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Recurrent dream theme....old woman and elevator...

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posted on Mar, 1 2013 @ 12:50 PM
It just hit me that I have been having this recurrent theme in my dreams. I often dream of this old lady. She is an European I believe. I may have a gleams of how she looks like but not entirely clear. When she appears in my dreams, I never questioned about her identity. First, I think she is my spirit guide. The recurrent theme here is that when she appears, I would follow her automatically. Most of the times, she would head to an elevator. And I would follow along. It feels like I am following her and making my own choice to follow her as well. My recent dream was strange too. In this dream, I was me, of who I am now. I was confronting with my grade school teacher. She was evil and I was abused by her the most. In this dream, she locked me up inside a jail and said that I would never see the sun again.
I was looking up at the sky when she said that. This scene reminds of the latest Batman movie, Dark Knight Raises, when Bruce Swan needs to escape the prisoner cell. The ambient here was very bright, not dark or gloomy. I wasn't panicking. I didn't feel anything, no fear or anxiety.

After my beloved teacher closed the gate on me, this old lady appeared on my right. She was wearing some sort of long robe with a hoodie on. I noticed her white/grayish hair. She then gave me a very sharp object. It looked like a small sword. It was shinny silver with the tip well sharpened. The object also resembled a digger or even a very large letter opener. It was encased in some sort of soft styrofoam casing. I believe the color was green. I took this object out and began to examine it. Then, this lady went over to the gate and opened it. I followed her along with this object in my hands. We made our ways and finally she came to a receptionist window. She signed something and we were out and on our ways. Then, she walked into a box. Something red about it. It resembled an elevator or some sort of enclosure. She went ahead first. Then, I went after her. Now, I am inside but I still not paying attentions as to what I just walked into. Then, I saw her sitting on the ground and leaning her head against something. Almost like she was looking for something on the ground. I was about to ask her what it was she was looking. Then, I woke up.

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