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New Osama Tape and Its Influence on the Election

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posted on Oct, 31 2004 @ 08:10 AM
I'm sure there are threads covering this already, but I want to take a different slant on the issue.

I have read through a transcript of the Osama Tape, as well as heard it on the radio. It is clear to me that Osama does not want Bush to win. If you listen, he carefully repeats the democratic propoganda that has been spewing for months now. Which leads me to this question:

Why does he not want Bush to win?

That answer to that question I am not conerned with right now, but it's implications are my focus. If Osama does not want Bush to win, logically, that would seem good enough reason to vote for him. If UBL feels strongly enough to make a video just a few days beofre election, then he must fear bush a fair amount.

So based on that, would anyone consider switching from the Kerry Camp to the Bush Camp? Opinions are appriciated.

Note: I am not a Bush supporter.


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