scrap and build projects that cost millions of dollars * i mean really. How can people out a number on that? Its stupid expecially if they are manufacting all their own parts * I always thought money was a joke. And the economy was a joke. I always thought the numbers were controlled just to keep people worried all the time. And the numbers don't actually matter at all. they can make a crash when ever they want and dip back out of it when what ever they were doing is finished they stop the wars.

To me, when i think of a secret government bases and stuff. I just think of them grabbing the resources. And paying people like you and i with the money and charging everyone else because of the materials you took. Then when the economy goes down you can be like. Oh look i found fort nox. Well we now estimate we have this much cash flow. Okay were going to war. And thats basically how wars play out. Its kind of a joke. Im pretty sure the governments build what ever they want without worrying about funds. The only time funds come into question is when they have to trade gold and stuff to china for specially manufactured parts. Beyond this. The government does not have even close to as much money as they are claiming to have in debt LOL but they don't care.

As long as suckers keep thinking the game is real, they can keep playing it. And all those problems you mentioned are products of the game. As for resources, they will replenish the only thing we are worried about is oil to keep the machine running. And keeping people dumbed down well they steal materials from them without people fully thinking it through. They build their little hide out from the impending disaster. And really money wont matter or how much imaginary debt you have if everyone else is taken to hell in the Pleiades or roasted by asteroids or god knows what is planned for the survivors.
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posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by CrypticSouthpaw

Then I must conclude your powers of perception are not too well tuned.

It's cool we can agree to disagree.

posted on Mar, 6 2013 @ 06:43 PM
but i'm basing my dreams on events to come. There's tons of lore about Orion and the Pleiades and around this time a prophecy is supposed to be fullfilled. There's the prophecy of the rattlesnake cherokee prophecy. Lakota Cherokee Ojibwa

look at these legends. There are more that exist.

"In the time of the First Fire, the Anishinabe nation will rise up and follow the sacred shell of the Midewiwin Lodge. The Midewiwin Lodge will serve as a rallying point for the people and its traditional ways will be the source of much strength. The Sacred Megis will lead the way to the chosen ground of the Anishinabe. You are to look for a turtle shaped island that is linked to the purification of the earth. You will find such an island at the beginning and at the end of your journey. There will be seven stopping places along the way. You will know the chosen ground has been reached when you come to a land where food grows on water. If you do not move you will be destroyed."

"The second prophet told the people, "You will know the Second Fire because at this time the nation will be camped by a large body of water. In this time the direction of the Sacred Shell will be lost. The Midewiwin will diminish in strength, a boy will be born to point the way back to the traditional ways. He will show the direction to the stepping stones to the future of the Anishinabe people."

"The third prophet said to the people. "In the Third Fire, the Anishinabe will find the path to their chosen ground, a land in the west to which they must move their families. This will be the land where food grows on water."

The Fourth Fire was originally given to the people by two prophets. They come as one. They told of the coming of the Light Skinned race.

One of the prophets said, "You will know the future of our people by the face the Light Skinned race wears. If they come wearing the face of brotherhood then there will come a time of wonderful change for generations to come. They will bring new knowledge and articles that can be joined with the knowledge of this country, in this way, two nations will join to make a mighty nation. This new nation will be joined by two more so that four will form the mightiest nation of all. You will know the face of the brotherhood if the light skinned race comes carrying no weapons. If they come bearing only their knowledge and a hand shake."

"The other prophet said," Beware if the Light Skinned race comes wearing the face of death. You must be careful because the face of brotherhood and the face of death look very much alike. If they come carrying a weapon...beware. If they come in suffering... They could fool you. Their hearts may be filled with greed for the riches of this land. If they are indeed your brothers, let them prove it. Do not accept them in total trust. You shall know that the face they wear is one of death if the rivers run with poison and the fish become unfit to eat. You shall know them by these many things."

"The Fifth Prophet said, "In the time of the Fifth Fire there will come a time of great struggle that will grip the lives of all Native people. At the warning of this Fire there will come among the people one who holds a promise of great joy and salvation. If the people accept this promise of a new way and abandon the old teachings, then the struggle of the Fifth Fire will be with the people for many generations. The promise that comes will prove to be a false promise. All those who accept this promise will cause the near destruction of the people."

"The prophet of the Sixth Fire said, "In the time of the Sixth Fire it will be evident that the promise of the Fifth Fire came in a false way. Those deceived by this promise will take their children away from the teachings of the elders, grandsons and grand-daughters will turn against the elders. In this way, the elders will lose their reason for living... they will lose their purpose in life. At this time a new sickness will come among the people. The balance of many people will be disturbed. The cup of life will almost be spilled. The cup of life will almost become the cup of grief."

"The Seventh Prophet that came to the people long ago was said to be different from the other prophets. He was young and had a strange light in his eyes. He said, " In the time of the Seventh Fire, New People will emerge. They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail. Their steps will take them to the elders who they will ask to guide them on their journey. But many of the elders will have fallen asleep. They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer. Some of the elders will be silent out of fear. Some of the elders will be silent because no one will ask anything of them. The New People will have to be careful in how they approach the elders. The task of the New People will not be easy."

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