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100 Million Years Old Giant Skull And Teeth Found Embedded In Coal

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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by Monger

Well its not as if these people for the last 50 years have been caught over and over telling blatant lies to support their religious beliefs.

Oh wait....thats exactly whats been happening. When you think the goverment is lying to cover things up suddenly lying to counter it is acceptable.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by Monger

I wouldn't argue that there are creationists who have a vested interest in it being "proven" true. No more than I would deny that there are evolutionists who have a vested interest in it being "proven" true. For the extremists on either side, confirmation of their bias is all important to them.

As to this being "demonstrably" untrue. I'm not so sure. I've read some of the opinions and evidence from both sides, and I think I'll do some more reading before coming to any conclusions. But then, I'm not looking to confirm my beliefs. I'd rather have the truth, when and where possible, than to have my ego stroked.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by Zcustosmorum

Awesome documentary on that particular story. Yes, it touched on what one might call the dark side of coverups. But I think even more, it showed what's really involved in the investigation of an archaeological dig when the data potentially contradicts the present paradigm. A very educational film.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 01:40 PM
You have no idea whats in the basement of the Smithsonian..

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 02:10 PM
I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 121 million years ago. I was 19 feet tall.( A bit shorter than my dad) I had a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex for a pet. My mom found it in the forest alone and injured. She brought it to the cliffs where we lived. Her and dad argued for days about letting me keep it. He finally relented and we became best friends. His name was Ptemus. He grew pretty fast and soon we were hunting together. When he smelled prey he would stand stark still and sniff in its direction. I would creep up ahead and he would circle around behind it. I used a slingshot and a spear. When i saw our prey i would use my slingshot to spook it in his direction. Sometimes it would charge me, which is why i carried the spear. Ptemis would be on top of it quickly and snap it's neck. Depending on it's size i would either gut it there or get Ptemis to carry it back to the cliffs. Ptemis was a great deterrent for keeping wild animals from venturing too close to the cliffs. Soon, everyone wanted one for a pet. The grown ones were too wild to tame though. Ever since Ptemis came to us the hunters would bring back all manner of baby dinosaurs. Some could be tamed. Others were just too dumb to tame. Ptemis was smart though. Sure, he ate half of each kill, but all in all he gave more than he took. He had beautiful feathers. I loved the smell of them and collected enough to make a nice bed from them. We had many adventures together. I became the lead hunter with Ptemis at my side. Our clan flourished. My mom and dad were so proud. Maybe i will tell you about some of our adventures together if you like. It was the best of times.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by nighthawk1954

According to muslim beliefs/ Quran teachings. they also believed that Giants roamed the earth long ago.....and that humans have been diminishing in size ever since...

Reportedly since before the floods of noahs time they were around the 8-12ft in height.....and Adam the first human being according to religion was cited as being 60 cubits in height according the quran that would make him around 90-100 feet tall!!!

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 02:58 PM
This thread reminds me of the rumors of the tall red haired skeletons found in New Zealand, but destroyed, because they predate the arrival of the Mouris, the 'original' inhabitants.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 05:11 PM
Amazing. Supposed 100 million year old skull and even with all the modern intelligence in humans there are some that can't see a fraud when it slaps them in the face.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 05:39 PM
Since the internet websites started the news about the gigantic humanoide skeletons,people its afraid that this skeletons contradict the bible or the preach of 'X' CHURCH. Dont be afraid maybe the history IS NOT WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE...........maybe the bones are just 30,000 yrs old,not necesaruly millions...2 cts.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 05:39 PM
These left over Giants were enslaved by the Pharaoh's and used to build the great Pyramids of Egypt, some were so big they could carry full tonne blocks like big bullocks. Bullocks you hear me say ?

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 06:23 PM
Come on the scienstist of to try to debuct all kinds of info. A fact if you go aganst the wood we will destroy your reputation.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by nighthawk1954

Ed's find is very intriguing, but his micrographs of 'Haversian canals' don't look like Haversian canals at all, they look like micrographs of minerals.

Also, what would explain the concretion of what appears to be the very same type of stone intracranially?

Ed has a good imagination but that is not a skull.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by Jeremiah65

I read somewhere that the asteroid strike contributed to extinction of the dinosaurs, but was just one of several things going against them. May have been the final straw though.
I've followed OOPARTS and some are obvious fakes, but I do think we've been around longer than admitted. As old as Earth is, there has been plenty of time for a civilization to rise and fall. And rise again.
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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 06:48 PM
I just don't understand why those who doubt are being crucified for following sound reasoning and critical judgement; the sort of skills refined and elucidated by Plato, Hume, Kant, Russel, et al.

It should neither be a surprise nor a burden for those who believe to wait until ample and acceptable data come in that fits the criterion for what would be considered legitimate proof. We should be thankful for the sceptic that wants the cold scientific tradition to be upheld. It has worked for us for hundreds of years and puts men safely on the moon and robots on the bottom of the ocean.

Good OP. Keeps those who care to keep their minds sharp against fraud on their toes.
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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by wmd_2008

In bold above you cant even get the basics right, HUMANS did not come or evolve from apes what is actually said is that HUMANS and Apes evolved from a COMMON ANCESTOR that's why human and ape DNA are almost but not quite the same.

Then could you present the evidence that supports this claim?

Every single set of remains found to date has been categorized as either ape or human.
Where's the common ancestor?

This so-called "missing link" has not been found.

Your belief that you seem to want to shove down the throats of others is about as valid as fairies and/or magic pixie dust.
(Patiently waiting for you to back up your claim with hard evidence. Not computer simulations, but hard evidence.)
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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 08:41 PM
I want to further elucidate this notion that darwinian evolutionists believe in this "common ancestor".

Let me first state that I am not a creationist and I am not shilling for the Church.
I feel as if both groups are looking for something to believe in that let's them sleep well at night.

All of the archeological record concerning these supposed "transition species" consists of pieced together bone fragments often found layered in dirt at levels within the strata that place them hundreds of years apart.
What is most likely happening is the remains of humans and apes are becoming mixed together.

We can state without a doubt that dinosaurs did very much exist because we have found entire skeletons in the fossil record that confirm this....
From the largest to the smallest. We have found irrefutable evidence that supports their existence.
We can state, without a doubt, that extinct species from the the pre-cambrian explosion existed and we have found complete evidence to support this in the fossil record, but..

I will be darned that we can't find any rock solid evidence to support the darwinian claim that we evolved from a common ancestor.
This common ancestor non-sense is fueled by a hodge podge of bone fragments put together with a heck of a lot of imagination and scientific dogma.
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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 09:13 PM
Nice find, I will reward you with a flag bro!

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by kyviecaldges

Just read this forum post and tell me again that we have no evidence that we share a common ancestor.

If you look for the evidence you can find it.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 09:29 PM
S & F. I read this else where in further detail earlier. Imagine how many warehouses of archeological evidence that will never be submitted due to the arrogance of researchers. Everything doesn't fit in nice little black and white boxes. Therefore, we will never know the truth. The academia hide so much history from us.

We might as well believe in aliens transplanting us here from other planets. The evidence provided to us suggests nothing. Absolutely nothing. We have not found a singular trans human fossil ever.

There is much more being hid from us.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by boymonkey74
If you look for the evidence you can find it.

You can find evidence for anything at all, if you look hard enough.

So asking the question "Is there any evidence for..." can be answered with a "yes", no matter how moronically stupid that idea is.

But back to Ed Conrad. In the 1990's I was a reader of the usenet newsgroup, and it was clear that his ideas and interpretation of finds werent worth a damn back then either.

Some rather telling thread titles from talk origins...
Of rocks and rhetoric - Ed Conrad's fight with reality
A Reading Comprehension Lesson for Ed Conrad
Ed Conrad is a LIAR
Speaking for us all: `I am sick, Sick, SICK of Ed Conrad's bull#'
Ed's continued CON JOB!
Is Ed Conrad really a Human?

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