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LaViolette, Fulcanelli: Approaching Galactic Storm

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posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 08:21 AM
(147 & lucky trifecta #s)

first off, link to this site

as this explains it a lot better than i can...

whats funny/odd is that, in my own clumsey less educated way,
(and around the same time frame as Dr. LaViolette)
because of my 'connection to' the noosphere/universal sub-conscious,
i was telling 'stories' of the same specific event (a black-hole spewing
out gamma/x-ray/exotic quantum energies)
*this was a cyclic event
*possibly explains past mass extinction events
*could describe some biblical catastrophies at armeggeddon times

Uncanny....heres a learned man, with a Doctorate, presenting a
meaningful Hypothesis
and the scientific community relegates the work as 'fringe stuff'

# I kinda believe that Dr. LaViolette did his research...
# that I got my 'inspired stories'...
# perhaps that; few-some-many others had an 'epiphany'...

** because thats how the 'field' or 'holographic consciousness' works

check this site also;

prophecy or prediction...i think this model of cosmic 'novelty' could be the
basis for all the myths & shrouded fragments that jam the universal conscious and human psyche...

all the previous 'warnings' by scriptures, myths, stories, insights, vouyers, (Cayce, Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, Hopi, al..)
have been augmented by this scientific hypothesis/theory
I, for what thats worth, think this idea is 'valuable' & gives insight as to
how one can prepare, and what one could anticipate to occur...within
this 2012 time window (est. a 25 year window= now to 2020)

PS...Do Not be COY about using the Links on these 2 sites to broaden your journey

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 10:07 AM
I don't know about "universal conscious and human psyche" but I have read something similar to this on an astronomy site, that there was some kind of pulse from the galatic central point that is rapidly expanding and approaching the outer arms of the galaxies. To my limited understanding, it amounted to basically a wall of approaching electromagnetic and gamma radiation and is a cyclic phenomina. I can't find the artcile now but it was pretty interesting and I think is the same thing you are refering to.

posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 07:13 PM

i'm really not certain, that is the same phenom twitchy

there is another source- -a hydrogen interstellar dust cloud remnant
from some superNova

there was speculation about a 'photon ring',,,ammounting to clever fiction

Follow up on the "LaViolette, & Fulcanelli links to: Galactic storm prediction"

if there was interest, here's a" target="_blank" class="postlink">EXcerpt
of the Fulcanelli link, and his Allusion to the
'Language of the Birds'...(Ur-Language)....

"Language, the instrument of the spirit, has a life of its own----
even though it is only a reflection of the universal Idea"

How,? does this? link with Cosmic Superwave prediction??
(because it is hidden, knowledge...this Language)

In this Language: " its heart lay something stranger---
ancient knowledge of the location of the center of our Galaxy
and from that a way to estimate the date of a celestial
event of eschatalogical magnitude...........the Central American Maya
considered the event to be the end and the beginning point of time
itself. -->knowledge of the 'event' became the secret possession of
the initiated elite"

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