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EXO-VATICANA of Tom Horn Demonizes ET and Church in one-sided view

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posted on Mar, 11 2013 @ 02:39 PM
It is apparent we are not told the entire truth of the Gospels, or in the Old Testament. 2 Esdras speaks of a number of hidden books, although he is translated correctly.

it is not the same with the Gospels. I await the moment when the Church (which one) will have the strength to openly publish and discuss the found Dead Sea scrolls.

Perhaps all of you know of the Secret Gospel of Mark, quoted by the church father Clement of Alexandria in 2nd century to answer question of someone. Pls refer to wikipedia and the webpage of the scientist who translated the original texts. Always could be said that such Gospel is not authentic. Until the church finds strength to acknowledge the number of Gospels and other texts we have, are just a small number of the real one. Book of Enoch is already included in the Ethiopian bible - one of the old churches with apostolic succession.

So where do we stand in our knowledge of oUr Lord and God Jesus Christ? Do we know what He really said, or we deal wit texts that appear somewhere between 70 years after the resurrection and 270 years after, to make the christianity fit for the Roman empire and Greco-Roman culture? WIth deliberately cut off key phrases and events of Jesus' Life and mission? And on top of that, today the 3rd century survived texts are re-translated a new with absurd exchanges of phrases to justify this or that contemporary policy of this or that church, in first place the catholic? the "unlawful marriage" instead "for fornication" is just an example striking enough for a person who is left by his/her partner and doesn't know how to continue life within the catholic church. Or "Two men will be in one bed, one taken another left" for the time of the rapture, exchanged to "two people", or just "two" is another example. They became quite many, and I don't have a full list. The Gospel is continuing to be changed before our eyes today! I just imagine what it would be before the initial brutal breakdown in 1-2 century from the church fathers.

I do not agree with Tom Horn a great deal. In my view there are two waves of extraterrestrials - first wave are angels who save us/rapture, second wave are the evil ones, locusts, followed by draconians and what would be the beast from sea (matching with silicon-based transformer shapeshifter race known from insiders leaks in secular alternative media). So I don't pretend to know the entire picture. Tom Horn is just one source, important one, although from the "other side" (no offence Tom). Others will play their role too. Perhaps within the Vatican itself there are views on all that, and even disagreement between cardinals. I hope finally it will be fixed, before the event described in 2 Peter when the Earth will be burned! Not coming of Jesus to Armageddon, but burning everything on Earth while we are transported to "new earth". That is Peter the first pope or bishop of Rome.

I will leave the events to run their course and only then to comment on them, because don't know what they will bring tomorrow.

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 07:37 AM
New interview of Fr Funes From March 15, 2013 issue of Catholic San Francisco. published in

Revelation applies to whoever we meet in space. Jesus became man once for all time at a specific time and place as a Jew in Bethlehem, and that includes any intelligent life that might exist in our galaxy or beyond. - Jesuit Father Jose Gabriel Funes

posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 01:09 AM
I will use this thread to congratulate the newly elected pope Francis and wish him in prayer a successful shepherd service for the 1.2 billion catholics!
There are many things that await him from Day 1 that are not easy. And he and his aides that he will choose know those issues much better than any blogger.
I see a star on his coats of arms, probably a sign for something beyond earth to come.
The Jesuit priests astronomers whose interview I posted, come to tell us there is much beyond earth in the universe, including intelligent life that longs for the Revelation of God on Earth. I hope the opening the way out of planet earth to the wider universe will be rather soon, in order "to escape all those things that are to come" as Jesus warned us in the Gospel. One can also add the non-revealed and unfulfilled secrets of Fatima and so many other important tasks that await the new pope.

May God's grace and blessing be with the new bishop of Rome successor of Peter, as he himself asked the crowds to pray to God to bless him, bowed down, before he blessed the crowds as new pope!

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