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Face Book! IRRITATING!!!! Or is it my Friends?

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posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 10:51 PM
I, too, have a love hate relationship. My absolutely 'favorites:'

1). Ten million photos of your children.
2). Ten million photos of your food.
3). Ten million photos of the nails you just had done.
4). 'Like whores' (You know the mindless shared images that are just there to inspire likes).
5). Ten million political cartoons, commentaries, debates.
6). The cryptic and attention whoring sayings like 'If you don't want to say it to my face then don't say it. People piss me off!' And we're all supposed to beg to be told what it means.
7). People posting ten million photos of themselves as if the world NEEDS to see them in every angle, outfit, pose, and hairstyle in existence.
8). Ten million app invites (finally figured how to turn those off).

Some of the above unfortunately made me block some really good friends' postings but they were flooding me with literally dozens of images and two of them were issuing hundreds of items a day. It was useless since I'd be flooded with their junk every time I logged on.

But it's cool to keep in touch with everyone and send shout outs and receive updates.

posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 10:58 PM
6). The cryptic and attention whoring sayings like 'If you don't want to say it to my face then don't say it. People piss me off!

Ziing Ziing!!!

Arrrrrrrrrgh!!! That drives me insane till Im pulling my hair out. (well not really)

Ive deleted only ONE person so far,,,and it was for being like that. Others may follow


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posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by canucks555

I just recently closed my account. Why? Not because of the lame status updates, not because of the trite photos constantly posted, and not because it's useless to my social life...

But because I like the LA Kings hockey team, and I made the mistake of 'liking' them on facebook. I was all ready to watch an exciting match-up that I had saved until a time that I could enjoy without distractions. But I made the mistake of logging in to my facebook first.

There it was, a photo and large print of the night's score that I didn't even want to be shown..just sitting at the forefront of my facebook news feed.

If I wanted to see the score, I would have checked the NHL website or watched the game.

Lesson learned: don't log into facebook because you will be shown stuff that you don't want to see.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 01:18 AM

Originally posted by mblahnikluver

Originally posted by MystikMushroom
Facebook is becoming nothing but advertisements, "suggested pages" and "shares".

Are you surprised?! I'm not. I dislike FB but I still use hate relationship you could say.

I have over 100 real friends, you know -- actual people that I know in real life? None of them post anything of substance anymore. All they do is just click "share" on some stupid photo I saw on reddit a week before.

I have very few friends who post anything of interest. Most of the people who post things of interest are all fellow ATS members. Again it just depends on the person and the "Sharing" thing, isn't that what FB is all about? Sharing "things" you enjoy with others to make a connection? It's how social networking is becoming. Its like that on all social sites, it was like that on Myspace but in a different way, FB just made it quicker and easier. Also who cares if you saw it, not everyone will see what you see. I see posts that are reposted over and over for a week by various people who see it at different times. I just scroll right over it.

If you combine that experience with all the new ways Facebook is going to start monetizing it's users -- I foresee a mass exodus off of Facebook like we saw with Myspace. It's just getting to spammy and full of crap.

Is it any surprise they want to make a buck off of you? NO it's not.
I don't see FB having a mass exodus. It's far too different than Myspace. It isn't just a place to talk on the internet, it's used for businesses and marketing moreso than Myspace ever was. It is in a different category now I would say and I dont see people getting off of it that easily.

Remember how Myspace got all junked up with everyone thinking they were expert HTML programmers? It's getting like that (in a way) with Facebook.

Hey I was proud of the little HTML I learned thanks to Myspace and wanting to rock my own personalized page.

I also see no comparison with FB and this. You can't use HTML to change your page like you could on Myspace. You can download add ons or extensions to change the look of your page but it is not customizable like Myspace was.

And I swear, no your kid is ugly as sin and I don't care to see some auto-generated week-by-week update of your pregnancy.

AS someone who is 24wks pregnant I know what pics you are talking about. I personally don't post "baby bump" pics. I have had requests and that is the only time I have posted a picture. I dont really want to document that part of my life on FB. FB is more of a blog for me than anything....I have had friends take pics weekly and show them on their FB. Did it drive me nuts to see it every week? Sure sometimes but did it ruin my FB time? No. Obviously they are excited and want to share with everyone. I"m a little more private about my pregnancy. I think some things should be kept within the family and not the internet. Again if you don't like it you can hide that persons posts from your feed or delete them.

I have unsubscribed from a TON of people. Facebook is pretty much useless now. It's not even worth checking more than once every few days.

Why do you even have a FB? I am curious since you don't seem to like anything about it.

I dislike FB but i also don't mind it at the same time. I know what it's all about and I choose to use it. If I choose not to one day then fine. It won't bother me either way.

Point one:
It's an abusive relationship. It makes you feel like you need it to keep in touch with people. It traps you. If one were to anthropomorphize Facebook as a person, and apply the DSM-IV spectrum; the relationship would be deemed an abusive one.

Point two:
Sharing "used" to consist of unique and user-generated content. Pictures of vacations, stories of subway rides, and hilarious first dates. I don't want to see recycled memes that are weeks old. I have a sound cloud and a podomatic account, and I share new, unique, and original content. That is what "sharing" is supposed to be. Following the "pack" and not thinking for one's self, instead of creating and adding new content is killing Facebook.

Point three:
Facebook has done a good job conditioning it's users to accept monetization. Yes, it is a company and in that respect it's done a good job. Having said that, however, when your feed becomes nothing but advertisements, recycled memes, and auto-play video adds -- get back to me.

Point four:
I'm not talking about ultrasound pictures. I am talking about these "apps" that post on the Facebook user's behalf. Each week, a new "Baby Week 27 Update" (complete with what "baby" is going through) is posted. Really ladies? Really? It's OK if you want to post an ultrasound. That's a real photo of a real thing -- I don't want your crappy apps spamming up my feed.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 05:14 AM
I have a love hate relationship with facebook. I still follow it at times to make sure I'm up to date on things my friends are undertaking so I don't across completely ignorant and browse through some personal updates that actually matter to me (stories, photos, anything related to the actual person I know), but that's it. These posts are also very rare nowadays. I ran an experiment once by counting like and comments to show how bland facebook users had become. I can assure you counting it was a wasted effort.

During the whole Israel/Gaza conflict I kept posting updates, from the moment it started until it ended. Once a day I would also post a picture of my cats doing silly things. The updates about the conflict were mostly ignored with the exception of a few. My cats were a hit. So no - I didn't even count and felt stupid for even attempting to do this
but at least I proved the point to myself.

People don't care about anything that's actually happening in the world. It's 'inspirational quotes', a copy/paste from Reddit, pointless status updated with people going to sleep, waking up, being indecisive about what's for dinner, or how much work sucks. Then there's the overly dramatic mental illness rants and people fishing for likes and sympathy for their 'horrible' lives.

When I log on these days I check a few good friends out, swap out some comments with my fellow gamers, and annoy the hell out of other people who annoy me when I'm bored. I did find a good method to annoy the people who constantly post pictures of their food; I downloaded that instagram app on my phone and started to take pictures of the food I give to my pets and happily replied with those to anyone posting pictures of their food. I had a good time doing that...

All the other people I come across without finding a proper way to get back at them get deleted. There has to be some fun for all parties involved.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 07:07 AM
I AGREE wholeheartedly! What gets me is there are half a dozen retired people on my Facebook who literally sit in front of it all friggin day long and do nothing but those God awful games and "likes" on the stupidest things, like Tide laundry soap. Really? Are you that friggin bored and selfish that you have to search for Tide's Facebook page? I swear to God I want someone to take me out of my misery if I retire and sit on my FB page all day! I say selfish as it's a waste of a life to sit there in front of FB instead of getting out and helping others or volunteering.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by canucks555

Easy. Click the options on their post, hide post. If they continue, unsubscribe or hide all posts from them. simple as that.

As for your title question.

It's your friends. Facebook is merely the medium that allows idiots to post stupid ecards and cat pics.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 08:43 AM
Oh my gosh, YES!!!!! I do not mind the legit missing kid ones or the warnings from the Missing site. Even if the warnings are untrue, it still may save a kid. If you love your son/daughter, if you believe in God, they all drive me crazy. They are just as bad as the drama! You are not alone!!!

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by AshleyD

Reading you post made me think of the pictures a lot of the females take, trying to be sexy. I think that's what they are doing anyway! I had to post a status one day that read.... all you girls taking pictures of your puckered lips DO NOT LOOK SEXY, you look like you are trying to take a s@#t! At least they make me laugh. The funnier thing is not one of them removed their puckered lip photos!!

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 10:09 AM
It's not FB it's your friends. Just hide the ones you get annoyed with.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 12:11 PM
I have to agree a little with the OP on this one! I just cant get why people would post a picture of a child that has been disfigured by a drunk parent. It states: "Click like if you are against violence against children, if you dont, it means you are FOR it!"

I am sorry, but even though I am totally against any sort of violence, I am unable to click "like" when the picture I am looking at is of a beaten child! I just can't!

But I also agree with others saying that this is what facebook is for, some people LIVE for facebook, it's sad really! Posting pictures of food, when you have outdone yourself and you are proud to show it is fine imo.

Or sweet/loving messages also.

I just dont agree with the ones that ask you to click "like" on a discusting or disturbing picture. No matter the cause. (Please dont bash me I do NOT mean that I dont back the causes, I just dont want to see graphic pictures of them)

Oh and to answer the question, I also agree that facebook is not to blame for this but the posters are. I am considering deleting my facebook account altogether....but I still thinking about it, unsure yet! It is after all a great source to find out whats going on in your surroundings, but then again, your friends can CALL you also.
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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by kaidec


posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 02:56 PM
I personally hate those ecards. I think that the majority of them are pretty damn noxious and have a tendency of almost idolizing human character traits that we used to call character flaws...But I guess these days that, instead of trying to correct one's character flaws, it's infinitely more popular to wallow in one's own filth. Harsh I know but hey, I'm probably a relic for thinking that there is something to be said for cultivating virtues in oneself.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by WhiteAlice

Very well put, a bit more eloquent than my opening post, you are right. It's like: "I have multiple flaws so up yours if you don't like it Mmmmm-hmmmm!
-Ya we get it but in no way does it make you cool.

posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by canucks555

Yeah pretty much. I find facebook to be both repugnant and fascinating from a societal perspective. If you look at philosophy or sociology, what you'll see, time and time again, is this repeat of the idea that society's morals and mores are basically established by society, itself. We, as a society, ultimately define what we perceive as "good" and "bad" through a collective confirmation of those definitions. If you apply this to facebook, it has some pretty serious ramifications in that, if posting or sharing something that proudly trumps up a negative character trait and receive several "likes" and "oh that's so me!!! i'm with you, sister!!", it's basically creating that social confirmation of what is good and acceptable. At this point, people usually say that I'm taking the net too seriously. However, I've been places where I have literally seen strangers make some quip or behavior that I can immediately recognize from some piece of crap thing on facebook and they are literally carrying over that straight into the "real world". My favorite example of this was a guy I saw once that was acting like an obsessive freak in the middle of the grocery store who couldn't stop going on and on about "bacon". I wish I was joking and I wish that was the only incident where I've seen facebook bleed over into reality.

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