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Obama supporters and those alike, it is YOUR FAULT!

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posted on Feb, 27 2013 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by MarioOnTheFly

Lol, I want to break this down sentence by sentence...

"You poor sods." - I see the name calling starts right away. The condescension behind this sentence from someone located in Croatia is baffling.

"You really are hopelessly brainwashed with fear of communism." - I think most of us in America have read enough history to know that Communism has never worked anywhere it has been implemented. The premise of disliking Communism has nothing to do with brainwashing.

"Up to a point where today, you blame everything that's not working in the US, on...of course...communism." - If you haven't been paying attention, Statism has been slowly creeping into American politics since the Sherman Act in the 1890's. We don't blame everything on Communism, most Americans just don't except the fact that the government throwing trillions of tax dollars at every problem is a viable solution.

"You have your democracy, and your capitalism, and you free markets." - We are not a democracy, we are a Republic. Learn the difference and you can see why we have never trusted politicians. Capitalism?? Where is the capitalism?? There is no such thing as a "free market" anymore. Every market is manipulated so that the local and federal governments can control them. We don't have a free market, we have a mixed economy.

"You have your elections and your freedoms. But it's the commies...again." - Yes, we have free elections... that are manipulated. I seen reports from 13 different states where votes where being switched by these wonderful electronic voting booths we use today. There was possible evidence that Bush stole Ohio from Kerry in 2004, but the young man who created the program for those voting booths suddenly died in a plane crash a week before testifying before a congressional panel. Last week, I read an article about a woman (a poll worker, also, I might add) from Ohio that voted 6 TIMES for President Obama. Now there are 19 persons being identified for possible voter fraud from that state alone. Freedoms?? What happens every time Congress passes a new bill and the President signs it?? That's right, freedoms are lost.

"Must be nice and comfortable having to shift the blame on a dead ideology." - Communism is alive and well in many countries, my friend. Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba are a handful of countries that support communism. I don't think this is a dead ideology. Take a look at all the socialist and communist groups that are active in the US. Listen to the supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, most of them espouse communist rhetoric.

"One that never really threatened to take root in the US." - Um, I am pretty sure that is lots of documentation of Russian spies in the US during the cold war.

I find it very heard to take comments of someone half way around the world and who has possibly never lived here seriously.

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