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Where is the next Ancient Discovery going to be located?

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posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 08:09 AM
As you can see SinMaker I'm still learning to post correctly so I'll pass on the finding cities under
ice for a while lol

Only time will tell if I get it right in the end

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by ballymoney50

Whew! At first I thought I offended you are something. Don't worry, even the seasoned people here do it. Your cool.

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by m8trxLnin11

Originally posted by sulaw\
So where do you ATS members think the next big discovery is going to be found? Think the Poles and anywhere Icy is a viable place to be looking as it’s only a matter of time before it’s gone and time is ticking away fast~

My next video on TEOTIHUACAN

If i were to Pick a discovery to compare it to... Robert Bauval / John Hancocks Orion Correlation

Far bigger than that.



VERY DANGEROUS MAJOR QUAKE WINDOW and warning for March 4th to March 6th

95% chance at least a MINIMUM Magnitude 7+ and 80% chance of a Magnitude 8+ MEGA QUAKE this time around.

Within 1 degree of the 188 Lines

Check out my predictions for Orion. I saw beings from Orion and they were pretty terrorfying lol but also very Esoteric. I find that most of the legends are true, the paranormal experiences and such people think are outlandish. Its not. The being from Orion showed me what was going to happen, It warped space and time and did things in front of my friend and i. Showing us what is to come. This was a time period in my life when i had pure desire. Pure honest intention and a passion to want to see an alien. Or a saucer. I never had the intention to take pictures and show people so i could be rich. I just wanted the experience. To know whats out there just like all of us. But my desire was the only burning desire. I had no desire for fame for glory. Only a desire to meet our creators. I wanted to see the ones that made us really really bad. And that's when things got weird when i would be sitting outside i would see swarms flying high above me directly above the sky where i live, pretty much on a fat hill on the edge of a mountain I live in a location thats like a bowl. Surrounded by mountains and ocean only opening on one side.

I saw an abduction, but the dark being from Orion did not hurt me or my friend. It just stood there. I should of asked it questions. I feel so stupid now. It was showing me what was to come. A year later i had dream about alien invasion a very vivid one. With towers plunging into the earth and pods flying off them taking people. I saw all this so vividly that not a detail was missed. I heard people screaming, i saw the fine texture of the trees. The cold chill of the wind on my back, The unusally clouded sky above. I heard the syran sound. But in this dream. I was walking down my street. Waiting for something to come. And that's when i saw it appear from the clouds. This tall silver black tower. It lite up and turned a violet blue. Ships started pouring out and a message was telepathically emmiting from the tower. * there is a great cataklysm, the earth is in danger, if you do not come with us you will die * Similarly my friends shared pieces of the same dream. I only recently asked to find out those dreams they had were 2 years ago like mine. In one of my friends dreams.

he is at his house outside by a gas station. And he just sees this tower land on top a square block of houses and just crush it. there were explosions and people screaming around it. Then the tower lite up. Started taking people. And then there was some massive explosion and he woke up.

Similarly another friend of mine had a dream about a grey like being that was tall. 6-7 feet tall with big black eyes
told them to come with it. It landed in a craft during the invasion. He was by the school in downtown in the dream with a group of seperate other people, he had a machete in his backpack and he took off his back and pulled it out and told his friends Stay away from it its lying to us! * and then the being looked at him and its eyes turned red and attacked them.

posted on Mar, 4 2013 @ 08:56 PM
I think there is still tons to be found in Anatolia and the fertile crescent. People have been there for so long, living and building on top of generation after generation.

As one poster above mentioned, Gobekli-Tepe was found in Eastern Anatolia...the region is literally full of ancient sites and ruins and who knows what is actually buried that we haven't found yet.

Gobekli-Tepe is by far my favorite site. I can only imagine what else is to be found there alone (seeing how only 10 to 15% of the site is excavated)..the dating might possibly go back even further...
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