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Sequestration will hit Arlington National Cemetery!?

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posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 12:54 AM
Well, people. like the therapist said to the serial killer," yes but but how do YOU feel about it?"
with his last gasp.....
There is definate psychological wafare being practiced upon the masses.....
Is it to instigate, like Wrabbit intimates, a civil war?
That way they can eliminate a large proportion of the now useless former wage earners, without seeming too obvious about it....they havent the income to tax, so might as well elinimate the expense of welfare hey?
.Or, is it all a ploy to impoverish and bringdown the American people, to a subsistence level more at parr with the third world?
thus keeping them too weak and hungry to resist the NWO agendas.?

Why did they build and fortify the Denver Airport?

Why does the Queen own property all around the globe, along with many expresidents and prime ministers?
It seems there are far more than a few enclaves for the survival and succor of the priviledged few....

But what is the reason for the last few decades of frantic burrowing into the bowels of the earth?
I dont think its just because of the spy satelites....
When taken in total, (If estimates are to be believed,)
Russia, China, The US, Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden,Switzerland,and many other countries underground facilities must equal a smallish continental sized underworld........

Why did they, (Monsanto, and Bill gates) fund the doomsday vault of world seeds and DNA on the arctic island?

I mean, surely to God, if anyone does survive some horrendous earth shattering catastrophe,....How the hell are they gonna get to that stupid island in the arctic?
Well all know its there,.....but how they figure anyone left after the world vitually ends, is gonna have the tools to break in once they get there.......i just dont get it.....
Do they think they can just come up out of their hole after say the comet wipes out 3/4 of us, buy an airline ticket to Spitzbergen, and restart civilisation?

I digress, but the shills are at it with every thing that irks or disgusts you these days...
I honestly dont know what the details of the agenda are,
But i can tell you with a surety, that its getting more intense with the PSYWAR.

What kind of emotions is the policies of your goverment raising within your own mind?
I have the feeling they want to degrade your honoured dead,with impugnity which you bestow upon them by
not voicing your bowing tour head, hunching your shoulders and shuffling along peacable like.....

I tell you here and now....

First they burned men women and children alive, in front of the Nation.......
They vitually murdered those people in front of us all......CNN , ABC, NBC,FOX, they all blasted the people of America with this mass murder and traumatised them......

But this was only the beginning,......the opening round of a psywar operation show what happens to those who resist the juggernaught that was born from the blood, ashes, and body parts, left lying in the ruins of a religious community.
You took it all in and hardly blinked...after the recent gulf war and the horrors of the retreat from Kuwait. ALL IT TOOK WAS TO BRING A LITTLE OF THIS HOME TO GOOD OLD AMERICA....
Just when they had you reeling and dazed in confusion,
Oklahoma City......................................................
We all are familiar with the after math of the minor precedent.(but the climax was just building)
The first Patriot act and all the terror fears....the rabid goverment harrassment of the various patriotic groups, and militias.
The when they had things to a fever pitch, the right moment and .............9/11
Now they really could go to town!
Invade here attack there, occupy Iraq,and more restrictions on Freedom.....
Of course they kept playing out.
The shoe bomber
The Underwear bomber
The car salesman murder plot from Iran................
All these events leaving all kinds of unsettling questions, as well as grave doubts to the goverments veracity.....
But thats still ok
Next we get the NDAA, the word the Drones are comming,DHS stocks up on ammo very very publicly....and really buys a war or maybe two worth of ammo.....but everyone is made aware of it.....why?
If they wanted to be prepared OK, thats one thing,
but you dont go flaunting it unless its for effects...
What effect are they shooting for ??(pardon the pun)

Jeesus, its all PSYOPS.....most o it anyways...
There is just about no part of your personal sanctity, your property,your person, or your family,that has not been mentally violated by the gradual and incessant escalation of violence.....
I mean violence to the memory of the countrys heroes, violence to the security, and the sanctity of your home, your computer, your every written word or publicly oived thoughts....
All of this is designed to beat your spirit down
To degrade and depress your inner strength of character.

Your dead mean nothing to them.......they want you to know it in the most personal way......

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