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Sacred Oaths..

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posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 11:14 AM
Denton Texas
FEMA Transition Facility

The smoke was rising into the air as last sounds of resistance was dying to gun fire. Two people in Fatigues dragged out a well dress man and tossed him to the ground.

"Good morning," an older man with a scar addressed the man on the ground.

"Terrorist... America will not allo..." His words were stopped by snakeskin boots kicking teeth in.

"I will gladly accept the label of terrorist to you Nazi's," The man with the silver spread Eagle on his collar smiled. He looked up as the anti riot Drones were coming in for a pass. The Fifty cals they had would open fire any minute.

Over the ear pieces,"Standby for directed pulse." An invisible wave seemed to hit the drones. They came crashing down like stones.

"Captain," one of the men yelled. "We found the Rehab center." The Captain turned to see his men dragging out guards. They tossed them on the ground and the Sargent ordered firing squads.

Several of the younger officers dragged the men off of the firing line...

"Sir," the angry Sargent yelled!

Yelling at the men, "Ten HUT!!"

The men responded out of training..And stood straight up.

He walked over to the Sargent, "What in hell.." The smell caught the Captain and he paused. Angrily, he walked back over to the Warden. Yanking him up by his hair, "You know I was going to just kill you. Warden now you will get your worse nightmare." Pausing he looked over at his Sargent, " Scan them all for RDIF's, cut them out when you find them. I am turning them all over to Petty Officer MacCann.. "

The angry Sargent and the men relaxed with the Sargent smiling. "You boys are going to wish we killed you.."

The Warden face went white,"Not the Butcher.. Our files say he is a ... an inhumane monster.." The Warden gulped..

"Its to late Warden," The Captain spoke. "He blames your side for.. What was it Sargent?"

"Petty Officer 3rd class blames them for turning country music into light rock.."

One of the First Lt.'s added," I thought it was because they changed the taste of Baloney."

One of the PFC's looked confused, "He told me it was because they made the Twilight Series into a movie."

"Quit goldbricking and Get back to work.." Turning back to the Warden,"You see I have to agree, the Petty Officer is quiet insane. I have him, when not on duty, in a monitored room for the men's safety. Of course he did insist I pad it with aluminum foil so yall cant read his mind."

"He.. He.. He.." The warden was in panic mode," You cant do this to us. War has rules.."

The men walked the emaciated women from the officers area past the Warden and the Captain.

"Yeah about the rules of war," The Captain shakes his head.

"Please I have a family.. My wife," the warden tries to speak. One of the women, who is skin and bones walks by.. She falls down in front of the two men and stops moving.

One of the Medics walks over. He takes a pulse and shakes his head. He reaches over and closes the dead womans eyes.

"Doc, you took an oath to defend life. Your oath prevents you from allowing this.." The Warden desperately speaks..

The Doc walks over and backhands the Warden.. Which makes the men pause partially and smile. "I used to be a surgeon. I killed life plenty of times... You see cancer is life as well. As surgeon we cut out the cancer so healthy cells have a chance to fight back." He whispered to the Warden," I'll make sure to personally review your health status in my off time for the Petty Officer."

Some of the guards screamed as the RDIF's were cut out. The Doc hearing the screams pulled out his scanner and smiled when it beeped. "Hang on one second Captain."

The warden screamed as the Doc cut hitting a nerve long ways..


NORAD Situation Room

"...The Warden and his men are missing." The General stood straight as she spoke to the President.

The Sec Def shook his head, "Well someone's head will roll for this. The Dialect states we are the superior cause. So it has to be a traitor in our ranks."

She looked over her cabinet, "Yes a traitor indeed." She looked over to her Intelligence head who nodded.

"Find this HALO Division out of Texas.. I do not care how you do it... just make it look like they did it to themselves."

"Yes, MADAM President," the Sec Def responded...

"Good," She looked over her Cabinet. "How are the new polls coming along.."

"A large, significant number of Real Americans support how your handling the war. " The chief of staff spoke with pride, "The real Americans are willing to take the necessary sacrifice to ensure this great union of states continues."

"Are you gonna tell her about the food shortages," the head of intelligence spoke candidly.

An argument ensues between various members of the Cabinet. Over the next few minutes the staff pretty much divides up into different camps. One side blamed the Terrorist, the other side said the Rebels were not responsible... It was poor management of their departments.

Having enough the President turned to the Secret Service, "Get everyone out.." As they all stood to leave, "Charles please stay."

The head of intelligence stayed behind..

As the doors closed, "Charles." The President stood up. Grimly she had her hands behind her back, "We cant have this division anymore."

"I know Madame president," the head of intelligence spoke. "If the military was only as competent as it used it to. These Rebels.."

"Charles thats not the problem." She looked at the older man, "You were loyal to my father." Grimly she pulled a small gun from her coat. "You do not seem to understand that the source of the Problem is the division even here in my cabinet. You see these people are not rebels. They are terrorist."

"Madam.." Charles never gets to finish the statement. His head is splattered all over the desk from the President killing him.

"Charles you just would not get with the program. Proper use of words must be maintained to ensure everyone has a proper understanding of the situation.." Looking at Charles body, "My dearest, look what the Terrorist have done to your mind...


Militia Headquarters
Hidden Facility

".. Denton FEMA transfer Facility," the aide spoke. "Madam, the pictures are horrifying. They make some of the WWII camps look well.. outdated. "

She looked at her console, "Those sick bastards.. Female prisoners working as sex slaves..." She shook her head..

"Our broadcast tonight.. We could include them in the live part.." The Aide spoke.

The Leader looked over the situation board behind her. "I know the Captain.." She looked over the file some more.. "I thought ... never mind... Find out if MacCann got any confessions yet... It would rock to be able to include those in the broadcast..."

"We will find out Madam," the aide gave the orders.

The Leader looked over the board. Her forces had dislodged the American Military so far in every battle to date. The words from her now dead husband rang in her ears.

Lee and the south could have won the Civil war... However they got stupid and did not attack the enemies plan.. They allowed the North room to develop and leverage their resources.. If you ever find yourself in Lee's spot... do NOT allow your enemy time to gather forces or resources...

"Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more," the Leader nodded to herself. "Move these units into position here and here..."

"Yes Mam," the aide spoke...

posted on Feb, 26 2013 @ 04:37 PM

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Declaration of Independence

Los Angeles

"What the.." The overweight officer ask out loud.

As men armed with with weird rifles and full body armor came pouring out of Troop transports. A man in an expensive suit Greeted the officers he flashed a badge. "Department of Homeland Security, Extreme Response. We are here to help citizen. If you and your fellow officer do not mind. Go ahead and cordon off the entrances to this area.. We have reports of terrorist cells in the area.." Smiling, with obvious falseness,"Thank you citizens..We At the DoHS appreciate all your efforts."

The men who were the troops deployed and looked to the man in the suit.

"We have DoHS Extreme Response Deployed.. They are requesting..."

The officer was interrupted by dispatch, "We just got the paperwork.. Its confirmed.." The officer and the kid he had in cuffs watched as drones sped into the area to be cordoned off. Two went down.. The Extreme Response team opened fire into buildings randomly..

The kid in cuffs jumped up and started to say something. The overweight officer hit him in the gut..

"Good job officer," The agent called out as he had observed what happened. "Do you need assistance?"

"Nah, just a punk kid going to Juvie. Tried to run.. Yall boys are busy I got this..." He looked at the kid and put a finger up to his own lips.. "Besides Agent I have to get that Cordon up." He slams the door and hops in his driver seat. "Listen damn well kid," The Cop spoke from the front seat. "You got family in that Cordon dont you.."

"Yes, Sir," the kid spoke.

"They on the far end son.. Or the front end of that zone.." The Cop asked..

"Middle sir, they are gonna just kill em.."

Pausing and shaking his head, the White officer looked at the black kid. As he started his car, "I am going to pull into that gas station. I am going to open that door and yell at you. I am going to drop the keys for the cuffs. Shutting the door partially. Make sure you leave my cuff and keys in the back seat kid. You gonna have to take four streets over and hustle.. They rate the DoHS moves you got four minutes once you get there.. just get your family out and run.. Head to the mission and tell Pastor Redson, Officer Hitzch sent you.."

"Why," The black kid ask..

"Fine instead of being nice.. Rules of the Street you owe me now.. I'll collect later.. " The officer pulled into the station to get his drink and coordinate the Cordon.


Los Angeles
cordoned area

"Incoming," one of the people yelled. "Swarm drones... Deploying anti swarm devices.." Home made tesla coils deployed from rooftops streets and sidewalks.. The majority of the Insect drones were being destroyed with the Zaps of the coils.

"Sir, they have deployed the new ER teams from homeland security. I guess they really did worry that the military would not follow orders..Reports... ER firing and focusing on.. Sir they are focusing on civilians in the area.. They are killing everyone.."

Building were on fire and the trapped people were screaming.

"All right two can play this game," The commanding officer spoke with a gusto full of anger. "Release the hounds.."

"Sir," one of the aides questioned..

"Damn it son they are killing us by the bushel lets test our new toys. " He turned back to the Center area Screens. "Send a message to HQ round about way... Under attack.. Surrounded.. Releasing the Hounds per new SOPs... God forgive me.."

"Sending message per secure channels,' The aide looked around his own screens. "Message sent.. Hounds deployed... The first hound will make contact with the DoHS ER thugs in 45 secs.."

"Transfer observation cameras to main screen." The Commanding officer spoke.." Uncle Ray-Ray has game for you.."


Two minutes later
United Free Press Reporter

"... Sources. They have folded up and ran like the cowards they are.. The new ER teams are merely wrapping up. Our President is tougher then..."

In the background the ER soldiers were retreating from the Cordon area. Some were dragging their buddy's bodies, some were just running scared, Other fired into the buildings screaming..

One of the ER soldiers ran up to the Reporter...

"What happ..."

From the white house the President invoked the kill switch again for national security...


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